Virgin America Giving Free Chromebook Demos and WiFi On Select Flights


Not sure if I should file this under weird or just out of the ordinary but it looks like Google has partnered with Virgin America Airlines to offer free Google Chromebook demos to their passengers. Then again, when you think about it — it kind of makes sense.  Having a captive audience stuck in a plane and seeing how travelers are one of the main customers Google is hoping will adopt their idea of “cloud storage.”

Passengers who fly with Virgin will be able to enjoy free WiFi and along with being some of the first to check out Google’s new Chromebooks. You can pick up your Chromebook in special areas called “Chrome Zones” and will drop them off in the same place once you land. This promotion will take place from July 1st through September 30th and is hoping to incite early adoption of their new line of Chromebooks hitting Amazon and local retailers soon.

Virgin is also throwing their own contest in which a lucky winner will win a Chromebook for keeps and a slew of other prizes. Head on over to their official Facebook page for more details.

[Via Chromespot]

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