Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with AT&T Radios Hits the FCC


Despite rumors to the contrary, it would appear that the Samsun Galaxy Tab 8.9 is just about ready to head our way as an FCC filing for the device has been spotted. The version listed here has AT&T radios inside, but that doesn’t mean this one’s going to AT&T – many carriers in Canada could very well be getting this thing. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 was said to be a bit delayed due to production speed bumps. Today’s FCC filing doesn’t necessarily mean those rumors weren’t true, though, as we’ve seen devices pass the FCC and get revised, only to revisit the FCC. In any case, it at least shows that Samsung hasn’t forgotten about those of you with smaller hands. [via Droid Matters]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That looks like the quick app menu from TouchWiz. Does this mean the TouchWiz update for the 10.1 is due out soon?

    1. There’s no honeycomb bar at the bottom. Maybe that means its a mockup, or is that how the TouchWiz for Honeycomb actually looks?

      1. Isn’t a mockup. Check this out: Is the TouchWiz UX UI.

        The complete preview here:

        1. That looks horrible IMO. Although I am excited about that PenMemo app. I need a good handwritten note app.

  2. What memo app is that on the homescreen?

    1. Thats the TW version.

  3. This is good news! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t see the 8.9 till August or later.

    I hope the display is the thinner, brighter version for US shores.

  4. I’ll be so getting this if it’s only WI Fi

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