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Hacked Skype 2.0 Comes With Even More Device Compatibility – Download Here


Yesterday, we notified you guys about the new version of Skype 2.0 that allowed video calls over WiFi and 3G/4G. But to many an Android user’s dismay, the new app only officially supported a handful of devices. Google Nexus S, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro to be exact.

Well, if you were dying to give the app a spin with your front facing camera equipped Android device, this may be your golden opportunity. Thankfully, Pulser over on the XDA was kind enough to supply the hacked up app found to work with a whole new set of devices (download here).

So if you guys want to give it a spin, leave some comments and let us know if it’s working for you and which phone you are using.

[Via VillianROM]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Would not complete installing on my Xoom w/3.1

    1. Try uninstalling previous install before reinstalling this version. Restart Xoom if Skype is buggy.

  2. Installs and gets to the sign in page. Once I click sign in, it appears to crash, but its still running in the background. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  3. Works great on my Evo 3D!

    1. Yup working for me too…Another extra option what a week…Netflix, flashlight app, now this on my new EVO 3D…It’s rocking

      1. Lol I did the same thing. First day after getting it, found the Flashlight app. Yesterday, Netflix. Today, Skype. As fun as the ride has been, it’s ridiculous that we have to do this.

        1. Yes that’s true but the bottomline is we are rocking it one way or another…And I like that.

  4. Could not install on my Xoom

    EDIT: Uninstalled the previous version first, and the app installed…but it isn’t letting me log in…

  5. Installed in on my Samsung Epic 4g and it crashed every time I tried doing a video call. Regular called worked as usual. Guess I will have to wait. I hate that the Galaxy S phones are supported, but the Epic, a Galaxy phone somehow gets left out.

    Check out my new tech blog:

    1. Try a restart.

  6. Uninstalled the previous app on my Galaxy tab 10.1 and used that one, problem is it closes to home screen when trying to log in. I take it it’s an incompatibility with honeycomb?

  7. Installed on Archos 70 running latest firmware. Skype immediately force closes when trying to run after install, and after rebooting. Icon also doesn’t show up in the apps menu. :o(

  8. The loads on my Thunderbolt MR2 but I haven’t tried the video yet.

  9. I second mtmjr90 … works well between my EVO3D and wife’s EVO4G

    1. So you upgraded and left the wife behind on the Evo 4G? ;D

  10. Also, video chat does not work on the Droid Charge, it just force closes every time I try, and the video starts to work on my Droid X, but it doesn’t recognize a camera. I can see the other person, but there is no video going out to them.

  11. It doesn’t work on the EVO 3D once you try to sign in, it tells you that you need to reinstall it. if you tap cancel, it will just shuts down, if you tap on reinstall it uninstalls the app and takes you to the app in the Market which is the app that doesn’t support video calls..

    1. Works great on my EVO 3D. Just installed it this afternoon, very nice video quality between my phone and my dad’s computer. Wouldn’t take the back camera, but front camera works fine.

  12. Don’t you guys ever wonder if these hacked releases of a high demand app like skype are malicious. It could be easily stealing your information? After all you are entering your username and password to a service you have PRIVATE data in…

    Installer beware.

    1. You can easily edit it yourself to remove the check. I won’t spoil the fun, but if you decompile the code and find the check, it’s very easy to reverse what the check looks for, and thus let it see video ability on any device.

      The app requires Gingerbread etc, and I’ve not a clue what devices it may or may not work on…

      1. Just wanted to say thanks! :)

  13. Who in the hell uses a Sony Experia Neo or the Pro? Like seriously skype? Did you guys choose the phones with the least amount of users for a reason? Douches.

  14. installs on my g2 with cm7.1 rc1 can receive video calls, but cannot place video calls, other end only has black screen and no audio, also, app immediately locks into landscape mode when video call is attempted or received, only way to fix is system reboot… will try on a gtab running gingeredition later

  15. Not working on the G2x

    1. Same here. Installed on my G2x and all it does when you open it is force close. Oh well..guess I’ll wait a bit longer till the official version.

  16. Works fully with my HTC Flyer. It wouldn’t install initially but eventually installed after I uninstalled the original Skype in my Flyer. Also was buggy at first but worked well after I restarted the Flyer.

  17. Worked after uninstalling the previous version… I.M. works… Audio works, great quality… However, video doesn’t work… when you select video from the phone it goes in to landscape view, and when you video call the phone and try to answer with video it crashes…

    I’m on a Incredible 2

  18. Installed on my EVO 4G…haven’t tried video yet

  19. This apk works like charm on my Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread. Two way video call works flawlessly. The only drawback is only support for horizontal mode. Does not follow auto rotation. I installed the yesterday announced skype, but uninstall it instantly after i heard of this one. Great! Thanks for sharing.

  20. works great on crashed the first time i tried video calling for works fine afterwards.thanks Pulser!!

  21. I rather not to be seen on the phone. I would have to fix my hair, then clean up my room and make sure I look ok before I can call people. Hmmmm, why not just send txt or email?

  22. Can’t get it to work with HTC Thunderbolt :-( …everything works except the video feature!

  23. need more modifying – not working on archos 70 IT – just crashing donw after install

  24. Works on the HTC Sensation with a couple of caveats. First, only the front facing camera works. That’s ok, since having an operating front side camera makes it easy to chat. Second, you have to use your phone in landscape mode because the other side’s reception of your feed does not rotate. Other than these two things, the app works great. The video is smooth and sharp! I can’t believe this finally arrived on Android!

  25. Was hoping it’d work on my VZW Galaxy Tab, but if Gingerbread is required then it’s a no go. :(

  26. Does not work on G2x cyn mod 7.0 nightly, it installs but can’t log on

  27. How do I get past “only applications from trusted sources can be installed”. Thanks!

    1. Go to applications settings and check the unknown sources box

  28. Installed using Sideload Wonder Machine on my atrix after uninstalling old version and got:

    “The application Skype (process has stopped unexpectedly”

    …when connecting for a video chat. It did not work. I also tried installing as an update to the old skype and that did not work (failed certificate?).

  29. On my Huawei IDEOS (u8150) installation goes fine but the app doesn’t start! If i click on it, after I few seconds i get an “unexpected interruption” of Hope you can fix it. BTW congrats for the work ;)

  30. Feedback: Its NOT working on DELL Streak 5″.
    OS: DELL’s Android 2.2.2 Update 17597.

    Best regards

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