Jun 30th, 2011

I like to consider myself a pretty easy going guy, always smiling, petting babies and kissing little dogs. Most people would describe me as laid back and are usually amazed at how almost nothing can really set me off. Well, all that changed with the Android Market and, for lack of better words, the Android challenged individuals who have no business rating apps in the first place.

Take these recent reviews on the brand new Google+ app. I can tell you first hand, the app is awesome. It’s got a few bugs here and there but that’s to be expected whenever a new app launches. Overall I would give it a solid 4 stars. So, why the 415 1-star reviews? While I can’t view all of the one star ratings and read all of their reviews, I was able to nab this screenshot here. Yup. These folks are giving the app a 1-star rating simply because they cannot receive an invite. To top it all off, they even have the nerve to provide their email addresses hoping Google, Vic Gundotra or some other benevolent soul will see their pitiful review and send them an invite. Not by a long shot.

I’ve had an Android device since the beginning and I can tell you this: Android will live and die by its Market. If we want to continue to see the OS succeed, we need to be responsible about how we rate the apps in the Android Market. I can’t even begin to tell you how many ridiculous reviews I’ve come across when browsing great apps in the Market.

If you were lucky enough to get into Google+ and have tried the app out, please go back into your Market and rate the app accordingly. Funny enough, I’m sure the majority of people who rated the app 1 star because they didn’t received an invite, wont even take the time to go back and change their rating upon receiving one. And that folks, is what really grinds my gears.

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