OfficeMax Impress Lets You Place Print Orders on the Go


Let’s face it – not everyone has printers. And if they do, they sometimes don’t have printers fast enough to churn out hundreds of pages. That’s why OfficeMax still somehow makes their honest living off of services like these. In order to make life easier for the folks who do print, they’ve released Impress, a “Mobile Print Center” app that allows you to send your documents in for printing on your mobile device.

Iteven has Google Docs integration so you won’t have to manually pull your files down from Google in order to get them printed out. You can specify what you want and don’t want for the print job and all of it is sent off to OfficeMax, just as if you dropped the order off in person. Sweet! Can’t imagine this will be useful to those who rarely print, but if you find yourself waiting at an OfficeMax printer on a weekly basis, you’ll want to give this one a spin. Free in the Android market. [via AC]

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  1. I know about this because I work at OfficeMax, sometimes at the Impress department, and we got a memo about it a few weeks ago. I have downloaded it, but I have not sent anything through it yet.

  2. Haha, I thought about sending this in because I work for them and knew about it before it went live, but I didn’t think Phandroid would post a story on it, so I never did. Proved me wrong!

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