Google+ Invites Are Now OPEN – UPDATE: And Now CLOSED


So, it looks like Google has opened the invite system for those cool kids already in their new Google+ social network. Maybe the club isn’t so exclusive after all. Of course, you have to have someone already on the inside and even then, they’re only allowed to send out a limited number of invites.

If you’re one of those on the inside, feeling a little generous and have some invites to give out, feel free to start a thread in the comments down below. Oh – and don’t be afraid to add me to your Android circle when you get a chance. See you on the other side!

***Update: We all knew this was coming. It looks like Google has taken down the invite link for anyone trying to add their friends and/or family. Sorry, guys. But hopefully more than a few of you got in on time. Should be kissing the feet of that random person who sent you that invite. Just sayin.’

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’ve added and invited about 25 people so far. I’ll mess with it more tonight though

    1. invite me if you can please! zabrady(at)gmail.com

      1. Would appreciate an invite if someone has one to spare.
        jarhine(at)gmail.com. -Thanks

      2. May I have one too? :) rimesbrodmann@gmail.com

        1. would love an invite please coldfuse.aaron@gmail.com

    2. .please invite me… nasmedicine @ gmail.com

    3. Please? MitchBuchlerATgmail.com

    4. I’d love an invite! My email is dnoggle@gmail.com

      I can’t wait to try out google+!

    5. I would love one! Thank you to all who are being generous in giving out the invites. Email is khalidalkalla@gmail.com

    6. Please send me one, MarkDodsworth @ GMail.com

    7. could you please invite me as well? jdpeters @ gmail.com

      This being said, it is sad you can’t mount the mobil app to sd. Google needs to fix that!

    8. Add me dude, so I kan add others!!

      NoNickname90 @gmail.com

  2. I have an invite, but i have to be 18 to use it. FAIL

    1. I’m 16 and it let me use it… (Unless I lied when I made my Google account).

  3. Chris,

    I can’t believe you weren’t already invited. The guys / gals at DroidLife have been giving out invites like candy tonight.

  4. My inbox might regret this later… but if you need one, just post your email below and I’ll send it on over…

    1. thanks all!

      1. I would love one- thanks much jaymoon!!!

    2. send one to me please! tim(dot)crownest(at)gmail(dot)com

    3. jansen.erich@gmail.com

      Would really appreciate an invite.

    4. I’d be most appreciative :) [emailremoved]

      EDIT: Thanks that was fasttt! Time to share the love and invite people!

    5. thanks

    6. zabrady(at)gmail.com thanks!!!

    7. Please invite me, nasmedicine @ gmail.com

    8. su2lly@gmail.com and I’ll donate $40 to your favorite charity.

      Thank. Clifton e-mail me with the name of that charity.

    9. That was fast…thanks again. Much appreciated.

    10. ing.juancrivera (at) gmail.com

    11. asmith9 at gmail.com

    12. ag5281[at]gmail.com please

    13. Please invite me, kevinchu at gmail dot com

    14. Thank you sir! got your invite :)

    15. echo423@gmail.com

      Thanks a bunch if you have any left!

    16. Please add me gjgrosser@gmail.com

    17. Thanks.. chusir [at] gmail.com

    18. I would love one- thanks much jaymoon!!!

      (email deleted)

      Thanks much- got the invite! Cheers!

      1. send me please harishhmh at gmail.com

    19. Removed

    20. jgdtech at gmail

    21. Thankssss so much!

    22. If you’re still feeling friendly… solomonsd21 at gmail dot com

    23. Edited!

    24. daniel.kez at gmail [dot] com

    25. Thank you! Just received an invite!

    26. pho3nixf1re84 at the gmails com

    27. If you have any left — kasey.kaplan@gmail.com

    28. Hello sir, please send me one if you can, if not you, than anyone else here that has received one: sean.d.livingston@gmail.com

    29. very generous of you! allanrogers@gmail.com

    30. jacob.b.smith@gmail.com
      thank you!!!

      edit: wow – that was damned quick. thanks again for the invite! now if google would just re-open registrations…. lol

    31. that was fast, thanks!

    32. I really want an invite D: – [Removed]

      THANKS Clifton :D

      Edit 2- How do I get in? Do i just have to wait?

    33. Thanks for the invite…

    34. xristoph (at| gmail |dot) com

    35. would like to have an invite please and thank you garetjax71@gmail.com

    36. petros ‘dot’ yannoutsos ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

      I will owe you a favor some how!

    37. Thanks Adam!

    38. google+ invite request… huguesderiau@gmail.com

      Hugues, Seattle

    39. amiceli at gmail pleeeease. I’ll be eternally grateful :)

    40. thanks matey! peter@thetyrrells.id.au

      your friend “downunder”

    41. I would like one

    42. fgl1978@gmail.com (I continue to use nothing else, but google apps)

    43. thanx a lot for the invitation bambuz[at]gmail.com

    44. Thanks man!


    45. trevor.duke at gmail.com ! thanks!

    46. zoebeagle at gmail please and thanks! :-)

    47. molevitt at gmail . com


      1. Got one thanks!

    48. If you still have some removed

      1. i really hope google starts handing them out fast

        1. We shouldn’t need to. Google is crazy for running it this way. They are going to kill this if they don’t open it up quickly. It’s like Wave all over again. http://jamesjansson.com/blog/2011/06/30/give-me-my-google-invites-or-i-wont-use-it/

          1. am not sure, aye they messed up wave, but if they released it to everyone and there were bugs they’d make a lot of people more angry than having to wait a short while to get an invite. just my opinion

          2. I agree with you. If it’s not ready for prime time, keep it a secret, otherwise open it up to everyone. Right now a grand total of 2 of my friends are on G+. On Facebook, they’re all still there. If people don’t immediately get hooked, they will forget about it. And without enough people to converse with, they will get bored.

      2. glecks88@gmail.com

        I would really appreciate it.Thanx

      3. Eric.Cruz1@gmail.com

        Yo throw one this way. Thanks

    49. teke367@gmail.com, if by any chance it’s not already way too late

      1. got one, no longer needed, thanks

    50. please anyone with invites. I’d love to get one too. Oh, I already got one.

    51. Google+ invite rissvi@gmail.com
      thank you

    52. Jaymoon, thanks! epianelli@gmail.com

    53. msponsler at gmail dot com


    54. You probably used all your invites, but please if you still have any?

    55. Please send me an invite? I will return the favor to those who need it. Thanks in advance. Dmondares @ gmail.com

    56. Dimsone503@gmail.com. Man I would appreciate this! Thanks for your generosity ..

    57. Touchdownmsu07 @gmail.com

    58. I’ll give it a shot, successfully avoided facebook all these years :) intangi @ gmail

    59. glecks88@gmail.com

      I would really appreciate one. Thanx

    60. rahul [at sign] melbourne @gmail.com

      You rock

    61. driguez77 at gmail, pretty pretty please?

    62. Pass it on haragog at gmail.com

    63. amlucent at gmail

      if you do this I will owe you huge.

    64. Hey man, I’m an Android developer, and I’d love to have an invite if you have one to spare. zachwulf@gmail.com

      Thanks a ton

    65. duztenz at gmail dot com !

    66. I would love one too!
      Thanks, Veronica

    67. Much appreciated if its not too late…..bbmarsdiamond@gmail.com

    68. tomshalev@gmail.com …. pleeeeeeeeeease send me an invite.. thanks

    69. would love an invite … anybody?

    70. Need an invite – please send one to soodgautam@gmail.com :)

    71. If you still have some left, please :) riha.vladimir@gmail.com

    72. id realllly like one man…YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I WANNA DUMP FACEBOOK! MMontanez347@gmail.com *crosses fingers*

    73. sir, please send me an invite to marian.cuprik@gmail.com THANKS from Slovakia :)

    74. JAY! You are going to heaven for your kindness

      gm,ail XXX I GOT IN!!

    75. notorioustrizy@gmail.com plz send me one. would rly appreciate it thx..

    76. dktgdb@gmail.com
      I’ll really appreciate it friend!

    77. phazonblue@gmail.com
      I love you but no homo.

    78. Cheps1@gmail.com, Thanks for the opportunity!

    79. erik {at} ortogonal.com

    80. vishnu.gkumar@gmail.com

      Please send me an invite

    81. and i’ll send it to my gmail account because that one is for work and i dont want anyone knowing it

  5. THanks!!!! Got it!

    Much appreciated!

  6. got mine… sweet

  7. I’ve got some if you feel the need for an invite.

    1. I’d like an invite. caryyy at gmail.com

    2. .please invite me nasmedicine @ gmail.com

    3. I’d be grateful if you sent one.

        1. Awesome — thanks Ivan.

    4. Thanks!

    5. Would love an invite too.

      djfoo000 @ gmail.com

    6. Edited

        1. THANK YOU!!!! <3

    7. I would be forever in your debt ichibon@gmail.com

    8. I’d love an invite! My email is dnoggle@gmail.com

      I can’t wait to try out google+!

      1. Sent one off to you.

    9. I would love one! Thank you to all who are being generous in giving out the invites. Email is khalidalkalla@gmail.com

    10. please sent me an invite


    11. Would muchly be greatful for an invite: MarkDodsworth @ GMail.com

  8. Sweet I keep hearing that its overcapacity… and I feel like a toolbag outside the cool club…. but anyways looking for an invite justinoliver77 (@)gmail.com,

  9. Thanks Clifton!

  10. Please send me an invite !
    Name: Samir Ali Shah
    email : sashah666@gmail.com

    Cheers !

  11. Please send me an invite !
    Name: Samir Ali Shah
    email : sashah666@gmail.com

    Cheers !

  12. i’d be willing to send out some invites tonight, send me your e-mail.
    send them to umm.burt@gmail.com

    1. lomion.agarwaen at the gmail dot com

    2. Jordan24 at the same place as JD below. Thanks Jeffrey!

    3. pho3nixf1re84 at the gmails com

  13. ICan anyone add me please! Google+ looks so freakin cool!

    Thanks in advance!


  14. here ill be nice and post this on my wall so my circles can see ;)

  15. sebastien.bibeau at gmail.com

  16. Sadly this feels just like what killed wave…

  17. newantt@gmail.com

    It’ll be much appreciated, Thanks :D

  18. Would LUV an invite
    iphilluv (at) gmail.com

  19. Got it, thanks

  20. I could use an invite if anyone has some left…. bschooley@gmail.com (Thanks!)

  21. Could somebody please send me an invite i will greatly appreciate it

  22. Thanks Jaymoon!

  23. Can someone currently on Google+ get me in on the action? If I get in, I’ll use my invites to extended the favor to others on here.


    PLEASE!!! :D

  24. Christopher.Sharman AT Gmail.com If you would be so kind

  25. I would love an invite please! jzar89@gmail.com

  26. Thanks Michael!

  27. If you have one please respond and I will send you a message with my email……..PLEASE!!!!

  28. gogden @ gmail.com would be awesome!

  29. I got invited by posting my email on the LifeHacker thread but can’t join, get this error: “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

  30. If you gots, I wants……..PLEASE!!!! I will send you my email in a message

  31. could someone hook me up? chefnorthside@gmail.com it’ll +1 your karma!

  32. clint.mickel (at) gmail.com please!

    1. Thank U!!!!!!

  33. would really really love an invite, have to see the “hype” and have my fun with it before anyone else I know :p ;)
    brumle80 { at } google regular mail :p

  34. someone please hook me up, disney.freak.88@gmail.com

  35. hey, i hate bagging for an invite, but please add boutyron [at] googlemail.com

    thx everyone

  36. bjwtdeer@gmail.com keep it going people thanks

  37. Anyone willing to send an invite please :)
    meximcivic (at) gmail.com

  38. https://twitter.com/#!/abhi0n0nakul

    follow me and in mentions give me your email.. i’ll send invites

  39. Can some one please invite me ? Pito2k6@gmail.com thx

  40. I’m itching for an invite, especially want to see what it looks like on the Atrix and Xoom. jefmes AT gmail dot com. Thanks to anyone who can share it – I’ll make sure to pay it forward!

    1. Damn, 4 invites in five minutes, you guys are awesome :) Sharing the love now…

      1. have any more? I’d appreciate it.


      2. Dimsone503@gmail.com pleeeease! Came in late to this thread.. Dang it!

      3. Much appreciated if its not too late….bbmarsdiamond@gmail.com

      4. If you have any left can I get one please? MarkDodsworth @ GMail.com

  41. Invite received. Thanks!

  42. Please patriceplet at gmail.com

  43. Hey guys.. could someone send me a Invite ? leoaquino.pereira@gmail.com

  44. might as well join the list.
    groaner @gmailcom

  45. rahulcena5565@gmail.com

    Please send me an invite :)

  46. I would appreciate an invite: thomas dot landmann at gmail dot com

  47. I would like an invitation if someone would be so kind… nasmedicine @ gmail.com

  48. Can you please send me an invite as well!!!



    genevieve.works@gmail.com ty so much!!!

  49. I’d appreciate an invite if someone has one to give:

    Just got one. Thanks!

  50. would lov an invite! :D


    1. edited

    2. Can I get one if you have any left please? MarkDodsworth @ GMail.com

  51. Anyone with an invite left can you send it my way please (jtpeckham@gmail.com)

  52. If someone would like to send a invite this way, I’ll re-invite when I get in also simpleemails@gmail.com

    1. edited

  53. Would love to have an invite thank you in advance. :)
    wlstitzel at gmail dot com

  54. please invite! johnson.bryceatgmail.com

  55. Durangojim at g mail dot com please.

  56. Please reply to yourselves if you get the invite. I don’t want to send out a million to peeps that already have it.

    1. Got one from someone else. Thanks tho!

    2. vsnake@gmail.com
      Please and thanks!

      1. Got one thanks !!

        1. Can you please send me an invite? Dimsone503@gmail.com

        2. share the love if you have any left please!

          duztenz at gmail dot com! Thank you!

    3. Teke367@gmail.com promise to reply if I get one.

    4. [removed]
      Will pass on more invites once i get it! Thanksss!

    5. I’m all out of invites now guys, sorry. If you haven’t gotten one yet form me, that’s why. :(

  57. I have some invites send me an email at

  58. Please! Iv been dying to try this! MitchBuchlerATgmail.com

    Thanks :)

  59. Appreciate an invitation please…romizan@gmail.com

  60. D333mon@gmail.com many thanks man!

    1. Got 1, thanks alot. Will scroll down now and send a few out once I figure out how

      1. If you have one of the five left, PLEASE!

        duztenz at gmail dot com!! Thank you!

  61. Invite me please

  62. Looking for an invite here.

    kpprom at gmail

  63. would love an invite blackwell.j(at)tke-yk.ca

  64. tgoodemote (at) gmail


  65. any chance for an invite so I can join in on the fun with my hubby? btw he says thanks for the invite Michael ;)
    hildegunne { at } gmail com

  66. invite please! thank you :D
    phil.long.09 at gmail.com

  67. is there one more invitation left? bambuz[at]gmail.com – thanx a lot!

  68. i’d love an invite if anyone could send it. Thanks


  69. I would luv to have an google+ invite. 78monte(at)gmail(dot)com

  70. Please Send me an Invite cyd.noble@gmail.com

  71. derekbill@gmail.com

    Would really appreciate it.

  72. Invite please isoutsider@gmail.com

  73. got one thx

  74. I’d love an invite! bencstone(at)gmail.com

  75. Got one elsewhere. Thanks!

  76. please :)
    galteri.michael gmail.com

  77. Would someone kindly invite? mark.a.faustino@gmail.com

  78. I would luv to have an google+ invite. 78monte(at)gmail(dot)com Thanx

  79. Would appreciate an invite. Thanks!

  80. Theboardchairman@gmail.com.

    I would love an invite. Thanks!

  81. Hey, if there are any left I’m interested: beechlee@gmail.com

  82. If you have a spare – mahaught@gmail.com I will share back

  83. got one. Thx

  84. I was one of those few ppl that like google wave
    I would love an invite shawnbk@gmail.com

  85. younghog33 AT gmail d0t com

    I am a long time google fan boy and would love an invite.

  86. i would like an invite if any available inthepit(at)gmail.com

  87. raffigorges@gmail.com if u have any left

  88. someone toss me an invite at mildewman1@gmail! I’d truly appreciate it! :D

  89. Edited

  90. I would love one! Thank you to all who are being generous in giving out the invites. Email is khalidalkalla@gmail.com

  91. scotcho85@gmail.com Would very much appreciate it

  92. Me as well: beechlee[at]gmail.com

  93. Google+ invite rissvi@gmail.com
    thank you

  94. would love to get an invite
    chris at rpgobjects.com

  95. Google+ invite rissvi@gmail.com
    thank you

  96. anybody please send one, pineyro17@gmail

  97. Don’t know if any will be left, but if so…

    dylanrjones at gmail.com

  98. Got one thanks!

    1. Khalid, can you now send invites? ngo.jason@gmail.com

  99. Thanks I got mine, next 5 to reply to this I will invite

    1. chanjo229 [at] gmail if you have any more left? thanks!

        1. Thank You Matt Haught!!!!

    2. Please, if you have any, mark.a.faustino@gmail.com

    3. Dimsone503@gmail.com. pleeeeeeease!

    4. Got it – thanks so much!

  100. Got one thanks!

    1. got one thanks

  101. would appreciate an invite too carbonware@mac.com

  102. i would please like one john@johnrob.com please pleeeeaaaaase.

  103. Please can I have an invite,
    I promise I do not bite.
    Indebted I will be,
    when you send one to me,
    Google+ will be quite a sight!

    sgoertzen @ gmail.com

  104. PLEASE!!


  105. If anyone still has an invite to spare, gmelone@(you know).com


  106. Rmoved by user

  107. kyleetrotter@gmail.com PLEASE! Thank you!

  108. please invite me,

    chenhong.ching At Gmail.com

  109. if anyone could… gjgrosser@gmail.com I would appreciate and return any favors.


  110. jerryasher gmail

  111. I fully realize i am late to the party on this, but would love and invite at

  112. got one, not sure if it was you, thanks if it was, thanks anyway if it wasn’t

  113. got one, not needed anymore, thanks

  114. scotte.colbert@gmail.com if anyone has a spare invite.

  115. Got it.

    1. Got it. Thanks!

  116. Would love an invite!


  117. I’ll fold a paper crane for anyone who can spare an invite!

    geoff2k (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks, Merci and Domo Arigato!

  118. Love an invite if someone could. maciel310 at you should be able to guess the domain.


  119. send some love to msussman@gmail.com

  120. We can no longer send out links. Google has taken the link down.

  121. bolojt@gmail.com if you still can

  122. Holy crap! look at the amount of requests. I feel like im in a freaking beggar colony

  123. An invite would be great. florueckert(at)gmail.com Thanks a lot

  124. May I have an invite please? rimesbrodmann@gmail.com

  125. I posted once before but can’t find it since the page was refreshed so I am not sure if it went through. If not, I’ll re-post

    please add gjgrosser@gmail.com

  126. Spread the love: giorivera81@gmail.com. I’ll send out invites if I get one. Thanks.

  127. And if you have one to spare : erik.delaet @ gmail. com

  128. I’d appreciate an invite as well. pjsarabia@gmail.com – Thanks in advance

  129. if anyone has one, I’m zigzackattack(at)gmail

  130. Would love an invite if anyone has extras.


  131. pretty please: nhewitt( at )gmail.com thanks! ;)

  132. Invite please that would mean the world aaronrosen27@gmail.com

  133. if any of you out there is that great a person, please hook me up – lifeoflax45@gmail.com… and yes I will kiss the feet of the person who does

  134. Would love an invite………please and thank you. kurdthug@gmail.com

  135. pandawf (at) gmaildotcom; thanks in advance!

  136. Anyone have any invites remaining? Please?! epinez123@gmail.com

  137. Good grief, this is madness! I think Google can check off successful launch. The limited trial thing is making people go crazy. They’re practically beating down the doors to get in. The level of interest this has drummed up in such a short amount of time is insane!

  138. does the circles invite method still work?

  139. please send me invitation at vshl.agrahari@gmail.com

  140. if anyone has one send one to me please. Edword602@gmail.com

  141. Rtlominy@gmail.com Ill Suck Your Dick Mannnn!!!!

  142. i got an invite but haven’t been able to get in… hoping that gets rectified.

  143. Would love an invite!
    Thanks, Veronica

  144. PLEASE invite me if you can. “denrudy27(at)gmail.com”

  145. Hello, anyone could help a French Google Fan, i’d like to spread Google Plus on my homeland!
    Could anyone take the time to kindly send me an invite


    Mille mercis et bonne journée !

  146. Please invite me :) p.gulewicz(at)gmail.com

  147. can you send an invite at 20mark@gmail.com ? : )

  148. Would appreciate an invite if someone has spare.



  149. jeremywarnerbratton@gmail.com

    Help an android brotha out! I’ll make a special circle just for you!

  150. Would appreciate an invite if someone has a spare, jayton.garnett/@/gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!

  151. would appreciate the invite :) lovro.papez@gmail.com

  152. just 1 invite pls :) copy83[at]gmail.com

  153. Please invite, kbanni2(at)gmail.com

    I must rid myself of facebook!

  154. If anyone could help me out with an invite, I’ve been testing google products forever but missed beta launch somehow. shagath @ gmail.com

  155. looking for an invite: iscariot.it@gmail.com

  156. Svala1488@gmail.com
    Please anyone that is kind send me one :)

  157. If somebody got any invite left, please invite me, simon.bisfelt@gmail.com – thanks! :-)

  158. If anyone has an invite, please send one to y0himba@gmail.com (y0himba). Thank you SO much!

  159. please send invite. mastamike97@gmail.com

  160. One invite a day keeps the doctor away! Ths! koen.vanroy -at- gmail.com

  161. Please send me an invite! Thanks in advance!

  162. Would appreciate an invite if someone could spare it

    taruncbe(at)gmail.com.. Thanks a lot

  163. Damn i’m late to the game but WTH. darkflame808 at da geeeeemail dot com! Share some love and i’ll do the same :D

  164. I would like an invite too please :) …since i’m not on facebook. take that mark. rimesbrodmann@gmail.com

  165. An invite would be much appreciated! jcricket (at) gmail.com

  166. May I have one too ? antoniocarlosmendoncafilho@gmail.com

    Thanks ! :)

  167. If you have one send me one at tarangcom [at] gmail

  168. Can you please invite me.


  169. Giving Away Free Google+ invites till it lasts..Look into the blog http://crack-o-holic.blogspot.com/ for details !!

  170. when they’re opened up again then send one my way please. hert.niks@gmail.com Thanks xD

  171. Can I please get an invite???


  172. I would greatly appreciate one if anyone can help out fmorritt@gmail.com

  173. I need one bad if you have any left at wesw@hiredmyway.com, this looks so good and want it for work as well, the video is amazing

  174. weilerwe29@gmail.com could use one, not sure if anyone has any left out there but I really want to try this out. Thanks for any help out there

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