T-Mobile Launches HSPA+ in Seven New Minor Markets


Awaiting some 4G HSPA+ love from T-Mobile? Some of these new markets may not be big, but it’s nice to see them continuing expansion on a weekly and monthly basis. Others could learn a lot from T-Mobile and Verizon, but I’m not naming names nor am I pointing fingers. I’m just sayin’. Take a look at the short list below. (And woot! if your city is there.) [MobileCrunch]

The latest regions to show up on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage map: Chico, Calif.; Redding, Calif.; Barnstable, Mass.; Vineland, N.J.; Lancaster, Penn.; Ogden, Utah, and Winchester, Va.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And still no Gingerbread for the G2

    1. LoL!! IKR!? The G2 is suppose to be stock android. *sigh* It’s kinda sad. No one can talk about Samsung for not giving there phone updates when HTC can’t even give a stock phone an update.

      But I don’t care since I rooted anyways. But unroot wise yea, it’s pretty depressing. LoL!!

  2. Lancaster? I’m sure all the Amish are loving their 4G!!

    1. I have on it on reasonably good authority that inside those Amish homes Lulzsec and Anonymous are hacking the world’s IT infrastructure.  If Tmobile didn’t launch HSPA+ in Lancaster, they would be the next to feel the wrath.

  3. Oh hey, Chico. Thats pretty close to me

  4. still no tmo coverage at all in the entire state of vermont. nothing at all.

  5. LOL im from Allentown. I dont think we have 4g here either. I know verizon has it here but i have no idea about Tmo. still on my darned launch Vibrant.must upgrade O_O

  6. I live just outside lancaster.  Those Amish have plenty of cell phones, trust me.  And while I’m enjoying that 4g in town, here at my house 15 miles away we don’t even have 3g yet.  15 fricking miles.  Why dont they bother getting 100 percent 3g coverage before upgrading these other towers?

  7. HSPA+ is not 4G…. man the carriers are dicks in the US…

  8. Sweet Ogden, UT sounds great. Now i will have 4G all the way through the valley.

  9. We already had 4G in Ogden Utah. It was never announced but Salt lake is close. So does this mean there will be a lot more, and faster towers around my town?

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