Federico Carnales Releases UberMusic Beta


One of our favorite developers, Federico Carnales (LauncherPro) has just released a beta version of the Zune-inspired music application we got a sneak peak at a while back. It has a widget, scrobbling support, automatic album art downloading and more. The coolest thing is it’ll use images related to the artist you’re playing as backgrounds for the menu. Other than that, it’s really an ordinary music player. It’s in beta so don’t expect a whole lot, and don’t expect a bug-free experience. Grab your download here.  [UberMusic via AP]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It went from being completely zune-like to something that most other music players look like…I wanted it to stay completely zune-like

    1. I whole heatedly agree. I got the alpha build (Fede’s Music App) and yes I admit that the interface was completely Zune in all aspects but man does it look 10x better than this basic churched up Android music player. I expected better but oh well I’m sure they’re were reasons for that..maybe a future Microsoft & an impending lawsuit if he had kept it the same I’m sure lol!

  2. This seems nice but with Google music on the playing field, I probably won’t be using anything else for the time being.

  3. I’d use the stock music player before I’d use this..

    1. Then you’re an idiot. 

      1. I only played with this for a few minutes but from what I could tell, it has no added functionality and it can’t connect to google music beta. also, you can’t even swipe between the panes.  the new google music app is 10x better than this both in looks and functionality.

        1. Too bad it’s laggy and skipping through the song is annoying.

        2. I wonder why they call it a ‘Beta’!

  4. It’s not about what it looks like now… The whole special thing about the app is that it’s supposed to be completely skinnable just like LP widgets. Fede says it’s probably the most advanced skinning engine on android. We’ll see skins float in as soon as he lets people know how to do it, but rest assured you’ll be able to have it as Zune player, Iphone player, or w/e people dream up.

    So yes now it’s an ordinary music player, but that’s not the finished version will be at all.

  5. The cake is a bloody lie. 

    1. The fact that someone else caught that made my day :D 

    2. …actually no, it was in the core storage room the whole time.

  6. Well I have about 3k songs on my google music beta (which is f’n awesome) but what I’ll probably do, is simply put a few songs on my Nexus S and play those through uberMusic when I have really low battery and need to turn off the 3G. (I know I can set some songs to listen to without 3G) but still… I had fede’s first beta and it’s very very good. Super smooth and sexy.

  7. I’ve been using the Alphas as they come along and I was sure that I was going to buy this as soon as it came out.  Now I have no reason to.  The Zune interface is what made this app.  It was visually so much better than anything I’d ever seen on Android.  Now it’s just run of the mill.

    1. You can keep the alpha versions, and he said that the Zune interface skin will be available shortly, along with several others.

  8. I only just DLed it and haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.  Being it’s a beta, I know to keep my excitement in check.  But if Fede puts out an app, it’s def worth checking out.  One of the most consistent devs out there.

  9. Yeah I had the Alpha for a while but I ended up going with Zplayer as my player as it has the full Zune WP7 experience which I miss. (HD2 currently running Android but was on WP7 haha)

    Overall I don’t really care for the dumbed down look he is going with versus the actual Zune interface. At least the now playing screen is still the same which is a plus.

    Would be nice if he included the audio enhancements that Zplayer has

  10. this look great, if you like this you should check hive player for honeycomb tablets just downloaded it, getting ubermusic for my phone…

  11. Dammit, the zines like version and this version never work for me. They always force close when I try to access it. I have a stock epic 4g running launcher pro. Am I doing something wrong?

  12. Of course some of us have CM7 which already has a great music player ;)

  13. Im not a fan of his player but i am a fan of childish gambino

  14. Looks good…but with the new Google Music supporting the GM Beta… I’m stuck there.

    And Childish Gambino? SWAG!!!

  15. I preferred the ZuneHD-esque menus…I hope the come back in some form.

  16. Thank you for using Childish Gambino as an example.

  17. Alpha was better.  Looked just like Zune Player for Windows Phone 7, which I think looks pretty great.

  18. WP7 ZPlayer. As seen on Engadget. – Already on Market, full Zune’a’like player.

  19. What a pit.. the alpha skin was the best

  20. guys theres already zune skin on the market :)

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