Motorola DROID X2 SBF Leaked, Asurion Now Replacing Broken Originals With Sequel


Don’t look now, but the DROID X2’s development community is quite pathetic. No, I’m not insulting the folks that are working on it or planning to work on it, I mean that, in the current state of things, there’s little or no reason to root your DROID X2 just yet. Most of the major VZW developers were waiting on an SBF leak from Motorola to begin work, though, and we’ve finally gotten that leak. Download and instructions are below, so be sure to give them a spin if you’re just feeling curious for the time being. [XDA]

In related news, if you DROID X owners happen to break your phones, Asurion may be willing to replace your device with its younger, but stronger brother – the DROID X2. This may not be ideal for those of you who enjoy the wide developer support or are looking forward to an official release of CyanogenMod, but with the news above it shouldn’t be much longer before X2 development is in full swing. [Droid-Life]

1) Download the DROID X2 (Android 2.2.2) SBF.

2) Install the Drivers on Your Computer. (Visit Motorola.com)

3) Install RSDLite on Your Computer.

4) Put the SBF File in an easy to Find Place like your Desktop.

5) If you need to SBF Boot your into the Bootloader by holding power and volume up. ( Thank You P3Droid for that piece of information)

6) Open RSDLite And Load the SBF File. There is a Window With a button next to it click the button and Navigate to where you stored the SBF File and select it.

7) Plug your phone into the computer. When RSDLite sees it Click Start and let the process run. It will reboot your phone when it’s complete. DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR PHONE FROM YOUR COMPUTER UNTIL THE PROCESS IS COMPLETE.

8) If your phone Bootloops after SBF Battery Pull Boot into stock recovery and factory reset a few times then reboot.

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  1. I wonder how many DXs are suddenly going to “have accidents”, or “just stop working” now.

  2. Well I had to use my insurance for water damage and got a Droid X from Asurion on Saturday. Oh well. Love my Droid X anyway.

    1. if you just recieved it Sat. it is the Droidx2 i beleave. if it does not have a camera button it is.

  3. I think the reason the DX2 community is weak is because not many devices have sold and there have been chunk of those sold, returned.  At least that is the input given at two Best Buys and three VZW corp stores when asking if others have been having issues with the DX2.

    1. Fix the low ram issues without needing an iffy script hack, the audio pops and random reboots- I will get the DX2 again. 

      1.  root and remove all the bloat and you will have over 100mb open ram on average and no more reboots

    2. Motorola screwed up  by locking down their devices. They’re finally starting to come around but it might be too late. All the good developers have moved on to greener pastures and all that’s left are the scroaps who couldn’t develope an erection.

  4. I told my friend about this Sunday and he has a dx2 in the mail today I guess for a hundred its better than getting an upgrade

    1. my asurion deductable was 50

  5. I tried this earlier because I have been having problems with mine lately. When it shows up DroidXTwo if you click on compare it says that it has a slide out keyboard and 5 MP camera. I think they mean it is a Droid 2, rather than having everything else wrong.

  6. Does anybody have a problem with the x2 in regards to have the party your talking to not being able to hear you but you can hear them perfectly. I am on my 6th droidx2, and had the problem with the last 5. other than this issue, it works great. Also, does anyone know how to get the camera from black and white back to color.I must have hit a button by mistake Thanks,

    1.  no problems here, call quality is outstanding. i got my x2 the first day it was available, i had to tell the best buy guy he was aloud to sell it to me and every things been great. i hate to ask but are you sure this isn’t a user issue, i mean 1 faulty phone i can see, 2 ya maybe, but 5… ether you have the chittyest luck in the world or something else is going on

  7. Oh no!!  I think my DROID X may get lost this week!!!!! 

  8. Oh no!!  I think my DROID X may get lost this week!!!!! 

  9. just tried for a claim and was told that I would be getting a DX replacement not a DX2. Suprisingly enough my phone is all better

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