Funny Android Postings From Craigslist – [Humor]


It’s that time again! Time for another great Android device posting from the wonderful world of Craigslist. This time brought to you by this classy fellow (let’s just call him Dr. Doom) looking to unlock his T-Mobile G2. Strangely enough, he too is from Long Beach, CA – the exact location of our last winner.

Let’s get to the posting. It appears as if Dr. Doom, is looking to unlock his HTC G2. Only problem is his account is in bad standing. Dr. Doom is also flexible when it comes to payment. He is willing to not only pay cash for said services, but will also “smoke you out” if you’re up for it. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, he is basically offering to get you high off marijuana if you can unlock his phone. He even provided a picture in case you were doubting his super villain abilities.

Have some funny Android postings you’ve found in your city? Feel free to send them to chris@phandroid with your name and we may throw them up on the site!

Thanks, @WillyYee!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It says “postings” I assumed there would be more then one. 

  2. I like stupid people; they give me something to laugh at.

    1. I like it when people post equations in their profile like it’s supposed to impress somebody.  It really only tells the world that you’ve never been laid.

  3. hahahahha

  4. where is the funny thing?

  5. I’ll just take that helmet as payment…

  6. Hey, Idk why you guys are making fun of him; sounds like a good deal to me! I’d gladly unlock his phone for a bowl or two X_X

    Chris: so we can email you at [email protected]?

    1. Ummmmmm…. everyone but you. o_O

      1. LOL!

        1. I didn’t think there was a such a thing as halfway crooks.

          1. I ain’t  a crook son, I’m just a shook one.

          2. @facebook-100002391822865:disqus

    2. hmu, weirdos…bring ur card if u wanna blaze it.

      1. Hell yea!

          1. yeah, that’s real smart.  Get ready for a lot of telemarketing calls!  idiot!

          2. Fail…lolz 
            You missed the real number.
             867 5309…
            Ask for Jenny

  7. well…the other day someone on the local craigslist offered a BJ for an iphone. I am guessing it was someone just being funny after observing the overload of iphones on sale (no doubt customers trying to move to verizon).

    1. Dude are you serious? You snuck an iPhone joke into a thread like this? Kinda funny……

      Maybe if this guy smoked less he’d be able to figure out how to unlock it himself for cheap. ( its all over the web)

      1. Funny…I was thinking that he needed to smoke MORE to figure it out.

      2. maybe if you were not such a lame, you would understand that some people have better things to do with their time.

  8. hmm looks familiar…

  9. Surely crazy guy, but yeah this happen in reality

    1. I’m crazy and I live my life on the edge cause I legally smoke weed, I dont use the search bar either. Mind=Blown

  10. lol, you had to explain it

  11. With that money, he could just buy an unlock code :P

    1. I bet you herp when you derp also?

    2. He’s not trying to unlock from a provider. He’s trying to unlock the phone. As in, ‘the screen is locked and I can’t access the phone to actually use it.” Infer from that what you will.

  12. I would say this guy is more of a Professor Chaos. 

  13. I’m glad you guys spelled that out about the marijuana.  It really adds to the humor of this entire post in a strange way.

  14. Chris, did you honestly think people wouldn’t get the “smoke you out” reference along with that picture?  Wow! You don’t get out much do you? 

    1. this whole thread doesnt get laid. go outside and talk to a real female for once! get your hand off your penis, mouse, phone or chin and go place it on a real human female breast. 

  15. FAIL lolz. I infer you are out of touch with real humans, you should do more research on them. The screen is not locked stupid. I was looking to have it unlocked from the provider. 

    1. Maybe if you paid your effn bills on time instead of spending money on weed (that you clearly don’t need), you wouldn’t have this problem.
      What a tool!

  16. now im more eager to see what lames have to say that are baffled by this ad i made. 

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