Funny Craigslist Postings – Come Get Your Lulz [Humor]



I’m a long time user of Craigslist but I’ll be the first to admit — it’s definitely not for everyone. If you want to find a great deal on a smartphone, or you have an Android device you need to sell quick but don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping it across the country, what could be easier than dealing locally? Yes, there are those buyers who will “stand you up” or try to low ball you into oblivion. I’ve also come to find that no matter what you’re selling, it always feels like a drug deal with both parties looking over their shoulders as they examine each other’s wares.

Then there are these guys (pictured above). Not quite sure why this post made me laugh so hard after reading it. I think it has something to do with the lackadaisical way the seller simply wasn’t trying too hard to sell his G2 or his total disregard for spellcheck. And while it’s not at all a ridiculous request, asking you to meet him at the local Jack in the Box to handle the transaction kinda drove it home for me.

In any case, Craigslist is always an adventure and you’re bound to run into characters. I personally use it more than I probably should. Even had a few peeps recognize me as “that YouTube guy!”

But how about you? Do any Phandroid readers out there use this service to buy/sell your devices? Or have you promised yourself to never use the online service? Leave your thoughts, as well as any horror stories/great deals down below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I hate idiots that post stuff on craigslist. I always see stuff like “Android powered ePad 5GHZ quad-core processor with Android 3.5”

    I feel obligated to reply. Usually making fun of them, saying their post is a load of crap. They usually reply back saying it is true. Idiots.

    1. Seriously, most of the time i see posts on craigslist saying “Touch screen smartphone, G2 or something I’m not really sure what kind it is. I think it runs Android”

      Every time i see one like that i always have to send them an email and ask them a ton of questions that they don’t even know. The average consumer knows nothing about their phone.

  2. Jack In The Box in Long Beach. This guy sounds legit.

    1. I bought a car one time with similar directions :D.. of course I also had a friend run a carfax report once I got the VIN. 

      Also dumped a PS/2 in Jan. 2010 in a couple of hours for good $$. Craigslist can be great if you’re careful.

  3. I don’t mean to insult, but what’s going on with the totally not news posts like this and the Opera Oprah thing?  

    1. Not everything has to be news; I actually like Chris’ posts a lot, it breaks up the monotony of reading stories I’ve seen earlier on other sites. 

      And as for using lulz, I don’t see anything wrong with using what has become, like it or not, part of common language usage. 

      1. I agree. I love these kinds of craigslist ads. Anyone seem to think there are quite a few G2 listings around these days?

  4. I got my Samsung Fascinate off of Craigslist for $150. I usually find good deals in my area.

  5. “Come Get Your Lulz”

    Wow, I don’t think you could have gone any lower, Chavez. I wish their was a filter for everything you post, because your writing just plain sucks, man. The fact that you would use the word “Lulz” tells me enough. What is this, 4chan? 

    1. Whoops, there*

    2. Agreed

    3. What, he’s not able to have fun too? It’s a humor article which is CLEARLY marked as such. He throws in a little “lulz” here and there and you crucify him. Relax a bit…

      Great story chris, I love how he’s explaining how he can’t take a picture of the device with the device. “lulz!”

      1. I get what you’re trying to say, but the word is just thrown out so much, it just becomes a complete nuisance to even say it. It makes you sound like a complete douche, or those same guy who say “That’s what she said” over and over on Engadget. It was a little funny the first time, but after the hundredth time it gets increasingly annoying. Besides, starting a blog post with a meme when it’s not even related? You might as well “xD” or the same unfunny, rehashed Chuck Norris jokes on your blog posts too. 

        1. Annoying like the haters that pick on every little tidbit of “error” of a story? Even when the message is clearly communicated. Maybe you mean like those grammar nazi’s that know how to use a period and end a sentence and then correct you on it?

          “lulz” ur so right xD!!!!1111!!!1

          1. You seem a bit too defensive of Chris. A fan of him? There’s no problem with that. And, please, try harder (I mean this in no offense, just saying).

          2. No, I just find your post to be pathetic.

            “I wish their was a filter for everything you post, because your writing just plain sucks, man.”

            You’re the one that needs a filter….there’s so many things wrong with your comments. From logic, to grammar, to just being plan disrespectful.

            All that’s wrong is him putting a little “lulz” in his title, hardly something to be an ass about.

          3. The grammar was little error caused by typing on my phone by accident I touched “their” instead of “there” (to which I instantly replied with a “Whoops. There*”). Second, you seem to be a little worked up about this me criticizing him than I am of his title. Third, by replying to my post, you’re making things quite worse (as did I by posting my disapproval of the title). Please, try harder. :)

          4. Here’s some grammmmmmaaaarrr for you bro. You’s a pain in this phandroid’s tush men…don’t hate on Chris’s excellent use of modern day vocab bro… Your just mad jelly bro… Haters gonna hate! Lulz

          5. You have more grammatical errors than just that. ;)

    4. Shut the effe up QUIMBLICD
      if you don’t like hes writing why the FUCK..!
      are you the post for DUMB ASS….!!!!

      1. Sorry, but that made no sense. 

      2. Please rephrase that, it’s quite difficult trying to process that all. Now, what’s wrong with me criticizing Chris and asserting my opinion? You people have done so to me, why can I not do it to him?

        1. Well, according to your logic, because I haven’t done so to you. o_o

          1. You got me there, but you know, it’s called an opinion (which all of you have made me aware of yours onto me). Besides, you do have to admit the title for this post was pretty crappy. 

          2. Y U NO LULZ?!?!?

          3. *DONT FEED THE TROLL*

          4. Krause? Kevin, is that you? Leave Chavez alone, we already told you he isn’t replacing you…now go write a story about how verizon has the only real 4G or something.

          5. Phandroid, “writers” are straight out of the ghetto. 

          6. Chris, you’re my hero…lulz

          7. I though you said come here for lulz, but these guys came here to bitch! -____-

          8. I had no idea it would turn into this =/

          9. Because spouting memes (especially forced ones) is quite childish and unfunny.

          10. Way to outsmart the troll bro…me gusta men…Lulz

    5. Shut it. I <3 Chris.

    6. Now try posting again but with more people caring about your opinion.

    7. You really need to take that stick out of your ass and relax a little. It’s an Android blog, not the Wall Street Journal. 

      1. I like your style men…lulz

    8. Maybe you should look at how you write things yourself before you start criticizing others. Your grammar and spelling sucks big time. Stop being a troll.

      1. Cut me some slack, man. I’m on my phone, you shouldn’t expect my posts to be perfect. And don’t act like you’ve never made mistakes while posting comments either. Furthermore, I’m here to comment, not to write an essay. And lastly, you’re only making this a bigger problem than it needs to be by responding. Seriously, I’d estimate like 40% of the comments on this particular blog post are aimed at me. I suppose you could say this was unintentional trolling, and it is kind of funny.

    9. You seem upset, was that your craigslist posting?

      1. Me gusta men…lulz

    10. Someone forgot their tampon. Seriously dude, it’s not that deep. If you don’t like the memes…ignore them. It’s not like the entire article is “0mg lulz lik3 Craigslist is a totally aW3s0m3 plac3 4 sum lulz xD zomggzzz”. He adds a little bit of spunk to his articles’ titles. This isn’t the NYTimes or anything. It’s an online, privately-owned, not necessarily “professionally” edited, BLOG. Just relax a bit.

      1. Yes, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not exactly the only one who needs to relax here (as evidenced by all of my friendly “fan” replies). And who told you about my tampons? 

        1. Yeah, people do get defensive on forums/blogs but don’t pay them any mind. They, and I, consider Chris a very special person in our lives. The guy is into the same stuff we are into and his job is to write about it. He’s like the “bringer of good news” haha. But seriously, some people here are a lot more “militant” and get very up in arms about things.

          1. Wow you need to get chris’s dick outta your mouth?!? Special? He’s a fag not a retard don’t confuse the two.

          2. …Lmao. And yet you click on his posts. I meant he is special the same way Noah Kravitz and Jon Rettinger are, I wish I had their jobs. So while I can’t have their jobs, I read just about everything they write. So go troll on 4chan or something. It’s funny that your name has Chris’s name allll over it. Haha. I think someone fancies Chris.

    11. While the post is funny, yeah, using the word lulz is just annoying. Almost as much as the word ‘moar.’

    12. is there a problem with 4chan? 

    13. U MAD?

  6. Lol I saw this posting. Im from the o.c and I always try to find deals on phones. I wonder why a lot of these guys don’t drive..

    1. Because they are criminals and sell you stolen stuff?

  7. Craigslist is a great place to find really great deals.  I like it a lot.  Particularly for Sprint devices.

  8. While it isn’t craiglist, I got my LG GW620 off a rather similar website called Dubizzle for ~$13 cheaper than other shops (they sell it for ~$231). Guy said it was an unwanted gift, and he actually wanted some nokia E series phone instead.

  9. I use Craigslist to sell all my phones. I use it for deals sometimes too. Got a brand new LG Optimus T for $100 a few months ago. Anyways, I see Chris lives nearby. Maybe we’ll make a transaction one day (;

    1. Chris is into women, I believe.

      1. Sometimes o_O @Khoi:disqus 

      2. Everyone gets a little excited when we’re dealing with Android phones (;

  10. I found Kijiji more useful for my dealings. Bought a bunch of stuff from there, sold my old car, and helped a friend to sell winter tires through it. Craigslist is usually full of dumb idiots and those who post their ads every 10 seconds.

  11. HAHA that right down the street from my house…. Terrable!

  12. I traded my Evo for a Nexus S in Newark NJ in a ghetto area. Ended up smoking weed on his stoop and watching a drug dealer deal right in front of us on his street while I was downloading a flashing a different ROM on to the Evo.

  13. I actually craigslist everything. You have a lot of people who look for phones in my area and NYC is filled with people who want a bargain. I say why not…

    Quimblicd, eatadick.

  14. Haha Chris I lulz .. Nice and seriously that guy coming here bitching GTFO!

  15. Wow, so much trolling in the comments. I’m surprised they haven’t turned them off yet. I enjoyed the article.

  16. Oh do I have a story. Last year sometime in mid Feburary I was on crigslist looking for any deceny android device for a low price, I was mainly looking upon agetting og droid or a g1. After searching for about a month, feburary… I came across this post for a nexus one. I had never heard of it till then. I googled it turns out it was google all the way. I was like wow I want. He wanted $300 yes $300 no joke. I sent him an email saying “hey I have 250 and I live in the next town over”. I didn’t think I was gunna get a reply seing as how the phone was $500+. Little did I know, his reply “if you can come over here I will takr your 250, meet me at ‘can’t remember name of hotel’ before 6pm tommorow.” I was like wah!!! I couldn’t believe it, I was like hell yea. Then I thought to myself wtf a hotel and then man if he want 250 that thing must be beat to shit, or its the phone itself or without a battery or it didn’t work or something was wrong with it. So I decided to go anyway, all by myself 19 at the time. I walked in to the place and I texted the dude I was at the lobby. I wait about 5-10 minutes and I hear a door open near a hall way by the lobby. It was the hotel manager, in his hand a bunch of white boxes with my favorite colorfull X on them, I was like no fing way dude… in my head of course. He’s like hey are you ‘my name’. I’m like yea. He’s like well here it is, opens up the nexus box. I was in aww atits beauty perfect mint self with a brand new screen protector and silicon case. I grabed it like it was the holy grail or something, frantically looking fir the power button… hit it and bam! The X of glorious colors. Hez like “so you want it” I’m like… “uh… oh yea”. Handed him the $250. And he handed me the 3 boxes containing the phones stuff all there. The car mount all there. The desk dock all there… I almost didn’t even notice him give the money to his KIDS! he’s like ” Yea I like it and everything but I don’t get 3g here so I got verizon”. I’m like “sucker!” In my head of course. “Yea I get 3g out in my town” he says cool I walk out and almost get hit by a car looking, no staring with disbilif at what I just bought for $250.

    1. I understood most of the story until “I walk out and almost get hit by a car looking, no staring with disbilif at what I just bought for $250”

    2. Wow you got pretty lucky, i always see good deals like that but can never get to them before they are gone.

  17. No one recognized you.

  18. The comments are full of lulz! 

  19. Wow, I just timewarped back to 3rd grade over an F’n “lulz” comment?  Unbelievable!
     Can we please get back on topic now? 
    Personally I don’t use craigslist except when I’m lookin for hookrz, but that’s just me.  :)

  20. This guy is from my city. Pretty much what I expect from someone living on the eastside X)

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