Apps of the Day: Optimistic Weather, Mobile Shopper 2012, and More


Looking for a few good apps for your Android device? Look no further. We’re back with another edition of ‘Apps of the Day’ to help you sort out what’s good in the Android Market. Today’s edition comes with a sense of youthful optimism and better living with a weather forecast app that will never let you down, a smartphone take on a nostalgic game, and the latest from Consumer Reports. Read on for more.

Optimistic Weather – Optimistic Weather isn’t like other weather apps. It chucks forecasts aside in favor of an outlook that is always sunny and bright. Don’t download this app if you want to get a reality check including doom and gloom updates of impending bad weather vibes. Optimistic Weather gives you one forecast and one forecast alone: sun, sun, sun! Maybe that inaccuracy makes it a bit more like other weather apps, after all. [Market]

Float – You remember that game we all used to play? You know, the one where you and a few friends attempted to keep a balloon aloft without touching the floor? Float is that game on your Android phone with many more twists thrown in. For as simple as it is, the gameplay can often be addictive. Just don’t let the balloons touch the spikes. [Market]

Mobile Shopper 2012 – Want to get the low down on a product before making a purchase? Consumer Reports has unleashed their Mobile Shopper app to help make buying decision easier.  At it’s core, the app might seem like a simple barcode scanner, but the resources to be mined once a product has been scanned add up to much more than that. It’s a bit pricey at $4.99, but you’ll get a one-year subscription to product reviews, ratings, and buying advice. [Market]

SUPPORTbuddy – SUPPORTbuddy won’t be for everyone, but for those looking to find an online, private support group to help deal with their physical and emotional health issues, it could be just the thing. SUPPORTbuddy lets your share your current condition, see updates from other, and join in on discussions about various aspects of dealing with life-changing circumstances such as cancer, depression, HIV/AIDS, and addiction. [Market]

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  2. Hey what about hive player the honeycomb music player? I like the scrollable widget that lets me browse my music collection and play right from the home screen.

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