More Updates for the HTC Evo 3D – Bug Fixes Galore


It’s HTC Evo 3D day! And to celebrate, HTC has pushed out yet another update to help fix that pesky Dialer app/lockscreen issues so many were having with the last one. Also, users in our very own, Android Forums are reporting that an update for HTC Watch also fixed a bug that was keeping the phone from sleeping properly. This means a dramatic increase in battery life with some users reporting around 15 hours of battery life and still a 48% charge. This brings the number of updates for the Evo 3D to a grand total of 5. Also, with 14 hours of battery life, the Evo 3D is definitely on par with the Galaxy S 2 in terms of multi-day performance.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update and if you’re noticing anything positive or negative after updating. Oh – and HAPPY EVO 3D DAY!

Thanks, Earlymon!

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. First!

    Went and saw the phone, 3d was not impressive, is it worth it to upgrade from the Evo? 

    1. DEFINITELY an upgrade. Is it a Jesus phone? No. But then again – none are.

      1. How would you compare this to the SG2, I know there are haters out there. I love my HTC phones but the speed looks impressive, at least from what ive seen. 

        1. Honestly, I notice very little “speed improvements” over my Evo 4G (but mine was rooted and running a Sense 2.1 + Gingerbread).

          The screen is actually more washed out and has very weak viewing angles compared to even my Evo 4G. (Full review coming later)
          As for the GS2, I am pretty hyped about that device and will most likely get it once it comes out. =p

          1. Heres a crazy ? for you Mr. Chavez lol. Evo 3D… anyone know if this will get a unlocked bootloader? Im almost outa work and the Sprint guy is holding one for me as we speak….Im….Almost….There…. please be able to root ;)

          2. A hell of alot faster than Evo 4g

      2. Jesús phone? Lol, never heard that before

        1. iPhone users would tell you differently lol

      3. Keep GOD out of it you freaking fool

  2. Still can’t get Green Hornet to work…

    1. they said they pushed the update to fix it. did you try doing a system update? i have yet to see mine if it works…i will let you know.

      1. Yeah, I’ve done all the updates, and I have the icon, but no movie. I did swap out the SD card for my 16 gig, but that shouldn’t matter should it?

        1. I had the the same issue but I put the sd card back and the movie worked and when I took it out it said no movie

          1. Well sheet. I gave the SD card away to a friend because I have the 16gig. He’s already formatted it and whatnot… /facepalm

          2. Bwahahahahah!  Looks like you found out that the movie was on the SD card!  Try asking a friend that has the 3VO or call a Sprint store to see if they can give you a copy.

  3. Enrique, 

    Picked up my 3VO today and love it! The 3D is just an extra to me, the 1.2Ghz Dual core is amazing, I really like the qHD screen and Sense 3.0 is just awesome.  If you are due an upgrade, its def worth it.  Otherwise you could wait until the Photon comes out but it wont have Sense it will have MotoBlur which, IMO, isnt even close to the Sense UI.  Def an upgrade from the OG EVO(which I had).

    I have updated the phone and havent had any issues so far.  Just let the phone die completely and recharging now.  Started off with 45% battery, took a few 3D pics of my daughter, watched about 15-20 minutes of Green Hornet 3D, made crystal clear phone calls both locally and out of state and to both other cell phones and landlines, downloaded apps that I had on my OG EVO and setup all my accounts, messed with the Sense UI to get it to where I wanted it.  After all that, my phone died about 7 hours after I initially picked it up.

    Overall, I am super happy with the phone so far.

    1. ditto…you already said it all! :)

    2. Thanks alot for your advice. I have been going all day trying to decide or not lol. Your right, the dual core is totally worth it and as it seems the 3d is a gimmick of sorts. How do you like the screen as far as depth and resolution. I have to admit, im kind of jelous of my buddies iphone screen, looks so impressive for that pos. But…. im thinking its the best out now and i dont know if i want to wait for the super fast sg2. 

      1. I love the resolution on this phone.  I dont see any pixelation or distortion with it and it provides a crisp view of all the animations, this is helped by the dual core.

        You’re right, the 3D is kind of a gimmick, but without it, this phone is awesome by itself and its just kind of something to play with in between.I’m not an HTC fanboy or anything, more than anything I want a good product, especially at the prices these days.  Anyway, this is a phone that is def worth checking out, especially if you are due an upgrade.

  4. I got mine 8 am today—a few updates, but this thing is amazing!  I’m coming from a hero with 2.3.4, but am blown away by the speed and smoothed out version of sense.   Totally worth the price

  5. Man this thing is awesome. Loving the E3D

  6. Just got it today. OS is as smooth as butter. 3D I could care less about. Highly recommended phone.

  7. I’ve had the phone for about 3 days now and love how fast it is. That dual core processor is the reason why I picked this phone up. Phone calls are crystal clear. Paired with a 32GB class 10 micro SD taking 3D/2D video/pictures will be a breeze. This is my third HTC phone and they just keep getting better and better.

    One issue I ran into when I was setting up Google Voice on the device was that any SMS sent from the non-google texting application was coming up as my Google Voice number. To remedy it I had to disable Google Voice on your Sprint phone and just enable Google voicemail on this phone.

    Other than that annoying issue I’ve been pretty happy with the phone. Just wish they had an extended life battery for the device like the 3500mAh I had for my HTC EVO 4G. With all the apps I use and web browsing I do through the day this 1 battery lasted me the WHOLE day unlike the stock battery that came with the EVO 4G

    Does anyone know of an extended life battery for the HTC EVO 3D?

    1. Log in to and fix your google voice settings

  8. I just got mine today. 3rd htc phone i’ve had and second one with signal issues. My evo 4g had full signal but this goes between 0 and 3 bars. Love this phone but hope something can be done with connection issues. Also I switched the 8gb memory card for my 32gb one and green Hornet won’t work with this card installed.

    1. Did you copy over all the files from the original SD card?. Check to see if your SD card has some type of serial or label. Maybe the drm is looking for this label/table to determine if it’s on the original shipping card. It might be part of the DRM process. TGH is stored on the card itself that’s why it probably vanished.

      1. it’s in the .data>HtcWatch folder…make sure to copy it over.

  9. What are all you Sprint people going to do when Clearwire goes bankrupt and and their WiMax Network falls on it’s face?  Even Sprint has said they are abandoning the Clearwire partnership.  They will only be able to abandon it if it lasts long enough for them to do so.  Based on cash flow Clearwire is pretty damn close to non operational as it is.  I guess I don’t understand why so many people would buy technology that even the carrier has said will be obsolete in the near future.

    1. We’ll just keep using it on our EVDO just like you iphone guys have been rocking that 3G in a 4G world.

    2. Sprint has signed a deal with LightSquared for an LTE 4G setup. Sprint’s 4G should be in good hands.

    3. Still working at lease, Not like the other carriers. Sprint doing just fine, and we all happy, when it`s going to happing and everything goes down we all come to ask you what we should do.

    4. @yahoo-G5RPWFQ33YE5LYHKQ66F5B4X3M:disqus @ac5cacb14afe9fb587a25f27755d484f:disqus Yeah, what @Leightonius:disqus said. Sprint is already making a deal for some good 4G LTE. I was upset about the Clear/WiMax thing but really… what are our options? AT&T-Mobile? Verizon? I’m happy with Sprint….. for now.

      1. Look at it this way. By the time the EVO 3D is ready to be replaced, LTE should be up and ready.
        year and half to two years.


  11. New phones needing several fixes just after their release, a sign of the times?

  12. 14 hrs @ 47%…if you don’t use it that is!  But seriously, keep it plugged in and charging keeps up with usage, and that’s with BOTH the new htc Sense and Watch updates installed!

  13. I picked up 3 EVO 3D phones yesterday and we love it. There’s just one thing I don’t like and it’s the calendar. I’m trying to setup a recurring event that will remind me every 2 weeks and there’s no way it can be done thru the phone’s calendar. I have to logon to my gmail in my laptop and do it there and add the gmail account to the phone and do a sync. I used to have a Palm Pre and it was so easy to do it. Also, my daughter is complaining that the navigation arrows on the key board are gone. Her EVO 4G used to have them. Otherwise this EVO 3D is awesome.

  14. Hey my name is Mike I purchased mines today as well in nyc and sir done reason the phone is telling me that I used 7.9gb. I formatted. My memory card and did everything .. I’m pretty pissed . But everything else about this fone is beautiful.. can someone help me with technical support

    1. you’re not quite clear with what you said…how did you get to 7.9gb? So after buying and activating, what did you do?

  15. if you’re using a class 2 Micro SD your pictures will not be viewable. Gotta have a Class 4.

  16. Honestly, People won’t realize what they missed out on. The Evo 3d as of today is the best android device on the market. The biggest feature that matters most is exactly where the Evo 3d hurts most smartphones that’s the battery. In real world testing how we all use our devices is what determines exactly what kind of battery life you will receive so based on that it will always depend on the user him/herself. But if your a current Evo 4g user then you know exactly how to tweak and extend your overall battery life and if you know those things and apply some of the techniques then trust me you will go VERY FAR WITH THE EVO 3D. I brought my Evo 3d on Friday from best buy the battery was at half when purchased I allowed the battery to drain down to 3% then placed it on charge for the first time for 9.5 hrs from 8pm to 5:30am Saturday morning. My Evo 3d was still going strong at 7pm Saturday night without any tweaking of the devices at 7pm I was at 27% at which time I used the power saver mode and was able to go another 2hrs till 9pm which at that time I was at 17% I turned my device off and started my second phase of charging. The point here is pretty clear the Evo 3d straight out of the box without any tweaking of the settings gave me 14hrs of battery life till 7pm then an extra 2hrs till 9pm which was a grand total of 16plus hrs and was still at 17% when I turned it off. Bottom-line here: THIS IS DEFINATELY NO EVO 4G THIS DEVICE BLOWS THE EVO 4G OUT OF THE WATER AS WELL AS ANY OTHER ANDROID DEVICE IN THE MOST IMPORTANT CATAGORY AND THAT IS BATTERY LIFE. I was never able to go anywhere when I had my Evo 4g without my 2batteries and charger now I don’t have to carry my charger WHICH IS VERY BIG…As a Evo 3d owner If I tweaked my setting on my device even further ie..Weather animations to some, screen brightness to halfway, email syncing to 4hrs, then this device will go FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Htc SCORES A MAJOR HOMERUN just based on the native battery management application/power saver mode as well as the native task manager application these native services on the device helps Evo owners in so many ways because these are applications that would have been download from the android market that the manufacturer has included in the device which means it is optimized to work FAR BETTER THAN ANY APPLICATION DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DEVICE FROM THE ANDROID MARKET. That will help any EVO 3D OWNER WHO HAS THIS DEVICE plus with the opportunity to uninstall any carrier related applications that you might not want on your device that was installed which wasn’t to many will not only gain more memory for your device which speeds up the device in general but being able to do this also allows you to place actual application you want on your device instead of having application that you don’t use taking up space and cpu on your device that is truly big what sprint has done no other carrier is rolling like this. Another big point on this device is that every application can be sent to your micro sd card using the NATIVE APPLICATION where in setting you go to sdcard/phone and you will see a category that say make more space and there you will find a native apps to sd application WHICH IS ANOTHER APPLICATION ANDROID USERS WOULD’VE DOWNLOADED FROM THE ANDROID MARKET THAT IS OPTIMIZED FOR OUR DEVICE no need for apps2sd card now. And I’m not even going to discuss the speed, fluidity of the device, as well as the fast that this thing just BLOWS AWAY ANY DEVICE ON THE MARKET. Yeah if people didn’t pick up one of these they just are lost….

    1. My Charge gets 36 hours battery life….

      1. Good for you! :)

        1. It goes against his, best in the battery dept arguement….

          1. …and I believe you. I have seen the reviews on the Droid Charge and it’s amazing battery life! I wish all (touchscreen smart) phones would be like that. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you that yes, Evo 3D is defintely a “pass”…if not more. To everyone that thought it’s not an upgrade from the old Evo, well, it is, and not because it has 3D specs, but of all the enhancements it has over its predecessor. It’s true, battery life could be better, but it’s expected with most of the HTC devices out in the market right now.

            Samsung…you set the bar high with the Charge’s battery life. Kudos! :)

          2. Does it “rule android”? I am sure it is a fantastic device, but it is not the best. The best is kind of subjective. To me, some of the things that matter most, are lacking on the EVO3D. The storage capacity is skimped, the screen is not the best. Battery life, although better than the OG EVO, is still lacking. The cameras are average at best, its ugly as hell, and its on Sprint. Now, I know Sprint works fine for some, but for me, they are not an option, and it is this phones biggest downfall. What it does have is nice though. It is pretty zippy.

          3. @Nlsme:disqus He never said anything about it “ruling Android” or “being the best”. That’s always been the ever-ignorant Dick Yarrell… This guy (Evo3D2B) is actually objective and gives credit where credit is due. Quite agreeable actually :)

          4. Oh no, I wouldn’t even think of it “ruling android”…as none of the android phones really come close to a perfect one. Even the Droid Charge, with its wonderful battery life pales into comparison with its processing power to the Evo 3D; with that said, all these phones have flaws, and some are acceptable to some people, and some aren’t.

            Honestly the storage capacity works fine with me. Unless you’re storing hundreds of apps and movies in the phone’s main memory, well, this phone is not for you.

            Of course, there’s the Sprint vs Verizon issue as far coverage and signal strength, blah, blah. Whichever works for the client, of course.

            Anyway, I’m really, really happy I got this phone. Comparing to the old Evo, this is definitely an “upgrade”.

            Hey, I’m not hearing anymore about the Atrix…did it just die all of a sudden???

          5. @squiddy20 awww…thanks! I really like to be objective as much as possible. I know I can’t make everyone happy, but at least I can make everyone at least feel they’re not being stomped on.

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