July 21st is Slated for Next Round of Verizon’s 4G LTE Roll Out


Verizon isn’t letting up in their effort to sufficiently blanket the United States with warm, comforting 4G LTE coverage. July 21st will see numerous new locations added to their 4G map including Wilkes-Barre, PA; Charleston, WV; Wichita, KS; and several cities in North and South Carolina. Verizon is also expanding current 4G LTE coverage in Louisville, KY and Los Angeles and San Diego, CA. That is just a small sampling of who gets 4G LTE next, with the latest rollout showing a good deal of emphasis on locations in the Mid-West and South. Verizon failed to issue a uniform press release listing all cities, and instead chose to break each location into its own, separate release. You can check out the link below to peruse the various announcements and see if your city is on the list.

[via Verizon]

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Current Verizon Subscribers Will Avoid Tiered Data when Renewing or Upgrading

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  1. Finally, RTP NC will be getting 4G.  Now, all VZW needs is a 4G phone worth anything.

  2. And they will officially pass Sprints stalled expansion…

    1. t mobile owns 

      1. They may have the best phones, and the best prices. But, they have the crappiest coverage. Plus, they will soon be AT&T.

        1. not for me i have 4g coverage in nassau county and the hamptons
          while no other service has 4g anywhere on the entire island
          im a data hog so its amazing
          and yes its real 4g
          since the switch im getting 9-11mbps
          and ive hit 13.5 alot on my4g

          1. Maybe your “tmobile owns” line shoud be followed by “for me”. Because for a large portion of the country, they don’t even have EDGE.

          2. So says the Verizon troll who is just bitter because Tmo could care less about his little hole in the wall.

          3. So says the T-Mobile troll who is posting BS in a Verizon thread, and is mad his metro carrier is getting bought out by AT&T.

          4. Oh, I’m sorry but stop whining like a little baby just because someone points out the truth. :P Dude, you just can’t win. 

          5. @Chimp You call me a troll, yet NEVER comment on ANYTHING related to the articles. So much for you pointing out the truth. Revs said “T-Mobile owns”, yet their coverage is horrible compared to EVERY OTHER CARRIER, so much for him “pointing out the truth”. I am dont with you, troll. BTW, when it comes to you, I win every time.

          6. You win what? The worst speller? That you can’t even write? Oh! Or that you can’t even form a coherent argument backed with facts? Yeah, you do win all of those. Your prize? Looks like you’re working on yet another stroke. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Enjoy it. Other than that, you win at nothing except being a whiny brat.

            So boo hoo. Go cry to someone who cares. Maybe start with your mom. As always, someone spanks you so you change the parameters of the argument. You’re that kid that can’t play the game by the rules that he laid out so he takes his ball and goes home.

            Seriously, the world doesn’t play by your rules. Get over yourself. Sometimes things just don’t work like you think they should in that silly little asylum you live in. Welcome to real life. Not one of your silly little video games.

            (Oh yeah, and you will be back. You’re never done. Gee, I wonder why that is… )

          7. Seriously, all you do is troll. You don’t know me. And you NEVER have an arguement related to the article at hand. Like I said, with you, I win every time.

          8. Bwa ha ha ha! See, you weren’t done. :P You win?!? Hardly, you have yet to ever back anything up with facts, just how you think things should work. 

            Like I said, they just don’t work the way you think they should. Sorry to burst your bubble there but you’re clueless as to how things really work. Yeah, I do stay on topic. Always do. You really should learn about fluid and organic natures of how reality works. Like I keep saying, you haven’t got a single foot in reality.

            I troll? Yeah, maybe you should pull your head out of Verizon’s rear once in a while. :P

          9. Thanks for proving my point, yet again. That your nothing more than a troll. Like I said, when it concerns you, I always win. I’ll just point to your “sure to follow” off topic, troll post below.

          10. Prove what?!? That you’re a liar? Yeah, that’s been proven. That’s what? Two comments you’ve made since you said you were done? See, I just backed up my argument with another fact! You should try reality someday, it’s accepted everywhere…  except your little corner of delusion land.

  3. look for the Galaxy S II to be coming out at the same time I bet.

    1. i bet you’re right.  It is 14 days from July 7th when they change their plan pricing to July 21st, and that happens to be the period of time that they allow returns.

  4. still no long island ?
    best thing is everone i know aroudh here has thunderbolts and evos
    pay for 4g and have NO IDEA LONG ISLAND HAS NO 4G
    ecept tmobile!!!

    1. BTW, half of LI is covered in LTE already….

  5. woot woot San diego

  6. I want to know what the holdup is in Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN. They were both supposed to be live by June….now they’re not even on the July list???

    P.S. verizon is allowing all current customers to keep their unlimited plans for life…EVEN WHEN UPGRADING AND/OR RENEWING. Source: Vzw memo via Droid Life. Only new lines on/after 7/7 will be tiered.

  7. I’m really glad to finally see Wichita, KS on somebody’s list. I can get a employee discount through my company. I am using Sprint now but I’m tired of waiting for their 4G. Sprint’s 4G is here in Wichita but has NOT been turned on. When they will no one will say.

    1. Wichita has been had T-Mobile HSPA+ coverage.  For what it’s worth.

  8. Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 to see how Verizon treats their workers u already know how they treat u

  9. When is VZW going to get the Galaxy S II? That’s all I’m waiting for! and will it be LTE? If they aren’t gonna roll with that or something betting.. maybe I should be looking at a new carrier!?

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