Huawei Introduces Cheap NFC Phone (Sonic) for Turkey, High-End Beast (Glory) for Cricket USA


Huawei’s back it again with the phones, but this time they’ve come to the table with some intriguing options. For Turkey, they’re introducing an NFC-enabled budget phone, the Huawei Sonic. It’s an interesting move by Huawei considering there’s usually very little innovation to be had when speaking of their products. In this instance, they’re beating lots of manufacturers to the punch with NFC.

Turkey’s major cellular providers have either already launched or are planning to launch NFC payment services, so it’s a welcome move and not quite surprising given the context. Let’s hope Huawei does the same for the United States and other regions when our NFC efforts get off the ground.

Here in the states, they’re sending another one of their phones to Cricket in the form of the Huawei Glory. Believe it or not, it’ll be a high-end device. I say believe it or not because Cricket doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to providing high-end phones. So what’s making this one high-end, anyway?

Inside is a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor and 2GB of RAM. All of that is set to power Android 2.3 on a 4 inch, 854×480 TFT display. Sounds great, right? Actually, it sounds pretty damn good and we’re happy to see both Cricket and Huawei stepping their Android game up. Of course, we can’t pass judgment yet but it has to be a lot better than what they currently offer. What’s more is that it’ll be $300 off contract, a great price for a device of this magnitude. Set to come out in November, folks. [Electronista, Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. it looks like an iphone i smell a lawsuit

    1. I was just going to say that lol. Apple will really be pissed since they lost on the nokia and samsung lawsuit so they will go after these manufacturers now.

  2. 2gb of RAM. thats more than my netbook

  3. 1.4 ghz processor, 2GB of RAM

    And looks like an iPhone? 

    For $300 only no contract? Where the hell do I sign? 

    1. you dont sign anywhere… because theres no contract.

  4. Don’t know what this will be like, but whatever it is, it should push up the expectations at the budget end of the market, and so push up the top end. Good for everybody – onwards and upwards!

  5. Hello…2Gb of Ram, thats what i am talking abt. Abt time some of these high end top of the line Android devices start showing some muscle spec wise. I will love HTC my fav cell manufacturer to start ramping up the amount of Ram (1 to 2Gb), internal memory 16 to 32Gb) and battery (1700 to 2000mAh) on its devices. Also will hope they are first out of the gate with a Quad core device that blows everything else out of the water…don’t let LG to beat u to these mile stones…even if it means using another chip maker doesn’t mean u are not loyal to qualcomm. Hope the new Nexus is an HTC product…love my N1

    1. do you think metro pcs will get this phone like cricket

  6. Another great Android phone. I am concerned for the USA though. Soone Apple will be out of the phone market completely (or at least o0nly a shadow of what they are now). Motorola is close to being completely unprofitable as cheaper handset makers from Asia are continually undercutting them and Motorola only posts losses each quarter for their mobile side. BB are about to tank and go bust. It appears with one single swoop Google has been able to bring an end to US handset manufacturing. This is great for us as consumers but not so good when you want a job. So other than a great OS what did Google bring to the table…..more Ads. They seem to make billions while US companies go broke and mroe manufacturing jobs move overseas.

    Just an observation.

    1. Then why dont you and others buy only American made products? I too hate how US jobs are going overseas but the only real way to stop it is to boycott companies that ship jobs overseas and vote politicians out of offices (Republicans) who support them.

      1. To run salt into the wounds of US employees who are losing their jobs, Google employees (most just having reached puberty) goat how much fun it is to work for Google because they can spend time playing hacky sack and volleyball in the warm afternoons because Google is pulling in so much ad revenue.
        Don’t get me wrong, I think many employees deserve better from their employers but to see Google helping to trash US manufacturing and only replacing it with an advertising model seems a bit short sighted from a US productivity and GDP point of view.
        This is an Android sight, not a Google fan site so not sure if anyone will disagree. I think people need to dissasociate the two.

        1. Name one phone manufacturer that builds their phones in the U.S., regardless of OS. Google/Android is not the problem. 

          1. I’m just saying look at the flow of money Google ad revenue is simply money flowing around and around within the US. Google collects most its Ad revenue from US companies similar to a tax. It doesn;t improve the foriegn debt.
            Once Motorola, Apple and BB are buried and out of the picture then there will be a flow of money (regarding the mobile/tablet industry) from West to East because all HTC, Samsung, LG, ZTE, Huawei, etc, etc are made in Taiwan, Korea and China.and they literally peanuts to Google to license it. So even though Google is pulling in billions and Verizon and AT&T and Best Buy and everyone else making money off Android report big proifts, they are profits only gained by US consumers. Motorla, Apple and BB handsets are sold outside of the US so they are pulling money from the US AND forign markets which means money seems to flowing more evenly and thus creating jobs for the US.
            I am not advocating one way or the other but I do think people are too quick to want to see the death of home grown companies not realising that it is making it that much harder to get a job in this industry.
            It seems economists and business like Google, Amazon, Verizon don’t care as long as they make money. Eventually we will pay similar to the way that there are not only no more TV’s made in the US but no US TV companies anymore.

  7. I know it’s possible to flash a Verizon phone to Cricket… so is it possible to reverse that?  Put a Cricket phone on Verizon?  And if so, without losing any functionality?

    1. Verizon would have to offer that service, I believe. To my knowledge, they don’t.

  8. It’s interesting that this is the first phone(Glory) to be mention to have a upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. You would expect HTC or Samsung to say it first with there latest phones but i guess that 2gb ram seems like a preview of what ICS needs to run on.

  9. can i find it in bangladesh?

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