HTC Throwing June 27th Shindig for Puccini Tablet?


HTC’s planning an event pretty soon, it seems, as they’ll be in London to show “where design and advanced technology can lead.” Considering HTC doesn’t usually hold events for anything other than upcoming hardware, we’re hoping to see some of the unannounced devices that have been rumored for quote some time. One of the devices we have in mind is the HTC Puccini, a supposed Android 3.1 tablet.

It would be HTC’s second tablet following the HTC Flyer and their first with Honeycomb. Given the London venue their slate of unveilings could go either way with some European phones, like the HTC Kingdom, on the horizon. Of course, HTC did announce both the Sensation and the Flyer in Europe and both devices ended up making their way to the states. We’ll be on the lookout for more information leading up to the 27th, folks. [Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Someone help me out. What is the tablet for? What makes it better than my lap top?


    1. I don’t know if I’d call it “better” just yet, but I can do almost anything I do on my powerbook on my xoom. I’d say the tablet is just more convenient… more portable, less bulky etc… Unless i’m doing something that I’ll need a lot of processing power for, I use the xoom, and my laptop just sits and collects dust. 

      1. ^What he said..

        I mean ppl still get the iPod Nano. We can say what is the iPod Nano for in that case too. As long as tablet prices stay on the reasonable side and not be priced like laptops or netbooks, tablets should have a place.

    2. If you don’t know the answer to that by now then just stick to your laptop. That question has been asked 1000 times on 1000 different forums.

    3. Your laptop is hot, it has a fan, its bulky, has a lower battery life and and doesn’t have a touch screen, granted a lap top is more powerful but some are not willing to concede.

  2. Basically, none of you answered my question with a suitable response. 

    How about: “We’re brainwashed drones to advertising and we will do anything…Hey look! Ultramegalight beer with no taste! I must have it!!”

    1. At least two people gave you a genuine answer. At the end of the day, it really is up to you to decide if a tablet is for you. Not much more they can say.

    2. Lemon Scented Douche.. if you don’t understand why you “need/want” things, then go back to school where they can teach you the basics of how to use your brain.

  3. I want one. Android it best OS. Only Asian makers can make good tablet. Even iPad it made in China, probably designed by Chinese too.

  4. wtf lol there always another tablet or phone that comes out!!! 

  5. The answer is: It depends…As a value proposition it’s poor since it basically replicates the functionality of your laptop.  But for certain activities tablets have added convenience and hence some added value, keep in mind value is subjective.  These activities today are mainly web browsing and media consumption, either videos, pictures or some type of formerly print media.  100% of tablet buyers already have a laptop, so they’re not replacing laptops they’re buying another screen.  I mostly consider them expensive toys, but even toys are useful.  The best example of home use is web browsing on your couch.  To me spending $500 to browse on the couch is not a good value, but for someone else it might be.  A better example, imo is media consumption while traveling.  If you’re on planes a lot then the portability of a tablet can be very appealing.  They take up less space than a laptop does on that fold down try and they generally have better battery life. 

    The next generation of tablets may be better able to tackle full applications.  We’ll know in 6 months time when Tegra3 is supposed to make it’s debut. 

  6. And it’s coming to AT&T. I can’t wait this will be better than the FLYER and EVO TABLET

  7. Well it’s June 28th and I haven’t heard an update yet.  Wonder what happened at the big event?

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