FYI: Yes, Peggle is Now Available from Amazon as a Free App of the Day


Seems a bit of you were skeptical about our report earlier of Peggle’s arrival at midnight pacific standard time on the Amazon Appstore today, questioning whether  we got our information from PopCap or just guesstimating. Welp, it’s there now. It’s also free. And it’s also very awesome. We hear folks on the Galaxy Tab are having problems playing it so be wary of that when you download. Otherwise, go and find it for free at Amazon today only. Sorry, folks – this is for USA only, as usual, until Amazon opens up to more countries. PopCap will be bringing the game to the Android market after two weeks’ time. Note: You need to be on WiFi in order to download this one. It clocks in at 74MB.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. lol, phone gaming.

    1. Peggle actually works pretty well on phones.

      1. i meant it towards the inevitable “WHY IS THIS ON AMAZON” mob

  2. Geofencing for the hell of it.  Sad.

  3. This game is stupid.

  4. Amazon will not allow you to download Peggle on a Xoom

    1. works on my iconia tablet just fine (and evo).  goofiness but fun.  have played it on ps3 and it gets pretty cool in deeper levels.

      1. Weird, says not compatible w/my Iconia

        1. If you downloaded on your phone already it should show up in “my apps” on your iconia in the amazon app…just click install

  5. Yay! Peggle is finally here. Now it seems like pretty much all of my favorite games are on Android now.

    1. Just wait for Cut The Rope coming this Friday! :D

  6. And tomorrow there will a post about how Peggle will be on the Amazon store for $2.99! *Smh*……

  7. Another 74MB bloated mess from PopCap. Seriously? Can someone please beat PopCap over the head with a cluestick and teach them how to write apps for Android?

    1. Meh. Move to SD card. It’s now 202kb. Problem solved. =)

  8. Pretty neat game.

  9. Reviews seem to confirm that this is yet another sub-par port. On the other hand, it’s still Peggle. What to do…

    1. It looks pretty legit to me. I didn’t like what they did with PvZ but this looks like a faithful port. 

  10. I wonder if this actually works on the Nexus One.  PvZ would just crash on the initial loading screen.  But seriously, 74MB for a phone game? I don’t think even the PC version of Peggle was that big.  PopCap is releasing shitty ports of really excellent games, but they honestly shouldn’t be surprised if Android isn’t a lucrative market for them after they dragged their feet for YEARS and then whined the entire time they were developing these.

    1. I was able to get both games to play on my N1 without a problem. Well, there was one problem on each…  they really aren’t as good as everyone makes them out to be. I’ve uninstalled both games after playing them for a little bit.

      1. I love both games. And they’re both wildly successful. 

        Of course, like any game, fun-factor is always subjective. Now, excuse me while I ride on my unicorn and rid the world of pegs one by one…

        1. yeah, i don’t see an issue with the size as it can be moved to sd card.

  11. downloaded it, not sure what the hype is about

    I was able to move it to the SD card, it’s about 200k now in size.

  12. Amazon won’t let me download because I don’t have payment information in my 1-click settings. Ummm tell me again why you need payment information for a free download… pass.

    1. Because Amazon is a stickler that wants you to have the option to buy things if and when you ever do feel like buying an app in the future.

      However, you will not be charged…. wait, have you never bought something from amazon? ever? a book? a CD? a gadget? you’ve never bought anything from amazon? chances are if you did, and you login with your amazon account, then they already have a Saved CC# you can use to easily buy stuff again with.

      But seriously, you don’t get charged when its a free app, you can even redownload it later on your 2nd phone or tablet if you login for free again.

      1. I do this frequently, both my wife and I login with my Amazon account and download the apps to our phones. 

      2. Sure I’ve bought stuff from Amazon, but I don’t use their 1-click purchase process, it makes it too easy for things to be purchased in error and/or haste.

        I don’t understand why for this particular app I need to have 1-click purchase information when I’ve downloaded other stuff from the app store with no issues.

        And beyond that, free is free.. you don’t need my credit card info for something that’s free. I’ve emailed Amazon asking for an explanation but have received nothing back.

  13. Rainbows, unicorns and extreme fever…  all over a dressed up game from the counter at Burger King? Uninstalled.

  14. This is my 2nd favorite phone game, next to Tiny Wings… they NEED to come out with it for Android

    1. download MoonChaser

  15. If anyone is interested I’ve created an Amazon Free App Reminder app. Each day at your specified time the app will check the Amazon Appstore and give you a notification in your status bar. Right now it will include the App Name, Developer, and normal price for the app. Clicking on the notification will open the Appstore for you to download it.

    I created the app because I constantly forgot to check the Appstore. This way I get information about the app and I can decide if I want it before opening the Appstore.

    It’s available on the Android Market for $.99. Follow the link below. I hope posting this isn’t against the rules here but I thought some of you might want to know.

    Cody (RaueSoft Development)

  16. Peggle, Y U NO XOOM?!

    1. ahh, got it on the Xoom… had to get it first on my DInc… once there, it will show up on the amazon list of ‘owned apps’ – able to install to the tablet at that point

  17. Wifi only download? What the freak is this, Apple and AT&T?!?

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