Apps of the Day: WakeVoice, Professor Lexicon and More


Run out of cool applications to check out? Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered with another handful of apps and games we think are worth your time. First of all, activating ANYTHING using your voice is cool, so when you can tell your alarm to “shut the $%@* up” and it actually listens, it just makes us love technology that much more. Paint Commander will help you find your inner Picasso, but don’t expect to produce anything nearly as good. All that and more are below.

Professor Lexicon – Ready for some wordplay? Professor Lexicon tests your tendency towards verbosity by assigning four words a day, the point being to see how often you can use the hard-to-pronounce words in your everyday life. We really like the fun, social concept of challenging those with the app to deploy the day’s words in normal speech, but the app doesn’t provide all that easy of a way to track word use. Still, we can’t knock the Professor for stretching our vocabulary. It’s $0.99 in the Android Market. [Market]

An’Brain Shortcutter – Now this is one cool app. An’Brain aims to give your Android phone a brain, sort of. The application “suite” currently consists of a smart widget called Shortcutter, which creates shortcuts to the apps and contacts that you call upon most often. The twist? The app is location sensitive, so the shortcuts will shift depending on your location. See if your work day consists of productivity tools or time wasters. $2.14 is the price for the full version, but if that seems a bit steep a Lite version is available as well. [Paid | Free]

Paint Commander – Despite its name, Paint Commander is not some Wii-style mashup combining painting with commanding an army into battle or anything like that. Instead, it is a simple yet robust app designed to flex the creative muscles of the young, old, inexperienced, and experienced alike. You choose a brush, use your finger to paint, and save your masterpieces for upload to various sharing sites. You might want to check out the free ad-supported version before plopping down $1.99 for the full version. [Paid | Free]

WakeVoice – Wake up in the morning, reach over for your phone, struggle to hit the snooze button because there’s just too much gunk in your eye – those are the downfalls of not having a voice-activated alarm clock. That’s why WakeVoice exists, an alarm application that allows you to take action on that buzzing nuisance using nothing but the shout of your voice. You can set specific commands to do certain things, so shouting “stop” will stop the alarm, and “snooze” would delay it for another 10 or so minutes. There’s a lot more to it than that, but you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. [Paid | Free]

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  1. I would never wake up to my alarm because I’d just shut if off and fall back asleep.  So I placed it across the room so I have to get up to turn it off.  That said, I should NEVER download WakeVoice.  XD

  2. WakeVoice just hit the version 3, it’s a soooo great app now! ;)

  3. Ye gods, Kevin… “all that easy of a way?” Don’t you write for a living?
    Try “an easy way,” it’s how we say it in English.

    Maybe somebody needs to create Professor Grammar.

    1. and since you’re being such a dick, you’re supposed to put your commas and question marks AFTER your quotations!  If you’re going to correct somebodys grammer and writing skillz, maybe you should learn to write yourself troll!  (you can quote me on that!)

      1. Says the guy that started his paragraph with “and”!  Lower case even!  I am no grammar whiz by any stretch of the imagination, but allow me to give you a gift. Please take this apostrophe ‘ as a token of my appreciation.  Now go out into the world and use it wisely, my friend!

      2. Perhaps if you’d paid as much attention to grammar in school as you’ve spent thinking about dicks, you’d have learned that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. Maybe Kev will loan you his Professor Grammar when he’s done with it. In the meanwhile, here is a quick reference even you might understand:

  4. Grammar police must lead sad lonely lives!  Effn pathetic!

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