[Update] Wordsmith Disappears From Android Market, Developer Pointing Folks to Amazon


Don’t look now, but Wordsmith is gone from the Android market. We’re not sure why – we’ve contacted the developers to figure that out. We just wanted to let you guys know. Amazon is the only place to grab the game for now and the developers, Second Breakfast Studios, have scrubbed nearly all mentions of the words “Android market” from their website (save for a short review by one of their market users, of course). We’ll update you folks with the full story when it comes in. [Thanks Jamie!]

[Update]: That was quick, wasn’t it? We’ve just gotten word from Second Breakfast that it was Google’s doing. The reasoning can be found below, along with alternative markets for everyone to download the game until the issue is resolved.

Wordsmith was taken down by Google due to Hasbro filing a DMCA takedown notice. We are working to try and get it back in the Market. Yes, we plan to get it back in the Market it just might take some time. Wordsmith free is also available on Handster since Amazon is US only. We’ve redirected the website links to Amazon so they weren’t dead links until we can get resolved.

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  1. This is just what we need. Developers making it necessary to have two different sources for our apps.

    1. Hasbro is the reason not the developer.  Besides I guess they have a pretty legit claim on the copryright, Words with friends is pretty much online Scrabble right?

      1. I agree, but why is WordFeud, Word Breaker, Word Master Free still in the Market? Makes no sense Are they that different from Scrabble? 

        1. Maybe not as popular and Hasbro hasn’t noticed. I didn’t know about any of those.

          1. Words with friends is one of the most popular Scrabble type games out there, especially on iOS products. I’m sure Hasbro would notice that.

      2. You can’t copyright gameplay.  As far as I can tell, Wordsmith uses no Hasbro images or trademarks, either.  It wouldn’t stand up in court.  

  2. Any reason to prefer this one over Wordfeud? Went to wordfeud when trying to play Words With Friends was frustrating due to stupid bugs, and pretty happy with wordfeud…

    1. Wordsmith allows 2 to 4 players in a game, also I believe there is some sort of stats profile. I have never personally played it but that’s what I had read…

  3. Hopefully this is a sign that an Android version of Scrabble isn’t far away, or is at least in the pipeline. That’s the last app I’m waiting for that is IOS available. The weird offline version available from EA doesn’t cut it or me, neithe does Words with Friends.

  4. So that’s another interesting use of the DMCA. Who knew that a board game has source code that you could copy?

  5. i’ve never even heard of this one and yet it’s been killed before Wordfeud and Words with Friends.. interesting..
    Does the scoring method differ from the others that makes it too similar to Scrabble?

  6. Sucks for us AT&T people who can’t get to the amazon market without rooting our phones….

  7. I am confused by this as well I don’t understand how Hasbro can take this game down but not take down Words with Friends. 

    Unless Hasbro is going after the smaller developers who wont be able to battle them in court

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