Win $7,000 In Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Video Contest


These are always good fun. In an all out marketing blitz, Samsung is throwing a video contest for their recently released and uber sexy, Galaxy Tab 10.1. The rules are simple. All you have to do is make a quick 60 second video creatively displaying how you would use their new Honeycomb tablet in your digitally active life. In a board meeting? At a football game? Use it to cut cheese?

Samsung will then vote on who’s video they feel is best and award one lucky grand prize winner with $7,000 in cold hard cash. Don’t forget, there’s also a $500 cash prize for scoring #1 in the Voter’s Choice Award. I still find it ironic that the Galaxy Tab itself wasn’t mentioned anywhere as a prize (but I supposed you could always buy one with 7 G’s burning a hole in your pocket). For full details and contest rules contest rules hit up the source link below and good luck!

Are there any Phandroid readers who are considering entering into this contest? Comment below with a link and maybe you’ll score a few extra votes. I would enter but I’m known for being very camera shy.

[Via Samsung]

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  1. I’ll make a video telling them to not f*ck up honeycomb with touchwiz like they are doing with their 8.9″ tab, I’ll also show them it can cut cheese.

    1. The Tab is already out and its stock Honeycomb, dawg =)

      1. Yes, but they plan on adding touchwiz in a future update. That is a fact :/

        1. its and OPTIONAL update. Meaning if you dont want it you wont have to get it.

  2. I already made one and won 1st prize.  Contest is over.  You should get the announcement sometime tomorrow. 

    1. Damn. You’re good. o_O

  3. Link is busted

    1. That’s not all that busted ;)

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