Jun 20th, 2011

Well, that’s clever. Lookout Mobile Security posted on their blog today on a new type of malware targeting Android users via advertisements. The malware is dubbed GGTracker. What’s unique about this malware is that the app isn’t actually found in the Android Market but instead through in-app ads. Sneaky. Upon clicking the ad, you will be taken to a webpage mimicking the Android Market and from there entices you to install a “Battery Saving” app or an adult “Sexy Pics” app. Once either app is installed, the app will sign you up for premium SMS services like “Find Your Jersey Shore Name” (mine was The Salivation) which you may not notice til your next phone bill.

I know most people out there will say, “If you’re dumb enough to install an app from a webpage, blah, blah, blah..” that doesn’t really take into account all the thousands of new Android users who may not be aware of how this stuff works (or that malware even exists on their phone).

As is always the case, Lookout’s wants you to know that you could prevent malware and trojans such as this by installing their mobile security app — or you could exercise a littl bit of caution, common sense and disable the side-loading of apps in your phone’s settings. I don’t think Mom really cares to know what her crush’s name is via SMS.

[Via Lookout]

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