Twidroyd Reaches Version 6.0


The folks at UberMedia, who bought Twidroyd a while back, have announce an upgrade to one of the first and most popular Twitter applications for Android. It’s not at 6.0, a major version increase, and has gotten a ton of new features in the process. Look no further than the changelog below for those goods. In short, it’s freaking awesome and you might want to update ASAP. If you don’t already have Twidroyd, give it a try and see if you like it. Find it in the Android market.

  • new: navigate in twidroyd with the awesome and fully customizable UberBar (w00t!)
  • new: new login method to support twitter’s web based oAuth workflow
  • new: (awesome) app Icon
  • new: option to show exact timestamp
  • new: verified user icon
  • new: when replying to a retweet, compose window will be prefilled with the user name of the person who retweeted
  • new: ask before discarding a tweet
  • new: added indicator bubble for outbox
  • new: auto-shorten option for tweets > 140 chars (off by default)
  • new: more font size options
  • new: selectable locations for trending topics
  • new: viewer for search results
  • new: send, attach and shorten button to the top of the compose screen
  • new: support
  • new: back button history for tabs
  • new: image view, comments, votes for images
  • new: native retweets included in list of tweets in profile view
  • new: insert username/hashtag at cursor position
  • fix: app crash when attempting to mute hash tags that have been extracted from timeline
  • fix: @mention at cursor position
Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yep. Saw this earlier this morning. Great update. I like how you can finally customize the (horribly named) UberBar. This is prob one of the best twitter apps out there for Android. There are a nut ton to choose from, but after trying MANY DIFFERENT ONES for long periods of time, this is by far my fav.

  2. New app icon not so awesome. :p

  3. moved to twicca after twidroyd just became too cumbersome and the whole ‘insert hashtag username’ in the right place – man, it took 6 major versions to get to that?

    Hrrm.  Will try it again then.

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