Samsung and Apple Attempting to Squash Patent Dispute


Apple and Samsung are in talks to settle their ongoing patent shenanigans out of court, according to new reports. The iPhone makers claim that several Samsung devices blatantly copy Apple’s designs and infringe upon patents has grown to include a handful of new phones and tablets after Apple requested an early look at upcoming and newly released products. Samsung responded with their own requests to see Apple’s next-gen iPhone and iPad hardware, though Apple denied them that satisfaction.

Apple’s attorney in the whole ordeal has informed the judge that executives from both sides have been meeting in an attempt to resolve their differences. Central to these talks may be Apple’s reliance on Samsung for their mobile displays, a business partnership that could sour if the battle continues without an amicable resolution.

[via BGR]

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  1. Every time i see an iphone i ask is that the Samsung Vibrant??

    1. You win an internet today. 

    2. LOL!!

  2. Samsung pulled Apple’s punk card because they know that Samsung’s design was around way before any iPod Touch or iPhone.  Serioiusly, check out some of Samsung’s ‘Feature Phones’.  They were around way before any iPod Touch or iPhone.

    Apple realizes this now and want to bury the hatchet before they get served their ‘just desserts’ in court.
    See what I did there (Android reference)?

    1. LoL!! I get it. But I won’t spoil it. I’ll see if anybody else can get it too. LoL!!

  3. I wonder who’ll “win” this one.

    1. The lawyers.  Meanwhile, the consumers will get screwed with higher prices (either on the phones, customer service, accessories, or all of the above) from whomever the potential loser is.  

      1.  as an attorney i approve of this message

      2. Hehe I hope the next iPhone is like 700 dollars and sucks so no one buys it :D

        1. there are many less chances of that

        2. The last one did so why should the next be any different. Even if you have to hold it betweeen the pinkies on both hands and dial with your nose to get a good signal people will still que to but it.

  4. I hate how they always pick the one piece that looks like iOS on the Samsung to emphasize their point. Why not show the home screen of the two devices instead.

    1. It actually takes a lot of effort to create that effect too.
      Remove the background. Remove all your widgets.. then over load your home screen with icons. Then, ya.. you have something similar to Samsung’s original UI on their dumb phones… and the iPhone.

      1. Or, just press the Applications button from the home screen. (Which I never use on my Vibrant since I have such awesome widgets – Folder Organizer FTW)

  5. I hate iphones, androids are way better, I hope apple goes out of business so only android exists, everyone who buys iphones are mindless sheep, next apple is gonna say that they invented the internet lol, samsung didnt copy apple because apple stinks, nothing they do is original, iphones are for dumb people.

    Isnt that clever and original?

  6. Who DIDN’T see this coming?

    But the territory pissing game will continue.

  7. lol i knew this would come around eventually 

  8. Hey people, go easy on Apple, they invented the “color” white lately. They deserve some respect.

  9. Nooooooooo!

    I wanted to see Samsung make a smoking crater of Apple!  Samsung had countersued in three countries.

    I was hoping the ITC would grant both companies’ requests to impound and destroy each other’s phones.  Samsung is gigantically huge enough to withstand such business disruption (TV’s, consumer electronics, washer/dryers, industrial gantry cranes, light bulbs, jet engines, etc.)  Apple, hopefully, would not be able to withstand such business disruption.

    Also, now that Samsung’s new plant is opening, Samsung will be able to fill worldwide demand for OLED displays.  That way all phones will have OLED displays — except Apple.


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