Nope, That’s Not a Papercut – My DROID Incredible 2 Cut Me [Video]


Something I didn’t mention in my review of the DROID Incredible 2 is that the device has some seriously sharp raised edges. So sharp, in fact, that it can cut through small pieces of rope. Watch along as these folks put it to the test. It won’t cut a tree down, but it’s a handy tool if you need to get rid of some loose string on your clothing. Incredible, eh? [Thanks Sami!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Don’t Worry About Ripping the Battery Door Off of the Samsung Galaxy S II – It Won’t Break [Video]

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  1. So does this have potential of really cutting your or will it only work when you force it to?

    1. I have an Incredible S which is the same as a Droid Incredible 2 and I ran my finger across the edges/sides with no cut on my finger. The edges/sides are slightly raised with creates a cliff but the sides are not sharp.

  2. Incredible S != Incredible 2…..right?

  3. Just what I wanted! Smart phones that replace pocket knives!

  4. Cutting edge technology!

  5. And apparently just having the phone instills enough strength in you to just rip the tags off too…

  6. obviously you were holding it wrong

  7. moronic

  8. I call BS. My DINC2 has no sharp edges. 

  9. Kept hoping for a shot of that chick’s rack.

  10. People like this are the reason everything needs safety edges & padding. I have had an Incredible2 for a month now, & I can’t even find where you’d cut yourself. What’s next, a helmet with a chin strap so you don’t hurt yourself when you slam the phone against the side of your head?

  11. Big deal. My first cell phone raped me. 

    1. Mine does every month.

      1. I’m on verizon. I’ll start being raped in a couple months after the tiered data.

  12. Another example of DROID DOES.

  13. Are these the same people that were cutting cheese with the Palm Pre? Obviously these people don’t know the primary purpose of a smart phone . . .

  14. Now thats what I call an “all in one” device!

  15. Now if this phone existed when homeboy from “27 Hours” had to do the unthinkable to his arm..it would have saved him so much time lol!

  16. Another Motorola screwup. They can’t do anything right lately. 4 months after the Attic release and we’re still waiting for 1080p video support and Gingerbread. Stupid stupid company Motorola.

    1. If only Motorola made this phone.

  17. fucking gorilla glass… how does it work? 

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