Vizio’s 8-inch Tablet Shipping From Walmart in 6 Weeks?


We’re not exactly sure how many heads Vizio’s 8-inch Android tablet will turn with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 coming out, but they are looking to bring their tablet out in about a month and a half. That’s if this leak from Engadget is to be believed, anyway.

This isn’t a Honeycomb affair, unfortunately, but Vizio’s customized the tablet to fit in with their Via Plus ecosystem. Users will be able to use the same apps from their Vizio VIA televisions on their stuff. Pretty interesting stuff, if I do say so myself. CES was the last look we got at Vizio’s Android-enabled wares so things may have changed a bit since. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You address the lack of Honeycomb, I think the next most important thing here is cost. Hope their not planning to try ride VIA gimmick as an excuse to keep the price high.. otherwise this will end up to be another underwhelming lost in the crowd device.

    1. I thought Vizio was always known to be a better value at retail?

      1. Value?  Yes.  Quality?  No way.  Though this might be okay, I know I wouldn’t touch their TV’s with a 10 foot extension cord.

        1. Their TV’s are among the highest rated by consumers. So you’re opinion has zero credibilty.

          1. Since we don’t even know each other (do we?), you can’t really say whether I have credibility or not.  They may very well have some good reviews out there, but they are cheap for a reason, they cut costs, and their tv;’s suffer for it. Look at the amount of refurbs out there, most I see are Vizio’s, that says they have issues with quality control, to me at least.  One thing too, it’s generally not too cool to get personal, especially with people you don’t know.

          2. I’ve had a 55″ for 3 years.  It was half what the equivalent (120hz, 55″, #hdmi, etc.) sony would have cost at the time.  The picture is great – better than the sony by a # of reviews.  The sound… eh kinda sucks – no, it really sucks.  I would however buy another in a heartbeat. 

          3. “They cut costs, and their TV’s
            suffer.”  So … um. . . what your saying is that because it costs
            more it must be better?  I bet you walked around in grade school telling
            all the other kids that your “Girbaud jeans”  jeans were so much
            better that their “levi’s” jeans because they cost more. My education
            must be better than yours because I am sure it cost more than yours. Now
            if only I could get ride of this debt. . . .

          4. Maybe there are more refurbs because they have sold many more units?  I wonder what the stats are.  It would be interesting to compare apples to apples.

          5. Dude, we are arguing on a friggin Android website comment section.  There is NOTHING cool about that!

          6. That’s because most consumers cannot tell you the first thing about HDtv quality.  =) Most are coming from a prior SDtv and the picture looks good to them. You don’t see qualified people on avsforums bragging about their new Visio television.

    2. Ships with 2.2 and will update with Honeycomb when “vizio considers it a stable update.”   Vizio states that it has simplified the android user interface.  Seems like it comes with a lot of specs for $349.

  2. Don’t have the dough then get a Vizio! 

  3. Quentyn, they used to be known for their better value at retail. Then they became so extremely popular so fast now they cost nearly as much as the more high end manufacturers do. Their TVs run as much as Sonys now.

  4. It’s all about the price.  If the price is right and it isn’t at the expense of making it a steaming pile of crap people will buy it

  5. What about the price?  This article means NOTHING without at least some hint at price.  Price is everything.

    1. $349 as per Walmart signage

  6. its a $350 tablet people. relax. these devices arent one size fits all. which is why we like android over OTHER os’s. to each his own.


    samsung 10.1 ftw!

  7. I own 2 Vizio TVs. A 32 inch and a 42 inch LED. Both have been superb. Now the Vizio BluRay player was a steaming pile of crap but as Meatloaf says 2 out of 3 aint bad. 

  8. Yes I work at a Wal Mart Store in Elec Dept. we already have the Acer Android tablet 449.00. And we just set up our Vizio HONEYCOMB tablet accessories on shelf already. Can’t wait to see it.and I will post pictures on here when available.

  9. Happy with my Vizio TV, got it for a great price.  This is too expensive.  Until a good tablet comes out for < $200, I'm sticking with my netbook.

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