Jun 17th, 2011

Last week I was in LA for the world’s biggest gaming convention otherwise known as E3. While there was a ton of great console games from the usual big players, I was surprised to see mobile games making a presence as well. T-Mobile was on the showroom floor offering up free food and games with their Tegra 2 Cafe brought to you by Nvidia and LG. Besides all the glitz and glam of games like Shadow Gun, there was another game that stood out among the crowd simply by its personality and unique gameplay mechanic.

The game is called Sprinkle and it was developed by two (handsome) Swedish men, Dennis Gustafsson and Henrik Johansson, collectively known as Mediocre. Ironically, the game is anything but “mediocre” and if its 2 things I know, it’s hair — and video games. A demo version of the game was given to us exclusively for our readers here at Phandroid and I have uploaded an entire video walkthrough of the game (above) so you can see the magic that is Sprinkle.

You’re on an alien planet and some careless space tourists (most likely American) hit a meteor belt, causing flaming meteors to fall and set your villages ablaze. Armed with your handy makeshift firetruck, its your job to put out these fires on your once peaceful planet. The real spotlight lies not in the story but the fantastic water physics Mediocre has come up with to solve all the puzzles and challenges in the game.

Gameplay is simple. Using water physics, you have to solve puzzles by creating pools of water, pushing objects and/or redirecting water flow to save burning huts before time runs out. But really, that is easier said, then done. I can’t tell you how many attempts it took me to finally complete the 3rd level.

What it really comes down to is the guys at Mediocre have come up with a truly unique game that appeals to all ages and genders offering something truly different in an app market filled with soundboards and jumpy games. There’s no denying the personality of Sprinkle highlighted by the great graphics, sounds and gameplay. I can say, without a doubt, that this game will shine when it is finally released in the Android Market, August 5th.

[Via Mediocre]