WiFi Motorola XOOM Gets Google Videos App for Movie Streaming


When Google’s new movie rentals and accompanying app were announced at this year’s I/O developers conference, the Motorola XOOM was announced as one of the first Android devices to receive streaming of rentals from the Android Market. The Google Videos (formerly Movies) app came to carrier-branded XOOM tablets along with the Android 3.1 update, but the same OS upgrade did not enable the app on WiFi-only versions of the slate. Motorola confirmed that the omission was intentional. Today that changes, as the app has been updated to include support of the WiFi XOOM.

The app still won’t work with rooted XOOMs, and unlikely ever will. If you don’t fall into that category, head over to the Android Market link below to grab Google Videos for your tablet now.

Android Market Link: Google Videos

[via Electronista]

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  1. Followed the link and Google Market says I have no compatible devices.  I have  Xoom Wifi 3.1.  I’ll give it a little more time

    1. Same here. Doesn’t work.

      UPDATE: Looks like the app automatically showed up in My Apps as wanting to update, but nothing happens when I click update.

      1. Ihave a rooted xoom with 3.1 and movies app works just fine.

        1. Try to actually buy and stream a movie.

      2. Same here. Showed up in my Apps, won’t install, just sitting there taunting me…

        1. Works now, as of Friday morning, June 17.

      3. I had to click update multiple times before it finally allowed me to download the app. Seems odd, but it finally worked. Now they need to update the market app as the movies tab is not available yet. Can rent movies via the browser but you can tell the Xoom would rather be working through the market (keeps suggesting the market app even though it doesn’t work when tried).

    2. when i click on the link above it says its already installed but I cannot find it under My Apps. Any suggestions?

  2. If you try to rent movies from the Android market on the computer it says ” Support for Xoom Wi-Fi and phones coming soon.”

  3. Please note this update is only for the 3% of the worlds population that is american.

    The other 97% of us aren’t important enough.

    1.  Is someone talking? Nope, nobody here. For a second there I thought I heard something. Must just be the wind.


      1. Americur FUCK YEAH!!! Coming again to save the mother fucking day yeah. Americur FUCK YEAH!!! Freedom is the only way yeah

        1. that is forever burned into my mind thanks to

    2. I imagine that the biggest problem would be the licensing for international release.

  4. Apk?

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  6. Rich in Motorola Xoom News and Global events, the Xoom Community provides a
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  7. Here in Canada we are still waiting for the 3.1 update let alone the video rental features.

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