Oracle Wants “Billions of Dollars” From Google for Patent Infringements, Fails to Explain Why


In the ongoing legal between Google and Sun Microsystems-owned Oracle, the latter has striked back. Their latest antics see them sticking to their guns on the eight or so patents infringed upon by Google, and even offering up a rough figure for Google to pay in a potential settlement or decision by the courts. That figure? In the “billions of dollars”, claimed Oracle. A spokeswoman for Google fired back with the following:

“Oracle’s ‘methodology’ for calculating damages is based on fundamental legal errors and improperly inflates their estimates.”

And it does seem that way. In their official claim, Oracle didn’t even give a clear range in dollars, simply stating that it was in the “billions”. They neglected to detail how they came up with that outrageous window. Ironic because Oracle’s whole argument against Google in this instance is that they think Google shouldn’t be able to redact documents summarizing what they believe Oracle’s claims are valued at, their views on the Oracle-Sun acquisition and more.

I won’t pretend to know who’s in the right or wrong here, but I do know that Oracle, in this document, sounds like nothing more than bickering children looking to do whatever and say whatever to get their piece of the Android pie. They fail to detail why they believe they are owed billions, and are complaining that Google’s holding back précis at the same time. How does that make sense at all? Yea, I don’t think it does, either. [via LA Times]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Because they hired the underpants gnomes.

  2. Our legal system is so fundamentally flawed… -.-

  3. Greedy oracle…

  4. From the article above:
    >Their latest antics see them sticking to their guns on the eight or so patents infringed upon by Google, and even offering up a rough figure for Google to pay in a potential settlement or decision by the courts.
    Small correction… “allegedly infringed”… not infringed.  And at that the patents will go through a reduction of claims before the case starts so not all the claims of each patent will be used to determine infringement. 

  5. dont like POPUP ads when i visit a site phandroid wont be using site again POPUP ads are the no1 most annoying advertisment… goodbye

    1. Add blocker plus

    2. they dont use popups as far as i can tell, just google way off target adds :P.
      perhaps you’ve got something lingering in your temporary internet files
      or you’re an idiot.

    3. What else do you expect on a phandriod site. It is the place where google tests the limits of advertising annoyance on its faithful fandriod zombies.

      1. yea, what else do you expect on a phandroid site. it is the place where apple idiot fanboys go to wag their short sticks around, while the android army takes over.

        good luck sam

    4. there’s still ads on the internet? abp all the way…

    5. Sounds like you need to switch to Chrome

    6. invest in a add blocking program such as Add Blocker or Add Muncher, sheech!! Have never seen add one with Add Muncher.

  6. As per the first line of the Article “Sun Microsystems- owned Oracle”

    You do realize Oracle owns Sun, and not the other way around?

    1. Wow, I’d missed that. That really is quite a large error.

    2. It is because th phandriods are so angry that some one caught google red handed that they have lost their senses in rage

      1. it is because the apple fan boys are so angry that someone is making more efficient phones they they have lost their senses in rage

        1. “someone is making more efficient phones”

          Care tell me who this someone is who is making more efficient phones. Wake up and smell the coffee fandriod, Iphone is still the most efficient phone in any technical sense.

          1. It is true… Apple has found a way to give users as little control over their experience as possible, avoid things like having to make their phones customizable in any fashion and still charge top dollar to both the users and the developers for the “right” to use their products… Apple is certainly the most efficient at picking the pockets of all for the least amount of effort out there.

  7. Oracle is just ticked off cause one of the largest companies on the planet (google) has no use for their bloated DB products or their Sun HW.

  8. Why?
    well because of DukeNukem’s, erhm Larry Ellison gigantic ego… once boosted, it brings hitpoints…

  9. Hopefully people responsible for buying Oracle Products are happy Android users, so if oracle is trying to destroy Android, let’s just put them in the where they deserve. In the trash!! sorry Sun, I think your boss is against the Open Source community.

  10. Can’t Oracle just die, like SCO did?

    Google really should have bought Sun, wouldve been better for everyone.

    1. There was a really good possibility that IBM was going to buy Sun.  This would have been good for Sun’s various properties, except perhaps NetBeans.  During due diligence it turned out top Sun execs had ‘AIG sized’ golden parachutes.  This didn’t bother Oracle because Sun marketed itself with a big “Sue Google!” sign on its back.

  11. I love cyber-shakedowns. I’ts also a lot more legal than just threatening business owners with hired goons.

  12. Who cares what they want. They could even ask for trillions. They remind me of when RIAA said Limewire needs to pay them $75 trillion (no joke). The only difference is that Oracle isn’t even going to win this case.

    1. Are you a patent litigation expert? Not that I would like to Oracle win but how do you know it isn’t going to or Google is going to?

  13. I too want “Billions of Dollars” from Google for no reason. Do you think I have a decent chance?

    1. I’d settle for a couple hundred mil in Venture Capital from Google.

  14. I want to sue them as well; and I refuse to say why. there; anyone else?

  15. To be fair, I’m sure if asked, everyone here would say they want billions of dollars from Google too.

  16. As a former Oracle employee, current Oracle expert, and simply a friend of many former Sun employees, I’m deeply ashamed of these Oracle’s claims. I thought, the company who’s been letting use their software free of charge for ages (learning or personal use) would be the closes friend of Google in all Android endeavors. But it looks like they bought Sun only to claim billionsome damages from widely accepted development platform. I remember not so long ago, when they were separate, Oracle was all about “do it in Java”, “dotNet sucks”, bla-bla. Now you suck, Oracle. Although I make my living off of your products, and Google only let’s me spend my money easier ;) I’m all for Google and millions of other devs, who may be trapped should the precedent set in this particular case.

  17. struck, not striked (note the red squigglies in your text editor)

  18. “Oracle Wants “Billions of Dollars” From Google for Patent Infringements, Fails to Explain Why”

    How bout because YOU STOLE OUR CODE !!!

    1. How about you point out which code is copied

      and please for the love of god dont post any damn open source code, because my poor heart couldnt take it

      1. The proof is in the court right now and you couldn’t wait for the verdict before condemning Oracle

  19. Actually Oracle should just push for getting the ownership of Andriod and then kill it for good.

    1. You sir are guilty of douchebaggery.

      1. Jaymonster,
        Remember it is Apple that about the Smartphone revolution and then the Tablet revolution. For 2-3 years all the establised phone manufacturers played catchup and no one can still make a tablet that can compete with ipad.

        And btw if you really want to debate on facts than you need to put a little effort to get the facts. Google ” Google looses Linux patent lawsuit” and once you get the facts, you should realize your fallacies  and that it is you who comes up with half assed rhetoric. Now you can eat a humble pie to detox yourself from google koolaid.

        And look at you, you accuse me of name calling but your post is full of name calling.


    2. What’s up with the increasing anti google and anti android comments on the site? If you people dislike android so much, stop visiting a site focused on it. 

      do you really have that boring of a life that you randomly go to sites focused on products you hate just to troll.  take up knitting or something douche

      1. I am no apple fanboy but I am so pissed off with the anti-apple bigotry of Andriod fans that I though it might be a good idea to give them a taste of their own medicine.

        If Andriod is good then you good for you and andriod, but why is this site full of articles trying to put down apple.

        The attitude of Andriod fans makes me hate Andriod. If you want me to stop posting on this site you need to take down anti-apple hate from this site

        1. OMG… there are people that have Android phones that hate Apple!  How DARE they!  Speaking only for myself, I’ve hated Apple long before Android came along with their joke of an eco-system that was only designed to quell innovation and extract every last dollar they could from their loyal user base.  Hell, if Bill Gates and Microsoft didn’t save their sorry asses to ensure there was a “competing” desktop, there wouldn’t even be an Apple, Inc by now.

          The company doesn’t innovate, they steal, and their proud of it.  Their CEO knows arroagance like few others, and loves to tought what their users need and don’t need, and makes fun of the competition… right up until he steals from them,  There is nothing in iOS 5 that was shown off that wasn’t taken from some other company.  Whether it was features taken from WP7 (Integrated Viewfinder tool), Android (notifications) and even one of their own developers (CameraPlus, which got pulled from the market for using the volume rocker as a zoom control, then they take the idea and integrate it themselves). 

          To me this is a company that is to be reviled more than few other (perhaps Oracle… but it is close) not revered.  You want to see positive articles, go see TUAW, don’t expect it from a community that Steve Jobs spends entirely too much time bashing.

          1. While Apple sells products to its customers google sells its
            customers to products. Android dorks are like religious zealots who resort to
            logical fallacies to prove their religion is better. IOS is a much more mature
            and stable platform than Android and therefore does everything  better than any Android phone. And most loosers
            buy an Android just because it is cheaper and no other reason. Besides isn’t
            Andriod just an illegal piracy of  Linux
            and Java and Iphone UI? People who really care about open source should hate Android
            just for the reason that it steals credit from Linux and Java communities.
            Google fans make no mention of the fact that it remotely reads users mail and
            serves up ads that are correlated to the content.
            Like that? I don’t. But then as Google’s Eric Schmidt put it, if you have
            nothing to hide, why are you averse to having your personal files read by all
            and sundry? Had someone asked Schmidt if he was willing to sleep with his
            partner in public, he probably would have backed down – but then the Google
            faithful only stand in awe when such pronouncements are made. For them, Google
            can do no wrong. Even when it sends Google
             Street cars
            to steal personal information from unsuspecting wifi users. Google has criminal
            charges filed against it for this.

            Actually the only people who love Andriod are those who love to steal music and

            applications and find it difficult to do that on IOS and therefore complain
            that it is a closed platform. Apple promotes innovation and rewards its
            innovative developers, who have made billions while Andriod developers make
            next to nothing.

            Andriod is a platform by the thieves, of the thieves and for the thieves.

          2. In typical Fanboy fashion you make claims that have at best a little truth to them, but in many cases are just plain bull.

            Yes, it is true that Google is an advertising company.  The only thing keeping Apple from doing the same is the (so far) utter failure of the iAds platform to garner the serious traction that was expected when they launched it.  Oh, that’s right… iAds are OK, because they are going to be “interactive” and you won’t even notice that they are tracking that information, because you are gonna want that ad.

            Yes, Apple is a mature platform.  One that hasn’t innovated but been playing catchup for the past 2 versions.  “Nobody needs copy and paste on a mobile phone.”  Then, look it finally comes (about 2 years late), “You don’t need to multi-task on a cell phone”  Oh, look, now we have (pseudo) multi-tasking.  Nobody in the Apple camp questions when Steve Jobs declares something “magical” that Apple does… that is already being done by everybody else… because they are too busy drinking the Kool-Aide.  Has Eric Schmidt said some stupid things… without a doubt.  Perhaps that is why he is no longer CEO.  Has Steve Jobs said some stupid stuff.  Most certainly… but don’t ask an Apple fan, they didn’t notice.  So even if you are right about Android fans, it is at best, the pot calling the kettle black.

            Yes, Oracle is suing Google (ummm… what Linux company is suing?  Oh, that’s right… none, because it is open source… imagine that).  While Google and Oracle are still sorting things out… exactly how much money did Apple have to pay Nokia for infringmement?  Oh, that’s right… so much money that it actually going to have a “positive financial impact” on their second quarter earnings.  

            Please… stop with the pirate bullS–t.  I give you facts, you come up with half assed rhetoric.  Are their people who steal music using Android?  Of course.  Are their people doing with Apple?  Of course.  But do I think that everybody that “jailbreaks” their iPhone is a theif? No.  But of course, if I use you logic, that should be my conclusion, correct?

            You want to debate actual facts, I’d be happy to do so, you want to keep calling names, well, I will ignore you for the troll you are then.

    3. Actually, Apple shouldve given up a long time ago when they started realizing their semi decent products (this is all typed on a macbook pro, which i enjoy) were breeding lifeless idiots

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