Jun 16th, 2011

In the ongoing legal between Google and Sun Microsystems-owned Oracle, the latter has striked back. Their latest antics see them sticking to their guns on the eight or so patents infringed upon by Google, and even offering up a rough figure for Google to pay in a potential settlement or decision by the courts. That figure? In the “billions of dollars”, claimed Oracle. A spokeswoman for Google fired back with the following:

“Oracle’s ‘methodology’ for calculating damages is based on fundamental legal errors and improperly inflates their estimates.”

And it does seem that way. In their official claim, Oracle didn’t even give a clear range in dollars, simply stating that it was in the “billions”. They neglected to detail how they came up with that outrageous window. Ironic because Oracle’s whole argument against Google in this instance is that they think Google shouldn’t be able to redact documents summarizing what they believe Oracle’s claims are valued at, their views on the Oracle-Sun acquisition and more.

I won’t pretend to know who’s in the right or wrong here, but I do know that Oracle, in this document, sounds like nothing more than bickering children looking to do whatever and say whatever to get their piece of the Android pie. They fail to detail why they believe they are owed billions, and are complaining that Google’s holding back précis at the same time. How does that make sense at all? Yea, I don’t think it does, either. [via LA Times]

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