Moon Chaser Requires the Art of Controlling Gravity [Game Review]


Moon Chaser is described as a running game, and while the running isn’t as flashy as, say, parkour, there’s still some skill needed to trek the mountain sides in a race against time. You have a moon, a ninja suit, and the ability to control gravity. Can you use everything at your disposal to make it to your goal before the moon disappears?


You’re a ninja with a unique power – the ability to control your own gravity. He has to make it to his destination before the moon disappears. For what, I can’t say, but that moon is his biggest enemy. Too bad a ninja can’t fight a moon. (Or can he?)


You’re on mountains throughout the entire game, looking to get from one to another in order to make it to your goal. The only problem is you have to get there before the moon disappears (what is he, a werewolf?) and the mountain’s surface is too uneven for you to move fast. You need to use the mountain’s slopes to your advantage in order to make it across faster.

This is where gravity comes into play. At a certain point, you’ll get some hang time, but it’s not about how you go up – it’s about how you come down. While in the air, you have to control your gravity to come down on a slope at the right angle. The better you hit the slope, the faster and further you’ll go when you come back up. A few bad landings and you could see your hopes of beating the moon go up in smoke.

It’s a simple game with no real back story, but it takes a while to master. It’s a DroidHen game, and they’re known to give you a straight-forward experience. While the gameplay doesn’t really evolve much (you get a pair of running shoes here and there), the game will keep your interest as you try and master the mechanics and get a higher score each time.


It’s a 2D game, but the moon in the background is beautiful and shines bright as clouds and birds fly in front of it. Mountains look decent enough, but there’s nothing here to make me go “omg that’s awesome”. The ninja’s animations are basic, as you’d expect. His headband will wave in the wind as you move along, but doesn’t look as smooth as you might hope. For the type of game it is, though, you don’t need flashy graphics to please the player.

As for sound, it’s quite decent. The music is ninja-esque, if that means anything, and sound effects come up where you’d expect them to. Unfortunately, there’s very little variety when it comes to music.

Replay Value

Like I said before, Moon Chaser is a Droid Hen game, and if you know anything about Droid Hen games, you’ll know that looking for an overabundance of original content is foolish. The replay value lies in the gameplay as they always aim to keep your attention by challenging you to beat your own score. They also have achievements and leaderboards, so you’re not playing for absolutely nothing. I’d love Open Feint support here, but they seem to be allergic to that.

The Verdict

It’s fun, can get addicting, and takes a long time to master. Moon Chaser will keep you busy if you like chasing your best effort. The experience doesn’t vary much from stage to stage, but you forget about that when you’re hell-bent on getting further than you did the last time you played. It’s a free title, too, so it’s worth checking out to see if you like it for yourself. There’s not much substance when it comes to the bells and whistles of other games, but the gameplay alone is king in making this experience worth your time. Find it for free in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It is cool. It is the Android version of the popular iOS game Tiny Wings, here is a video:

    1. Ah nice, have never heard of it. I wonder why it looks so choppy there.

      1. Because it’s not on Android lol. jk Apple’s products run smooth I just don’t like them.

      2. Because its iOS. ;-)

  2. Looks interesting i will have to check it out. I like all the game reviews lately, keep up the good work Quentyn.

    1. Thanks! I have fun playing games and sharing my opinions on them.

  3. Looks like a direct rip off of tiny wings.

    1. But better because ninja’s make everything better.

    2. Yeah, pretty much. Except tiny wings isn’t on android and there’s no plans for it to be ported to android. This is by far the best clone of tiny wings on the market.

  4. I just gave it a shot. It’s fun, but with one problem for me personally. I get excited and push too hard on my screen when I want to come back down. Didn’t cause any damage before I realized what I was doing, fortunately. Just be careful. =)

  5. Every time you think you’ve got the rhythm down and the sliding is perfect… *bam* there’s a mountain top to keep your ego in check.

    Fly little ninja man, fly.

  6. This is nice and all but until android has a game that iOS copies it shows iOS is still ahead. A huge part is its just easier to dev for iOS. I’m sure android devs are just a creative as iOS devs and can come up with a unique fun game that iOS users will envy! Lets get ‘ur done guys!

    1. That is untrue, at least in the context of your statement.  It shows that iOS is ahead in gaming.  That’s it.  As an iPad owner, there are a lot of things I can’t do even after a jailbreak that I don’ think twice about on my android devices.  There are also some direct android app rip offs.  They both have their pro’s and cons.

    2. more programmers prefer android’s SDK over objective C…..the reason iOS is ahead of games is because of the extra years it has been out before android… giving props to the operating system instead of apple developers makes no sense

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