Sprint Evo Shift 4G Receiving Gingerbread OTA Starting June 17th


Just earlier today, we posted that the “regular” Evo 4G was going to receive a maintenance update to fix issues associated with their latest Gingerbread OTA update. Well, it looks like the Evo Shift 4G is going to be getting some Gingerbread love as well (hopefully with less bugs).

Starting June 17th, you can manually check for a software up date on your Evo Shift and if everything goes according to plan, you should be able to get your taste of Google’s latest Android dessert. And don’t worry, if you’re a bit absent minded like me, Sprint will notify and prompt all users on their network of the OTA update on the 20th.

Not too many people know this but an official leaked version of the Evo Shift Gingerbread ROM was leaked awhile ago and I’ve been running it strong on my Evo 4G with no problems what-so-ever. Smooth as butter.

Couple the Gingerbread update with the fact that the Evo Shift is also running a newer version of Sense 2.1 and you might say that this device has a leg up on its qwerty-less cousin. Now how about a Sense update for Evo 4G users, HTC?

[Via AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Again, another non stock android device getting gingerbread before the G2. The shift is the same hardware correct? Seriously WTF is going on with Tmo, HTC and the G2.

    1. I’m with this guy….how is this phone getting gingerbread before the G2….

    2. i recommend u installed the official leaked gingerbread version….if you go to tmonews.com there is an article saying that people are getting back replacement G2’s with gingerbread on it….they check the system info and its all exactly the same as the leaked official update…..i recommend u head over to XDA and manually install….its worth it trust me man.

    3. This question will remained unanswered….especially by folks that like to harp on how custom UI’s slow down the update process sooooo muuuuuch.

  2. Seriously?! The shift is getting it before the EPIC? WTF?!

  3. Sprint and HTC always do magic….BOTTOMLINE the EVO FAMILY OF DEVICES WILL ALWAYS BE FIRST WITH HTC AND SPRINT….They get well taken care of and always have. I brought my orginal Evo 4g on June 4th 2010 with 2.1. on it 3months later it has 2.2 froyo then 2.3 gingerbread what more can anyone ask for?? How many devices on the market can say they recieved (2) OS updates on any carrier????….LET ME GIVE YOU THE ANSWER (…..NONE….) That’s why SPRINT RULES..

    1. You sir, are a genius.

    2. Uum droid x just got gb. It started on 2.1. Also the droid 2 global gb is going out now and it came out after the Evo so yeah the droid x got 2 updates. Once again you have no clue what you are talking about since you believe sprint is the best.

      1. THANK YOU.

        How about the Droid X officially got GB a lil earlier than the EVO…and the Droid 2 global before the Shift…

        And for the record….the Droid X had 2.2 about 2 months later…lol

        Whoever liked that inaccurate garbage is almost as sad as him…

        1. Probably more sprint fanboys. It’s funny because atleast I can admit the carrier I’m on(verizon) doesn’t have the best phones. But yarrell can’t do that. He is worse than all the apple phanboys. He probably changed his name because his other one got banned because the things he said half the time you couldn’t read because it was like the work of a 10 year old child writing the post.

    3. Just seen a review for youre precious EVO 3D and I gotta say im not impressed with it at all. Galaxy s2 blows it out of the water!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

        1. Just spitting the truth. I was expecting alot more out of that phone, and im not really digging the carasale home screen at all..

      1. Watch out yarrell is going to start spewing nonsense saying how nothing compares to his precious evo 3d lmao.

    4. Let’s see 1. As usual, you have been proved wrong by others. In this case, it was chris125 who showed you up. Here’s a helpful hint: if you don’t know something, don’t say anything about it until you GOOGLE IT. Of course, with the amount of stuff you DON’T know, I have a feeling you’ll be searching forever. 2. the EVO FAMILY OF DEVICES WILL ALWAYS BE FIRST WITH HTC AND SPRINT” Can you say “DUH!!!!”? The Evo line is like the Droid line on Verizon, just on Sprint. Of course it’s going to be “first”. Any moron would be able to figure that out. You’re not really demonstrating your “intelligence” by stating this obvious fact.

      1. Oh yeah, we ALL forgot to mention the Nexus phones which get all updates the fastest. Including 2.3.4 Gingerbread. Yet another point that proves you dead wrong.

    5. I will always have the best phone (all the time, technology does not matter) and network (saying that helps me sleep because its all I have in life).   I am a short sided
      troll who changes my name when people beat into my head they are sick of me. I will continue to suck balls.

    6. OG Droid. Verizon. First Android phone with 2.0, then upgraded to 2.1, 2.2, with lesser upgrades in between, such as 2.0.1, etc.

  4. ran the leaked version on my shift for about a week, and as much as i like sense 2.1, i couldn’t stand how slow it is compared to cm7.  i think i’ll stick to cm7.  but for the non rooters, 2.3.3 plus sense 2.1 is gonna be quit a treat

    1. I’m a rooted user and I’m still running the leaked Shift ROM on my Evo. Love it. Super fast. But to each, his own =)

  5. Glad to see this… Sprint and HTC really have done a nice job with the EVO line of devices.

  6. Can’t help it…every time I see this phone listed I think it’s a car!

  7. This is not my phone.  Therefore it sucks.

    1. LOL.  That’s pretty funny… it definitely seems to be the way things work on a lot of these blogs/forums.  

  8. WHY THE HELL IS MY ATRIX THE ONLY PHONE THAT DOESN’T RECEIVE GINGERBREAD. Motorola is really pissing me off. this phone haven’t even been out fore a mere 2 months

    1. Like I mentioned…it took about 2 months for the Droid X to go from 2.1 to 2.2. So its on schedule for recent Moto phones.. Hopefully it comes soon for the Atrix.

      I did read where there was some issues with dual core and GB tho…so it might be a longer wait.

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