T-Mobile Doubles 4G HSPA+ To 42MBps Down In 41 New Cities Across The US


Just received a notice from T-Mobile a few moments ago stating that they are not only expanding their blazing fast 4G HSPA+ network to 41 new cities across the US, but also DOUBLING download speeds for cities with existing 4G to a staggering 42MBps. Among some of the lucky recipients are Albuquerque, N.M.; Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; Sacramento and San Diego, Calif.; Salt Lake City, Utah and San Antonio, Texas; which now brings their grand total to nearly 100 markets in the US. To check for T-Mobile’s 4G coverage in your area hit up this link here.

Being a Sprint customer, I have to admit — I’m pretty jealous. Even when I have 4G on my Evo it’s still only as fast as T-Mobile 3G. Anyone noticed their download speeds double this evening? Leave your feedback in the comments.

Chris Chavez
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  1. No link back to T-Mobile’s coverage map? I guess…

    1. Yeah they sort of missed the boat on that one.

    2. Updated post with link. Its a flash based thing so you’re going to have do some clicking on your own. =p  @4942df3d5da70fffbe2344a42dc5b9dc:disqus 

  2. Sprint really dropped the ball when it comes to 4G coverage. I can’t believe T-Mobile is rolling it out faster than them.

    1. They put all their faith in Clear which was a terrible idea…. =/

      1. Yep like Chris said. Sprint was relying on Clear to expand the WiMax network. Bad idea. If you want something done right you’re better off just doing it yourself.

        1. Have you zoomed in a touch on the Clear map lately? There’s a lot of little surprises…

          1. No actually I haven’t but the last time I thought I might switch to Sprint I did check out their coverage map and it does appear they are building new towers. 

  3. TMobile.. it’s not how big it is.. it’s how they use it.. I sure hope the merger doesn’t go through.. look what they do with what they have.. they compete !

    1. Even though I’m with VZW at the moment, I’m impressed with what T-Mobile has done, I used to be with them in 04-05 and enjoyed their great customer service and cool phones, though my only gripe was the coverage at time, what a wonder 7 years make. Also hoping Big Blue doesn’t intervene..

  4. I think it is fairly important to include the fact that they aren’t just getting 4G, they are improving their existing HSPA+ 3G network in those areas that were 21 megabits per second to a new faster 42 megabits per second.  Reading this I thought this was an old article for a minute because my city on the list already got HSPA+ last year.

  5. I cant wait for a 42 mbps phone comes out so we can test the real results. Samsung Hercules anyone?

  6. Last night i was just thinking how fast my speeds were. And now i know why, my speeds have definitely doubled. I just did a quick run of speedtest and got 6.5 mbs down and 1.5 mbs upload.

  7. I think it’s great. When I moved to Panama City last year they had barely any 3G coverage and in the short 8 months they’ve upped it to 42 mbps HSPA+! Woot!

  8. niceeeeeeeeeee
    i might even stay with t mobile now and ride out the buy out
    i hit 9mpbs easy on mt4g on long island
    and have had 4g since last november
    still not one other carrier with 4g on long island hahahhahaha

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, speed doesn’t matter if they don’t extend their already covered areas.  pittsburgh pa for example: 
    vzw 60+ miles outside pittsburgh, i can still get 4g (5-15Mbps as advertised, rarely am i at the low end of that) and some random spots drop to 3g
    tmobile i’m about 20-30 miles outside pittsburgh and i drop to edge
    verizon is constantly expanding the areas they cover rather than boosting speeds; this is what tmobile needs to do

    1. as of right now I would not expect any expansion of coverage since the buy-out but if it doesnt happen I think you will see some with what they get from att if the deal fails

      1. Tmobile is expanding. Here in Utah they just added 3g to Logan Utah and are trying to expand to St George but are having issues with the government not vacating the bandwidth they purchased from them. The thing with the HSPA+ expansions are all software. They dont have to have any new hardware on the towers, so that means they can expand that a lot faster. Towers take time to build. 

        1. yup thats why you will see markets with 3g coverage getting hspa+ then so on and so on to 41mpbs new towers I dont see being built anytime soon

  10. Remember…THIS IS THEORETICAL! The REAL WORLD results will be around 10 mbps. You dont really have 42 mbps

    1. all of the speeds for every network are theoretical and I have gotten every bit of the speed sometimes not in chicagoland area I consistantly beat friends on their sprint slow network :) Verizon on the other hand not to many of my friends have 4g phones so cant say but my speeds range from 3-10 on a daily basis depends on where I am .I tried an evo4g fastest I ever got was 6 so I returned it and kept T-mo service.

  11. Funny. I’m in downtown Albuquerque, and I’m still getting 120Kbps Down on my N1. I know it’s not compatible with the 42Mb range, but it would be nice if they updated the  backend here to at least get CLOSE to their theoretical speeds.

  12. well I’m seeing an increase but its no 42 Mbps. Getting almost 6 Mbps now in Lawrence KS. It is cloudy outside.

    1. im getting near 14mbps here in charleston, sc #mt4G

  13. Still waiting to hit anything over 3.5M on my MT4G in downtown or suburban Jacksonville.

    Hope the Death Star is turned away and T-Mo gets that spectrum from AT&T.

  14. With my G2, I am getting 12Mbps down 1.5 up in 15 miles away from LA. I think my G2 is limited to 14 Mbps.. So my g2 is the slow one.

  15. I hit anywhere from 4-9mbps on Long Island.

  16. Total BS on Santa Barbara CA. Service here has been lame for close to a year. They’re not even delivering anywhere close to advertised 3G speeds! I typically get 40 KBps up and 80 KBps down. Same with all of my buddies in town on TMo. Tested on Vibrant, Nexus S, and an old G1.

  17. Malcolm, time to get a New phone, lol.

  18. Reporting on this just gets people excited, but your phone has a maximum it can get and it’s not going to go any higher than that. Nothing exciting to see here, move along.

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