Toshiba Thrive Preorders Now Live at Office Depot.


Looking forward to yet another Honeycomb tablet? Toshiba is the latest player in the game to bring us one and they’re just about set to release it. They’re so ready, in fact, that preorders are going on for it at Office Depot right now. They have 16GB and 32GB configurations coming our way for $480 and $580, respectively, with both being WiFi-only models.

It doesn’t look like you need to put money down for this thing in advance, either, as going through the checkout process at Office Depot shows me paying $0. It’s a 10.1 inch device with Android 3.1 and specs not unlike all of the other Honeycomb devices to date – Tegra 2, 1GB of RAM, front and rear cameras, you know the deal. Head over to Office Depot now for yours and look for it soon. (Toshiba has not yet released availability information.) [Thanks Lester!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  2. One key feature that makes this stand out is clearly the full-sized USB port. Especially with the controller support in 3.1, being able to plug in a PS3 controller or wired XBox controller would be incredible for emulation.

  3. best buy has the 8gb version available for preorder for $429.

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