Motorola Droid 3 Gives Up its Secrets in In-Depth Hands-On Review


OK, so the phone snagged by Chinese site xda.cn and given an in-depth hands-on review isn’t exactly the Motorola Droid 3, but it’s the next best thing. The Motorola Milestone 3 — as with the Milestone and Milestone 2 — is for all intents and purposes the same phone that will get the Droid name when it lands in the States. We’ve seen that handset leaked numerous times, but this new up close look is revealing a few more interesting tidbits.

For starters, the phone’s 4-inch qHD display will feature the same PenTile display technology found in recent Motorola handsets. The technology provides certain benefits that are beneficial to a mobile handset, though many complaints have been registered against color reproduction and sharpness of images on PenTile screens. Whether you love or hate it, PenTile tech ultimately does a disservice to a qHD display.

The Droid 3/Milestone 3 is also confirmed to carry a meager 512MB of RAM. A dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor helps to make up for it a bit, but all that processing power won’t mean much if there isn’t enough RAM to handle it. Still, benchmarks report some pretty stellar performance.

Throw in a lack of 4G LTE and the Droid 3 might be a hard sell for some. Of course, the 5-row QWERTY slider is sure to win over fans of physical keyboards, and an 8MP 1080p camera and front-facing camera will insure that the Droid 3 is a worthy addition to Verizon’s lineup.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. 1 words. sucks. Waiting for Nexus 3

    1. And that better have a 5 row keyboard.

  2. I work at an AT&T store in southeastern Mi. I’m so angry with Motorola’s fudging of the bootloader that I talk customers out of buying Motorola products. Even people who have no idea what a bootloader is. I just tell them Moto Blur is buggy  locks up and Motorola has been unable to fix the problem. Sure it’s a lie but Motorola lied when they said they would provide a solution so we’re even. I haven’t sold a Motorola phone in weeks and I’ve changed the minds of dozens of customers. I currently have a running bet with another salesperson. The first person who sells a Motorola phone loses and has to pay $50.

    1. Even though At&t android choices are crap to begin with……A professional sales person wouldn’t talk people out of a product because they have a personal problem with the phones Root ability.

      1. You’d think so but here we are. It’s so easy to talk them into an HTC Samsung or iphone that ity’s not even funny. Eventually we’ll have to sell one to somebody who really wants it and at that point one of us will have to fork out $50.

        1. So, you convince them to go with a brand that has horrible battery life (HTC), or buggy software (Samsung), or is even more locked down than the Moto(iPhone). You sir, fail.

          1. Yes it’s easy, they think I’m doing them a favor which I am considering the steaming pilke of shit Moto Blur is. No phones are locked down tighter than Motorola’s you need to get your facts straight Sanjay

          2. The phone that is locked down tighter than moto’s? iphone. Get YOUR facts straight. There are numerous roms available to the moto phones. TW is worse than Blur, and Sense is BORING. To each his own, your just not as cool as you think you are. Why? Because you are projecting YOUR concerns, on others. Others that MIGHT like certain things, like better battery life, yet you turn them to HTC, there is fail 1. Or, those that MIGHT want a funtcioning GPS, yet you turn them to Sammy, fail number 2. And, I really don’t think I have to tell you why sending them to the iPhone, for the reasons you are, is yet another fail. Even though that is where I started the this reply.

          3. Don’t worry, I agree with you:) haha

          4. But no, the bootloader is sooooo important.

            If it was me I would advise anyone getting a phone if you value reception to check out Motorola.

            Lets see, which one is more important: a open bootloader or a phone with better reception…

            If you are gonna sway ppl away from a specific phone, at least be truthful about it. Tell them the truth as to why you dont like Motorola phones. And let them make up their own minds. This is almost as bad as the article about how sales ppl are steering ppl away from WP7 phones.

            And ppl wonder why when I go shopping for gadgets, electronics  I do my own homework and dont rely on the sales ppl…never have and never will.

            EDIT: and yea…great points about battery life and GPS. Some ppl actually use GPS in their daily routines. But hey, dont let something as small as the GPS get in the way of hating on Moto for the bootloader…

            Extra Edit: And you are absolutely right about the iPhone. Out the box ANY Android phone is more open than an iPhone…out the box. Even with the the encrypted bootloader on the recent Moto phones, rooted and if running the ROMs available for them they are still more open than a jailbroken iPhone.

            Ppl, dont let hate turn your opinions into facts. If you are gonna hate, hate correctly.

          5. This is exactly why I leave the store without buying anything if a salesperson tries to “help me”.  Although I do enjoy reading reviews of the pile of crap they’re trying to sell me while they’re telling me how great it is.

    2. You sound like a winner.

      99% don’t even know what a bootloader is.

      1. You sound like Wiener.. have more pics to post?   99% of what?  If you’re going to troll, at least make a complete argument.  Jackoff Jewboy Palka.

        1. Jakub has a point tho. Ask folks what a bootloader is and what a GPS is…see which one get the most answers.

    3. Not only do most Android users even begin to understand what a bootloader is or have any inclination to load a custom rom but the fact is the one’s that do wouldn’t be coming into an AT&T store to ask you.  They’re  going to order the phone they want online based on their own research.  So the people you think your “helping” your really just taking advantage of so that you can win a $50 bet.  

    4. Stan, Hopefully you’re a troll, or you’re just an idiot.

      It’s people like you that give wireless sales professionals a bad name. I really truly hope you lose your job.  Why would you lie to a customer for any reason?

      Have you ever heard the term “two wrongs don’t make a right?”

      In addition, Motorola has never said they were absolutely unlocking bootloaders. They are looking into it. For all you know that Motorola Atrix that you carry may have an unlocked bootloader some day. Besides, when it comes to AT&T, if a customer wants dual-core and functionality, you ONLY have the Atrix to sell.   Some people like Motorola’s devices. I happen to be one of them. If i knew what store you worked at, I’d make sure AT&T knew you were such a moron.



    5. Actually, I wouldn’t buy anything but a Motorola. It has the best reception of any of the phones I have tried. Palm Treo, Samsung, LG, HTC, Pantech, etc. So I keep going back to Motorola. I can put up with the occasional rebooting (which isn’t often). I have the original Motorola Droid keyboard slideout and love it, but am waiting on the newest Motorola Droid w/slideout. Of course, the one I have has a slower processor, since it was the first of the Droids.

  3. This is not the Droid I’m looking for. Bring on the Bionic!

    1. No one cares what you think.

      1. You are an asshole.

      2. Jackoff Palma.

    2. I care what you think. Ive been waiting since the Bionic was even mentioned. I desperately need a new phone so it needs to hurry the hell up.

  4. Who cares about LTE and PenTile. Many places still don’t have LTE and even when it is available, it has been buggy.

    The dedicated number keys, 8 mp camera and webcam make this phone a winner in my book.

    1. I have LTE on my thunderbolt in a rather small college town in Florida (gainesville), population around 125,000. Haven’t had any problems, when the signal is weak it usually has trouble keeping it (just like every other wireless tech) but that’s usually inside buildings etc. where I have wifi. No complaints here.

      1. While the d3 is not a stellar model, fact remains that for those of us who love the d1 and a pfys kb…. this is a great step up. Also with the vast popularity of draoid overall, I doubt it will be long before it is unlocked.
        Yes the bionic looks great, but a near five inch screen is hitting too close to tablet size for me

        1. waaah too close to tablet size.  Someone needs an ipad for their leaky vag.

        2. After seeing the infuse in use/ in person… I could pull off a 4.5 incher in my pocket since i don’t wear cowboy wranglers. Heh… I talk my boss into Android, and now he has a cooler phone than me. Although that sexplay vs SGII is a very difficult decision. 

    2. yeah.. dedicated number keys negate the pentile, lte, shitty keyboard AND 512MB or Ram.   Silver Fag is correct people.. this is a winner in his gay bacon book.

      1. No one has ever used the word “intelligent” as a description for you, have they?

        1. no one has ever used the word “straight” as a description of YOU have they?

      2. you sir are a cock sucker. pentile isnt that bad it only seems bad because of your pissy biased attitude that only super amoled plus is the way to go. keyboard is AMAZING and any keyboard whether bad or not is better than NO keyboard i currently have the lg ally possibly THE SHITTIEST android phone with only 256 RAM and i do fine with it. 4G 1. is buggy AT BEST and depletes battery. you sir are a homosexual

  5. And yet, sadly, this will probably be the best Android phone w/ physical kb on VZW.  And, sadly, I will probably upgrade to this from my Droid 1 because of that fact.


    1. I’m with you.  A physical keyboard is a must for me.  I was really looking forward to the Droid 3 but the RAM is a bummer.  The rest frankly doesn’t bother me but the RAM does.  It also bothers me that Android manufacturers seem to be all but abandoning physical keyboards.  Sometimes I wonder if I should leave the platform now before keyboards disappear entirely.  Not sure what I’d go to – maybe WP7 if there are some good keyboard phones, but most likely back to BlackBerry as RIM seems to be the only manufacturer that cares to cater to my needs.

  6. PenTile sucks!!!!

  7. Summary: 512 RAM. Hence the phone sucks.

  8. This phone was on the top of my list (was assuming motorola will change their bootloader policy by the phone’s release). Now that it’s using shitty pentile, it’s off the list. It’s too bad that such a nice keyboard got paired with a really poor screen.

    EDIT: looking at other comments, i see a lot of complaints about the phone being 512MB RAM. Could someone tell me why it SHOULDNT be 512 MB RAM? Sure, more is better, but if there’s no real benefit, I don’t see the need for it, especially when Android manages the RAM very well.

  9. Will the Milestone version also be locked??

  10. Well, looks like the small army of us waiting for a 4g with physical keyboard have to wait even longer…  No 4g = no sale.

  11. Add LTE and 512 more ram and I would buy it.

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