Fathers Day Deal Alert: T-Mobile Offering 200MB Data Free for a Year


Can’t say I saw this one coming. With all the Father’s Days “deals” sure to hit retailers all over this weekend T-Mobile is trying to think outside the box. No, its not 5% off a leaf-blower. On Saturday, June 18th, T-Mobile is giving away a full year of FREE data for new customers (or even those with 18 months left on their contract) who sign up for the qualifying $70 “Even More Unlimited Talk, Text and Web” plan. The way it works is T-Mobile will give you a $10 credit (equal to a 200MB data plan) every month for 12 months ($120 total).

I can definitely see how this might push those to make the jump into Android who may have been apprehensive because they didn’t want to pay the fees for data. Couple this with a $150 Sensation or $80 G2X and your dad could be Androiding it up in style. But now its up to you to answer your dad’s calls every 10 minutes and explain how to change that dang wallpaper.

Oh, and don’t forget our Father’s Day contest we’re doing here at Phandroid where you could win over $1,200 worth of free Sonos gear for you dad!

[Via T-Mobile]

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  1. 200mb’s is only 2 days worth of data a month. 

  2. This is pathetic. On the average 3G (HSDPA) connection you can download 200MB in less than 15 minutes. (Calculated at 2Mbps)

    Over here in the UK (Where I get 6.5Mbps on HSPA+ BTW!) we have truly unlimited internet a month on Three UK (I used over 350GB in a month via Tethering)

    Also T-Mobile UK are happily letting me use 1GB a month from the free 6 month Internet I got with my Pulse Mini… (And this wasn’t a contract)

  3. 200 MB of GPRS and EDGE, no thanks.

    1. Unlike in the UK, most of T-Mobile’s network here in the US is still GPRS and  EDGE, sad for 2011 huh?

      1. Uhm What? I live in a fairly small town and I have HSPA+ pretty much everywhere I go.

      2. Lol most of t-mobile’s network? you obviously haven’t used it outside of your town. Just because it may suck in your area doesn’t make it same everywhere else.

  4. I think u get 200mb of hspa+ and after that it’s throttled down to edge till your next billing cycle. You still get unlimited data just not full hspa+ speeds.

  5. 200 mb…wtf. I have a 5 gig plan (no such thing as unlimited data in Canada) and I d/l that in a few days on my captivate. Actually when im not even using the phone I seem to send and recieve like 80 mb’s a day

  6. Here’s a wonderful Father’s Day Gift idea … Between Me And You DAD journals.  And they’ve got a sale going on here.

  7. ALERT: If you do anything less than the 20$ web feature you WILL NOT receive your rebates on premium smartphones (premium phones include but aren’t limited too: Sensation, G2X, Galaxy, BB9780, MT4G, etc)

    So if you want to get your rebate (usually 50 bucks) you will be forced to choose from the lesser category which includes the Optimus T, Motorola Defy, Comet, Gravity T(new android), Exhibit 4G (new android).

    This might not be a big deal for a lot of people but I’d say this fact is a little less than obvious.

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