Jun 13th, 2011

E3 was only last week and although we’ve seen the worlds biggest gaming convention come to a close, I’m still kinda in gaming mode. I’ve often wondered why it takes some developers so long to port a game to Android – and why others never get ported at all. Well, it looks as if PopCap, makers of the wildly popular and addictive Plants vs. Zombies, may have shed some light on the subject. In an interview with NextGen, senior game designer David Bishop admits that the wide availability of Android on a multitude of devices is providing a unique challenge for game developers looking to work with Android.

Though Android is one of three strategic mobile markets for PopCap, it’s been a challenge because of the breadth and variance of devices,

For the seasoned Android user we know exactly what he’s talking about: fragmentation. I’ve seen this firsthand how in attempt to get Plants vs. Zombies running properly on not just newer but older hardware as well, the quality of the visuals are nothing like their iOS or computer counterparts.

Although faced with the difficulty in porting their games over to Android, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. PopCap is already getting set to release the next port of their mega fun game, Peggle. Lets hope this is a sign that they have this Android porting situation down.

[Via NextGen]