Angry Birds Rio Carnival Update Flings itself into the Amazon Appstore


Angry Birds Rio has received an update bringing along new levels for your bird flinging enjoyment. The Carnival update is based around the traditional Brazilian celebration, an annual party featuring parades, music, and plenty of colorful characters. The update is available via the Amazon Appstore for the time being and should provide you with minutes to hours of entertainment (depending on how crazy obsessed with Angry Birds you happen to be. Check out the video preview below.

Amazon Appstore Link: Angry Birds Rio

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  1. WTF is Angry Birds?

    1. Google it. Matter of fact. Chrome it. HintHInt!!

    2. I would assume that comment was sarcastic. My grandma knows about AB and she’s been dead for 10 years.

  2. I really wish we could use the amazon app store in Canada :(((((((((((((

    1. Awww… poor Canadians. I am glad we do not feel your pain. #LoveTheUSA

      1. You’re fucking stupid. I love the USA too, but saying stuff like that makes us look bad. 

        1. Ummmm, you really need to calm down. It’s a joke.

          1. hahaha yes I figured it was a joke. :)

      2. Also, this isn’t Twitter. #Hashtags #Dont #Work,

  3. Whomever is not familiar with Angry Birds, fling a few Blue Birds at yourself. Matter of fact, let us do it for you. GOOGLE IT!!

  4. i dont have the update for it waiting for me in amazon, but my girl does

    1. A friend and Amazon CS or TS told me to hit menu after going to My Apps, then you should see Refresh My Apps

  5. No update for me…

  6. no update for me…  Until I checked the android market and noticed that somehow I had the ad-version installed ( i use adfree) I uninstalled and now installing latest from amazon market place.

  7. Does anyone actually use the Amazon app store!!!!!  & it it not available in the UK.

  8. So anyhow, I am finished but I am going back to 3 star and look for papayas

  9. I’m so bored of angry birds.

    Rovio needs to make bigger changes to the gameplay so it’s fun again.

  10. Why the hell is it always on Amazon APP store? Their App don’t work. I tried to download the Volleyball level for Rio didn’t work So I uninstalled it. Amazon just sucks

    1. I prefer it to the marketplace; you just have yo be smarter than your phone. 

  11. Not only do I not have an update in the amazon store…I don’t even have the APP showing up in the amazon store
    I got it there since it was there first, but for some reason it won’t show up at all for me now.

  12. Is carnival up heaval released

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