Android 2.3.4 Leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S


With the Galaxy S update to Gingerbread fresh in our minds, the manufacturer is wasting no time in bringing their original superphone up to the latest version of Android, 2.3.4. A leak of the new Gingerbread build dating from June 3rd has been uncovered for the Galaxy S I9000, though the actual update could still be a ways off.

Samsung’s start with Android was a bit rocky to say the least, but recent moves have seen them slowly rising to the top of the pile. Quicker Android updates, better developer relations, and some killer new hardware all play a factor. If Samsung is able to deliver Android 2.3.4 to the original Galaxy flagship, it will earn them major brownie points

[via GSMArena]

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  1. works well but still no SIP and still no Google Video chat (but both can be hacked)

  2. what about the captivate??

    1. If you’re a rooter, you’ll be running an i9000 ROM anyway, they’re much faster and more stable without ATT crap on it.

  3. And people say Samsung is terrible at updating software. Lol. 

    1. Probably because it is very true, at least recently in connection to the first Galaxy S phones. Not to mention the fubar GPS (even after the fix)

      1. Samsung (since the Galaxy S) has a great track record with updates!  It’s the damn carriers here in the US!  I bought mine online unlocked and have always gotten the latest updates whereas my compadres who bought theirs subsidized from the carriers are always complaining like you.  Maybe next time, if you can afford it, buy one unlocked or else just buy it subsidized and be at the mercy of the damn carriers.  /rant off

  4. this is why i’m going to stick w/ the nexus models, i’ve been on 2.3.4 for a month (nexus one).  Updates to me are worth their weight in gold since most of the smaller updates are all bug fixes and the major updates look and act like they are suppose to.    

  5. @hamlin69 we are waiting on us carriers to update us…which is way lame!

  6. Thanks to Cyanogen I have had 2.3.4 on my old Hero for a couple weeks now.

  7. good to see Samsung co-operating with Cyanogen

  8. Where’s the Galaxy Tab 7 love???

  9. infuse 4g gingerbread…. please

  10. Rays3Devofamily: you say sprint and htc is the most timely in updates, question? The original galaxy s has been updated to 2.3.3, and now, getting updated to 2.3.4 soon, no htc that disnt launch with gingerbread has GB YET, except the EVO, and it’s not 2.3.4. Also, the droid x had it before the EVO, oddly enough, it’s on Verizon, and it’s a moto. Weird.

  11. T-Mobile G1 for the win.  On 2.3.4 using Ginger Yoshi

  12. Still dont get the craze about the “newest update”.

    Can anyone here actually tell me what the update fixes and what it does to provide a better phone, UI and user experience?

    1. 2.3.4 mainly brings an important malware protection update to Android.  There are patches out there for rooted phones, but this makes it a standard.

    2. it brings a surprisingly higher performance. till 2.3.3 the quadrant scores were like 900-1100 for stock. for 2.3.4 the stock ROM gives you the scores of 1800-2000 . not to mention the security bug fixes which came with 2.3.4. UI changes are very minor but looks good now.

  13. To all those narrow minded haters who think that Samsung sucks with updates: OWND

    They are now officially best at updates! And this ain’t even SGSII. Its SGS I!

    1. W O R D

    2. But The droid X has had this for a month.

    3. Keep in mind that the “Galaxy S” here refers ONLY to the international version. The carrier versions in the U.S. still have not received any form of 2.3 and may never.

      1. Thats 4 carriers compared to the hundreds of international carriers who have been updating their handsets on time. Had froyo in late October and gingerbread 2 and a half months ago. Got a galaxy s 2 now and already have te first update. Sorry but american carriers suck hard.

  14. buying unlocked for more than 200 dollars is retarded.  Its a damn cell phone for God Sakes.  200 is expensive enough, 500 list price? what a joke.  Carriers need to speed up the damn updates, samsung has gingerbread out in other countries on Galaxy S yet my Epic 4G, buddies captivates, facinates, and vibrants are all still on 2.2.  I will only be buying pure google phones going forward such as Nexus S.  My brother got it and it whips the shit out of my Epic 4G-preloaded with Gingerbread, google voice and video chatting-yes please.  First and last non pure google android I will buy.

  15. I’m skeptical. I am one of those Don’t beleive it until I see it type person.
    Still waiting for GB on my Epic……..

  16. This is back in stock at Amazon (unlocked) and has come down in price – http://amzn.to/mUt3Bq

  17. use a custom Galaxy S ROM if you’re tired of waiting for the carriers to get with the program. 

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