Sprint Said to Raise 4G Upload Cap to 1.5 Mbps June 10th


Sprint 4G users, your data is about to get a bit faster if this internal flyer is anything to believe. Starting June 10th (that’s tomorrow), Sprint will raise the 1 Mbps uplink speed to 1.5 Mbps. To take advantage of the heightened speeds, users won’t need to download any software upgrades – just wait for it to happen and BAM! Too cheesy? Yea, I thought so, too. Note that this only applies to mobile phones. Sprint Overdrive devices (USB sticks or WiFi hotspots) are not on the guest list. [Spantecular]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. and download to 15? 

  2. “When I look up the word unlimited in the dictionary, I dont see words like capped or throttled.” So, why do you throttle from the get go? Bahahaha

  3. Wish I actually HAD some 4G to use. You know, because Phoenix isn’t a LARGE MAJOR city or anything.

    1. You’re not missing much, Herr in PHILLY( yeah were bigger than you)seeing 3mbps is a blessing. On my epic I usually only get like 1.5

      1. I usually see 4-6 mbps in STL, where I can get it, but it is spotty, at least in the ‘burbs

        1. Out by Fenton testing against a good server you can see a full 10Mbps

  4. That’s great for the handfull of cities that actually have 4g WiMax. There’s soooooo many cites (even major metropolitan ones) that are still stuck on 3g on their 4g phones since WiMax’s rollout has virtually halted.

    1. Actually, my city went 4G in March.  They aren’t making a press release every time they flip the 4G switch I suppose.

  5. South Florida 4G is a lie. I call Sprint every so often and ask what the deal is, and their answer is always “We’re aware of the tower outages, or technicians are working on it.” The best 4G coverage I’ve had is in Los Angeles near LAX.

  6. Here is my speedtest for today.

    Test Date: Jun 9, 2011 7:57:12 am
    Connection Type: EvdoA
    Server: Dallas, TX
    Download: 8.83 Mbps
    Upload: 0.93 Mbps
    Ping: 102 ms

  7. Miami is listed as  4g city, but that is a joke!  I have complained to Sprint several times, they just say 4G is available in your area but is not 100 %.  That is a complete joke. If I pass the 300 k I would consider my self lucky.

  8. Sweet. If only the state (let alone city) I live in had wimax…

  9. I don’t give a rats butt-hole about upping the cap to 1.5. I work in a govt facility where T-Mobile and AT&T get full bars. VZN and Sprint get    …”NO LOVE at ALL” My EVO is constantly roaming. Get me coverage!!!!!! Or give me a way outta my contract. Can u hear me DAN?  …can u hear me NOW???

    1. Hah, suck it Verizon! Take that Verizon fanboys with “I pay more because…blah blah…Sprint will get bought by Verizon..blah blah blah.”

      Seriously though, Sprint did try to offer me a free signal booster device a few months ago after I called in due to the Amazon app store message telling me to call Sprint. I work in the basement of my hospital. Offered it after general questions asking my Sprint coverage status. Would be nice but not bigwig and probably prohibited in workplace anyways.

      Call Sprint if that’s a real option for you, I don’t if still available though.

      1. Lumpia91791, I already have a Airaveat home, and it works great! problem is @ a govt facility, they won’t allow that thing on the network. Too many ports that need to be opened to allow it to properly function. They would need to construct a tower or repeater somewhere on my side of the facility. And yes, I have one free provided by Sprint. Sucks not to be able to go to work and get phone calls, or even to check voice mail. I have to go across the parking lot to make a clear call, sux. I know, I know “use your work phone”. I’d rather not. Some people & businesses don’t answer their phone when they see (U.S Government) on caller ID.

  10. Here in Cincinnati, the 4G love is flowing:
    5354kbps down
    940kbps up

    Those speeds are about average for me.

  11. I am in San Jose near city college and there is spotty coverae outside but no coverage if you are indoors. I work on the East Side near Spartan Stadium and it’s the same but if you are in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino etc Coverage is great. I usually hot 5-6 Mbps at my Girlfriends place. We use tether to hook laptop and her EVIL ipod touch. I am getting her the EVO 3D so not for long EVIL ipad..

  12. WhooooAaaaa!!!!! 1.5Mbps!! Wow that’s fast. This is amazing. Absolute break through.

  13. i get 1.5 up on at&t 4g, i guess its good to live a quarter mile from a cell tower

  14. I’m sure the 2% of Sprint 4g users that actually have reliable coverage are thrilled by this announcement. Personally I’m starting to lower my expectations to hoping for a reliable 3g signal. I’m giving up on ever getting 4g, at least from Sprint.

  15. This is such a joke. I have had to call Sprint so many times to complaint. Last night I could not get 3g or 4g or any internet from my Nexus S at home. This is happening constantly. Why am I paying $10 for edge speeds. I barely get 200kbps on 3g and rarely 2500kbps when the 4g works. I fcannot wait to go back to AT&T or even Tmobile. You get what you pay for and that is not even true because after them adding the $10 on any new smart phone they are not the cheapest. Sprint get your act together or you’ll continue bleeding red on your earnings.

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