T-Mobile G2 Nearing End of Life?


It hasn’t even been a year since its release and the T-Mobile G2 already seems to be headed to the Android phone graveyard. TmoNews has received evidence of the device’s retirement on Magenta. Users can’t find the device on T-Mobile.com and you might be hard-pressed to find it in one of their corporate stores. It’s a sad result for the followup to the original Android phone and one we didn’t expect to come so soon. It hasn’t even gotten Gingerbread yet! (Though T-Mobile assures us they’re definitely working on it.) It might not be completely dead yet, but it’s getting there.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s extremely disappointing. At some point, the madness has to slow down. There’s simply no need for as many Android smartphones flooding the market. When 1st time customer growth overtakes customer relationship management, you begin to lose.

    1. That is one of the reasons I was thinking about switching to the Iphone, but I dont know yet..

      1. do your research and you will be fine.

    2. Seriously you guys are complaining that we shouldn’t have that many Android based phones outhere? Android is open source get that straight.

      Secondly I am using a nexus one. I am not worried bout software updates. I ROOT and update myself. IF you want something so bad you go to means to get it. #FACT

  2. Lame. The G2 has been an amazing device to use. If I had the money, I’d buy a second one solely for rooting and custom roms. If it’s really the end of the G2, it is a sad day indeed.

  3. What the hell is this? I got my G2 in January and now its nearing EOL? Maybe its just T-Mobile, I’m sure the Desire-Z will still get updates from HTC…but this is b/s

    1. Im not at all as surprise its T. Mobile

  4. Let’s hopes these idiots are making a T-Moible HTC G3. && let’s hope they make it PERFECTLY like they did with the G1 & G2. But they need to fix the problem with the signal. The internet would completely stop workin or start going EXTREMELY slow. If they make another one I wanna see:
    4″ or 4.3″ Screen
    Dual-Core or Triple-Core
    8 MP Camera or Higher with Dual Xenon Flash
    Front Facing Camera
    HDMI Out
    Faster Updates
    Trackpad or Ball
    Iron/Hard Rubber Construction like the G2

    1. Triple core? Quad core please!!

      1. Ikr

  5. I can agree with all of you who are unhappy with this. I can remember seeing phones like the samsung omnia(1), and the htc touch, imagio, and the original enV 1, that was just a changed color scheme that seemed like they were on the shelves for years. The G2 is a perfectly capable phone, especially for people who aren’t power user. It is capable of nearly everything that the new dual cores are with one exception, intense 3D games. It can do that too, maybe not as well as tegra 2, OMAP or eyenos. But it can do it. The 800mhz processor in that phone is far more capable than the original snapdragon, which is still being pushed in phones like N1, EVO(which is still on sale) droid incredible, and I’m sure there are other. Like all windows phones. They need to slow down, and concentrate on quality, not quanity. Apple has a winning strategy in this side of things. 1 Phone, 1 year. From the looks of it, the strategy seems to work well.

  6. Wondering if this is why the G2 still doesnt have gingerbread. This is very disappointing. I said it before, seems like having a stock android device (thats not a nexus) seems pointless now.

  7. One of the reasons I really wanted permanent root and CM7 because even while Tmobile/HTC end of life the phone, custom development continues. Over on XDA there are more ROMs, spin offs of ROMs, new things happening on the G2 development forum now. I have two of the phones thanks to a friend at Google. They probably are not a match for the new dual core monsters; but for my use they rule. I won’t buy any more phones locked to Tmo going forward. I am going to buy a new phone a year that is unlocked and after I see that HTC lives up to its promise to unlock the phones. I love HTC phones. I don’t like the boot loader stuff at all. I want to use the phone with custom ROMs for exactly this reason. The corporate guys can stop but Cyanogen and others will continue making it better.

  8. Well, if this is the case, I’m going to hold off on buying any more G-series phones in the future, considering the G1 I had was outdated within months and this one (G2) never really had much support to begin with.

    It feels like people who are buying these phones are getting shat on.  Maybe I’m just expecting too much in a market where the device you buy is out of date before it hits the ground.

  9. So where is the Gingerbread? Friggin vanilla phone and we are still waiting. I’m generally a patient person, but one of the reasons for buying this phone was the idea it would receive updates sooner rather than later. I know, I can root and load the rom, but why should I?

  10. people do know theres a manual update to 2.3 for the g2 that doesnt require rooting…..bveen running it for at least a month.guess i’ll ride mine out till triple cores come out or till i find a good deal on a dual dual core. 

  11. wow i guess the dual core phones are in the pipeline probably will sell better hence g2x sold out status,  

  12. I think part of the problem is that the stupid salespeople keep saying the G2 is “not a 4G phone.” My guess is that this is just because it doesn’t have “4G” in its title. Anyway, customers are steered away from it because of this. And I’m thinking, “Really? Cuz you certainly advertized it as 4G when it first came out.”

  13.  With the Google in support to the G2, the life was not too long and the from the discussion I conclude that this scenario is regretted by many!

  14. Guys. . .It’s part of T-Mobile’s roadmap. . .In Nov, the HTC G-Infinity is coming out. . .follow up before you guys make the assumptions. . .

  15. Man I’m glad I jumped ship on android. I spent 3 years and 5 different Androids hoping it would become as stable as iOS. I think in about 2 -3 years it’ll be a great OS, but retiring phones before their first anniversary is rough, if you can’t buy the original Android’s successor, how do you know which Android to buy that might last you a couple years (I say that, at this point in universal smartphone development, any smartphone by android/wp7/iOS absolutely must remain relevant for at least 2 years). Android also still has many glitches and bugs (my gingerbread nexus one is the closest to stable I have found) because of all the different hardware and skins. When “force close” is removed from the android code, that’s when I’ll be back. At this point, however, iOS is much more stable. Android has more features and more hardware potential, but Google still has work to do. Hopefully they get there soon!

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