Netflix Not Playing Nice with Gingerbread on the EVO 4G, Fix in the Works


Netflix has been slowly making its way to more and more Android handsets, but the recent update to Gingerbread for the HTC EVO 4G knocked the Sprint handset from the list of supported devices. You may have noticed the problem if you had been using Netflix prior to the upgrade to Android 2.3, and if you have yet to install the app you will no longer find it in the Android Market when searching from your EVO. The phone has been removed from the list of compatible devices.

Netflix has confirmed that the new Gingerbread software is indeed to blame, but promises a fix is in the works. There are no further details on when that update might become available, so choose the lesser of two evils: Netflix movie streaming or Gingerbread on the EVO 4G.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I’m sure it’s going to break Netflix on all the other devices that aren’t supposed ot have it in the first place.   :-(

  2. Weather Bug decided to constantly force close on me.  N1 2.3.4  I uninstalled it and went with The Weather Channel app–which I think is worse.  What’s Gingerbread doing to our developers? 

    1. Weather Bug just pushed an update today, maybe that’ll help?  Mine seems to be better. I dislike that ShootMe (screen grabber) doesn’t work after the update.  I used that pretty frequently and it was nice that it worked without root on the Evo 2.2

  3. Lets see, Netflix, blockbuster lost licenses and full HDMI for EVO is jacked as well, hope it all works out i have to call blockbuster to see what i need to do, last time i had to hard reset. Sucks!

    1. Full HDMI for EVO will be back when you get re-rooted… :)

      1. Yeah i am sure but wont reroot because its not rooted and worked great, so didnt worry about rooting at first period.

  4. How am I supposed to waste time at work now?!

  5. works fine on rooted evo running CM7. just a heads up.

    1. Same Here.

    2. On my EVO CM7 (nightly build 91) When I try to stream a movie I receive the following: “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later.”
      Mod Version: CM7-06052011-NIGHTLY-Supersonic
      Build number: GRJ22

    3. it doesn’t get past the login screen on the moto droid CM7.0.2… help? sould i update?

  6. Netflix works fine unofficially on a droid x running stock gingerbread…. 

  7. Has anyone noticed that after the gingerbread update on evo, you no longer have the option to switch to the front facing camera while video calling on yahoo? The yahoo video calling altogether is much worse now.

  8. Doesn’t work on the Droid X2

  9. Busted on my Evo since Gingerbread update.  This is the ultimate Android fragmentation nightmare!

  10. Cm7 works perfectly.
    Miui works perfectly.
    Sense does not.

    Somehow I’m not placing the blame on netflix for this one…

  11. Just a quick FYI – Netflix has dropped compatibility for all devices except for the Droid Incredible right now. We assume that the Revolution is still ok as well, but Netflix has not gotten back to us to confirm that. Currently, they have pulled the App from the Market for all users except their approved devices – which according to the website is only the Incredible.

    Good luck and happy waiting for the new Netflix app…

    1. Umm your wrong about “all devices except for the Droid Incredible” cause I’m a EVO 2.2 user and the app works perfectly for me. Watching an episode of Glee right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. It works now because your still 2.2 just make sure you don’t update to gingerbread or it will stop working. Believe me I know. 

  12. Did anyone notice Pandora not working right either? can it be a bug in the reception also? HTC EVO

    1. Same thing has happened to me. I deleted and re-downloaded and it made no difference. Generally the update is miserable, uses more battery and slows the phone down in every respect. Would definitely waited to update if I knew Netflix and Pandora would fail. Pandora still works just very slowly.

      1. Gawd damnit I wish I could get rid of this update

    2. I have a problem with Pandora

      1. I wish we could complain somewhere for a fix

  13. I would have never updated to gingerbread if it meant not being able to use netflix instant streaming. Now what am I supposed to do at work lol

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