Angry Birds on the eInk Nook? Yes, Please [Video]


We wondered what could possibly be done with a fully eInk NOOK running Android, and the first of those possibilities has risen – gaming. Angry Birds, one of the most popular games in mobile period, was ported to the device. As you might imagine, things aren’t pretty as the eInk display has to adjust the different levels of greyscale for changing colors and shades, but it works. Most of you won’t want to opt for this because of that reason, but the installation process also seems to be quite difficult. Regardless, it’s cool.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. woah, that screen is troublesome

    1. How is it troublesome?  It’s pretty much using the screen for the exact opposite of what it was designed to display. Quite frankly, I’m surprised it works as well as it does playing Angry Birds.

      1. troublesome in terms of using this screen to achieve the refresh rates needed for animation.  It is cool to see it at least function, but the performance makes the effort not worth the result.

        1. There was never an intended  use of gaming, mainly for reading and basic web browsing, anyone buying this tab most likely knows that. So it can’t really be troublesome for something it wan’t intended to do.

      2. Came here to say exactly the same thing.

        It’s not that the bear dances well, it’s that the bear dances at all.

  2. Thats hardcore. LOL!

  3. hmm might be nice to load up simpler things…. like email and another ereader like Aldiko. This was on my radar anyways, might have to pick one up to “tinker” with

  4. that looks horrid.

  5. Nice proof of concept, but it ends there. I can’t see myself gaming on something like this… ever. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  6. I’m holding out for netflix. Heheheh

  7. 1:24 I will never get back…

  8. I like how the birds jumping up and down near the slingshot look like little explosions. 

  9. The refresh rate is actually very impressive for eInk. If this thing gets rooted so I could put Amazon Reader on it, then it’s a buy. On the other hand I might just buy Kindle ;) Stupid B&N don’t sell books and magazines to Canadians.

  10. Wow! However yes, needs to be better in gaming field!

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