Samsung’s Smart View App Allows You to Watch Content From Your Samsung Smart TV


The folks at Samsung have released another application exclusive to their flagship phones and smart televisions. It’s called Smart View and allows you to do a lot of cool things. Firstly, users can watch content from their Samsung Smart TV, whether it be a DVR recording, a Blu-Ray movie, or other content that is hooked up to the television via an external source (such as a set-top box).

Other functions include the ability to play video from your phone on your TV wirelessly, the ability to control Samsung Smart TV games on your TV using your mobile device and the ability to use your mobile device as a general remote control. The Samsung Galaxy S II is the only smartphone supported at the moment, but Samsung will apparently be adding support for the Galaxy Tab (we assume 10.1), Galaxy S smartphones and the Galaxy Player later this year. As for the television, you’ll need a LED 7,000 set or higher. Find it in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. nice….too bad I dont have such a Tv or such a phone…..I’ll just wait till this becomes available through Google TV for all android phones.

  2. Yeah. Anyone can figure out that Samsung is in fact, not HTC. Big clue: the names are different. Even a mentally handicapped child could figure that out. How is Samsung even remotely being like HTC? Does HTC have this same basic technology? Does HTC sell their own TVs? Does HTC have an app that allows you to watch content from your phone on your TV wirelessly? Does HTC have the ability to stream content (DVD, Blu-Ray, DVR, etc) from your TV to other devices? Does HTC have an app that allows you to control a Samsung TV? To all of the above I say: I think not. Try again.

  3. I wish this phone could come to Canada those new feature look awesome

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