HTC Sensation 4G Unboxing and Initial Impressions [VIDEO]


A little birdie just dropped off a package on my doorstep, and I didn’t want to keep it to myself. Inside was none other than the HTC Sensation 4G for T-Mobile, and the above video features my rather breathless unboxing of the beast. So far this thing really smokes and looks pretty darned good doing it. I will need some more time to really delve into what makes the Sensation tick, but for now enjoy this first look and look for my full review next week.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. That had to be the WOR5T unboxing EVER!
    Where does one begin?
    Is it just me or did it seem as if Kevin just landed on planet and was handling an android phone for the first time?
    Maybe in the future try drinking some coffee first?
    His reference to the phone, “not much going on here” fits in line with his personality. 

    1. Omg that was so stupid I actually laughed. Rather rude but funny nontheless

      1. Idiot rewrites the same comment again

    2. I would actually have to say that he had done a fine unboxing! I just want a good review on this phone, actually hate unboxing’s, find them kinda unnecessary!

      1. I agree, unboxings are unnecessary and a waste of time.  Every phone comes in a box, has a power cord, (some have earbuds) and a small users manual.  What’s the point in showing this?  Just do this process when you review it and be done with it. 
        just my opinion.

    3. Kevin’s mom died recently soI am sure he will appreciate your maturity.
      In addition to your unoriginality.

    4. Lol that is funny

    5. I liked the unboxing.

      By the way, making insults and attacking character is a terrible way to prove a point, but does a great job of making you look like an asshole.

      Can’t wait to see how this performs!

      1. Agreed, offensive comments delete.

        1. Let me get this straight. Offensive comments are deleted, yet people like richard yarrell and the idiots who entertain them are run rampant? Somone pointed out a mod actually got their panties in a wad, or aunt flo was visiting and she changed team douche to team touche in the forums, and it turns out it was you! So some genius gave you mod status in here and you are cool with “asshole”? I’m sure youll delete this or change it, but how about some consistency? You spend 6+ hours a day between here and androidforums, so either grow a pair and be a mod, or don’t and stop picking and choosing what is okay with you based on your current mood.

        2. Dear Ed,

          I’ve banned richard yarrell many times, and he’s using means to circumvent our IP bans.

          I try to watch out for the forums and here wherever possible but I can’t be everywhere at once.

          Please get a forum account, and just PM me when one of our known troublemakers is back – if I’m busy elsewhere, I’ll gladly come here to help the pain. As you note, I put in a lot of hours here – so I’m already running flat out and wouldn’t mind an occasional tip to help things out here.

          My current mood doesn’t change things, I have a pair (thanks for asking) but all I mostly mod for is courtesy – and we do allow more latitude here than in the forums, that’s my boss’ rule, so if there’s some difference between my modding here and the forums, it’s that.

          I don’t recall this Aunt Flo thing you’re worked up about, and yes, we’re stricter on language in the forums, not just me – all mod staff.

          Sorry this is so upsetting to you, hope this calms you down some and you’ll continue to visit and contribute your point of view.

          Best regards,

          PS – Please everyone – don’t feed the trolls. It just makes it all that much harder to clean up, leaving good posts within troll-feeding threads takes much more time.

          And note that when someone flames, return flames aren’t really needed, and no, I never delete posts that disagree with me or my personal views.

    6. Oh shut it.  It was a simple unboxing, and while I might have liked him to spend an extra minute or two actually looking through it, that wasn’t the point.  Not the greatest?  Sure.  But at least it wasn’t done by Chris Chavez …

      Then again, I could have sworn I saw a bandanna – and I can’t be bothered to watch it again – and TBH I am not sure what I find more disheartening; someone wearing a bandanna or someone with the goofiest effing hair I’ve seen in ages (ala chavez).  But that isn’t the point.

      Sorry to respond, but your comment was a bit of a stretch.  As I’m sure your mom’s – well, nevermind.  

      1. i think chris has nice hair. Shows he has a relaxed, chill nature about himself. And his reviews are pretty good. LOL i swear the comments from some of these people on these “Enthusiast” sites never cease to amaze me how much of douche some android users can be

        1. “never cease to amaze me how much of douche some android users can be”

          Why the hell are you associating duechey people with Android users? If hitler used an iPhone, would you say “LOL i swear, killing millions of Jews never ceases to amaze me how much of douche some iphone users can be”.
          No, you wouldn’t say that, unless you’re an idiot…. wait…

          1. I said some and you are making it seem like I said all. Sorry if i offended you but i am entitled to my opinion. A lot of android users are douches, in my opinion. Read some ignorant comments on the page about the unboxing

          2. not a lot of android users… more like a lot of people in general are douches.  being an android user has nothing to do with it.

          3. Basically, @Zacrady:disqus  summed up my point. Go on any fan site to find dueche bags galore. Your opinion is ignorant.

        2. I agree Carmen, good point!  One of the reasons I don’t frequent this site as much as others is the lax attitude towards flaming trolls….and I used to think it was just the Apple folks that had the attitude, clearly some of these people give Android a bad name.

      2. Dude Chris Chavez is Amazing! haha You just dont have a sense of humor to appreciate him! Hes my fav writer and reviewer. I come to phandroid more often now over sites like android central because of his articles and somewhat goofy writing style.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. Him speeding up his singing of lady gaga in his xperia play review was priceless. :)

    7. He said he’ll be back later. Calm down, take some aderol.

    8. i agree with you for the most part.  i would have liked to have seen the headphones taken out of the plastic to see if there’s any redesign.  also, actually showing us the boot time by keeping the phone’s screen viewable by the camera would have been fantastic!

  2. wicked headband bro!

    1. Hardly.  

  3. I continue to find the whole weird “unboxing” phenomenon totally baffling. What’s supposed to be so interesting about packaging? Why are we supposed to want to spend minutes of our lives watching someone examine every corner of a cardboard box and then thumb through the various never-to-be-read scraps of paper that come inside it? Toss the freaking packaging ahead of time and start the video when the phone (ie. the thing we’re actually here to see) is out of the wrapping and in your your hand.

    1. In that case, you probably shouldn’t click unboxing articles and/or watch the video :)

      1. or spend time writing a comment to the video

  4. i was playing around with the sensation also and it looks better than i thought.. i thought the back was so ugly but in person it’s not that bad… but one major disappointment.. its pretty snappy but after playing with it for some time the phone became little laggy and i wish the internal memory was more than 1gb.. i hope hercules comes out soon b/c that’s what i’m waiting for

    1. I realize people think this phone doesn’t have enough memory, but I withhold judgment for now., this phone has like twice what my other phone has, and I never had a problem with running out. What did you do that caused noticeable lag ? .. after launching programs ? .. after downloading apps ? .. or just going through the screens ?

  5. dude this video hardly showed the box! cmon why didnt you show the upc code or maybe read some of the manual. Then you turn the phone on at the end! ugh, rookie move man

    1. Randy .. pssh, rookie name, man.  

  6. I want to know how to find one of the “select WalMart stores”.  How do I do this?

  7. Didn’t get to use a powered on model, but I handled the Sensation last week and was fairly blown away by how cool it looks and feels. The 3 color back is really nice in person, and there’s something really slick about the slightly curved glass up front. Can’t wait to check it out when it comes t-mobile. 

  8. The boot times are pretty quick , I counted 10 seconds

  9. You guys just need to admit you have some strange new fetish and you are at home jerkin it to these “unboxings”  .. if the guy doesnt do it specific to your kink- you go all apecrap on him..   I mean come on, at least he wore the headband you requested

    1. um…ew

  10. Nice for part 1… but next time could you run a quadrant and linpack?

  11. Back looks hideous

    1. Back looks a hundred times better than the back on the Evo3D.

  12. Unboxing = So Yesterday..and not in a vintage mom kinda way.  More like a vintage creepy uncle kinda way..  No more unboxing!

  13. It’s just incredible how many negative comments there are here.
    No need to turn hostile because of an unboxing video.

  14. Great looking phone. The back of the device is a knock out. This is the phone that I will share time with my Nexus One. The only one IMO that deserves it. The N1 has held up great to all the new phones and will continue. The Sensation is one killer phone.

  15. I reviewed the comment section to see if anyone had any interesting facts about the upcoming phone only to be taken back by all the childish back and forth bickering and name calling…..I bet your parents are proud

  16. I watched this thinking it couldn’t be that bad. Boy was I wrong…. wow!

  17. If richard yarrell or rayyarrel is banned, I solemnly swear to never speak a cruel word on this site again, amen. Sorry if anyone hates me, I truly despise Richard. Or ray ir whoever, and I’ve never met her.

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