Acer Iconia Tab A100 Passes through the FCC


Though the Acer Iconia Tab A100 isn’t scheduled to hit the streets until the tail end of the summer, the FCC had its way with the 7-inch Honeycomb tablet a few months early. The A100 is no doubt solidified in the hardware department — it sports a Tegra 2 processor, 512MB of RAM and dual cameras — but apparent troubles with tailoring Honeycomb for its 7-inch screen have delayed its release. If it weren’t for such issues, the A100 would have joined the A500 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet on shelves this month. We aren’t quite sure what could be holding up Honeycomb, as the tablet-specific version of Android was shown off on several other 7-inch tablets at last week’s Computex.

[FCC via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. I want this.

  2. It was at Computex and some blogger said that ehen they checked the settings, it said 1GB ram, so hopefully a ram upgrade has been done too.

  3. I can’t believe they engineered this with only 512MB RAM!! My 6 month old phone has that much…next!

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