T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Caught in the Wild, Android 2.3.4 On Board


The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide is said to run “much faster than the myTouch 4G.” Perhaps it was moving to quickly to grab a non-blurry photo. BGR got hold of a source who was able to snap off some photos of the upcoming device, codenamed Doubleshot, in the wild. Aside from comparing the device’s speed to the original myTouch 4G, the source also claimed the 4G Slide ran “just as smoothly as the HTC Sensation.” Confirmed is an 8MP camera, Sense UI 3.0, and Android 2.3.4. The screen isn’t said to be much, and the Android keys and keyboard are compared to those of the G2. The insider pegged early July as the estimated launch date for the phone.

[via BGR]

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  1. It has the dual core msm8660 duh its faster than the mytouch 4g lol


    1. i heard samsung hercules (aka galaxy s 2) is going to be the first 42 mbps HSPA + phone not the mytouch 4g slide… 

      1. well it’s not exactly galaxy s 2 but lot of people are referring the Hercules as the galaxy s 2.. but ya’ll know what i’m talking about…

  3. Still sporting that ugly Daewoo grill for a speaker :( Nonetheless, if it’s anything like the MT4G, I’m sure it’ll kick @$$

  4. he used the wrong to in “its TO fast”. should be TOO

  5. dang, i wanted a 4 row keyboard

    1. Ya i was also looking forward to the rumors of a 5 row keyboard. I still think this will be my next phone though.  This looks to be the best slider/full keyboard phone to come out.

  6. Verizon needs to get a CDMA variant of this!

    1. LoL!! They never will. MyTouch is Tmo. Verizon can keep their Droids. *Not dissing the Droids*

  7. Man- these companies need to recognize that a FIVE ROW keyboard is where its at.

    Why can they make these for teens (sidekick) and give them the best qwerty in the world, and they can’t do it for people paying 3x the price..

    1. Lets hope they didnt do something really stupid like giving it that G2 Z-Hinge

      1. Weird, because out of all the Full QWERTY phones I’ve had, the only other phone who’s hinge I liked was the LG eXpo. Other than that. I’d prefer the G2 hinge. I just pop open my phone with no force. My phone doesn’t close on it’s own or anything, seeing as I don’t text upside down. -_-

        So what’s the problem with the G2 hinge? When gravity is the only thing effecting it, it opens? If gravity is effecting it, the phone is upside down, meaning you’re deliberately trying to make gravity effect it. Hmm… Is there something I’m missing? Because I don’t see anything wrong except the question on durability.

  8. If only it ran iOS, I’d be first in line.

    1. lolwut? Why are you here?

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