Sony Ericsson Announces 20+ New Games for Xperia PLAY to be Shown at E3, Including 10 Exclusive Titles


Sony Ericsson has just announced 20+ new titles that will be optimized for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. Ten of those titles will be exclusive and they include some pretty big names. Minecraft, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard are only a few of the titles Xperia PLAY owners can look forward to.

They’ll be showing most of these wares off at E3 this year and we’ll be on the scene to take a look at all of them. Things kick off June 7th so stay tuned to Phandroid for all the latest Android gaming news coming out of the event. Read ahead for the full list of titles that’ll be on hand in LA.

New Android Games Exclusive on Xperia™ PLAY:

  • Minecraft™ by Mojang
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 by Electronic Arts
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Shadow Vanguard by Gameloft
  • Desert Winds by Southend Interactive
  • Ruined by Bigpoint
  • Icebreaker™ by NaturalMotion
  • Sleepy Jack by SilverTree Media
  • Cracking Sands by Polarbit
  • Armageddon Squadron 2 by Polarbit
  • An unnamed fighting game from Khaeon Gamestudio

New Games coming soon on Xperia™ PLAY:

  • Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios
  • Star Legends: The Black Star Chronicles by Spacetime Studios
  • Eternal Legacy by Gameloft
  • Guns ’n’Glory 2 by HandyGames
  • Dungeon Hunter 2 by Gameloft
  • Pocket RPG by Crescent Moon Games
  • D.A.R.K. developed by Gamelab
  • Samurai II: Vengeance by MADFINGER Games
  • Vendetta Online by Guild Software
  • Order & Chaos – Gameloft
  • Happy Vikings by Handy Games
  • A Ball Game by Trendy Entertainment
  • Lumines by Connect2Media


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  1. MINECRAFT! I must have an Xperia Play.

  2. So even though these are exclusive to the xperia play, will they be just a .apk i could play on my droid x if i manually installed it? will they just not be in my market or not work all together?

    1. I assume they won’t work since the Play doesn’t primarily use touch sensitive controls.

    2. good luck playing bad company 2 on a touch screen!! some games will probably work but i think the market knows what phone you have.

  3. Minecraft better be available to my N1 soon……its the only game I look forward too for a mobile phone.

  4. i dont even know any of these games but i know i love my xperia play

  5. That’s what I’m talikng about! Give me some Mma and hero of Sparta 2 and I’m there!

  6. LUMINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Death space?

  8. erm, says bf:bc2 is exclusive but i’ve played on a iphone and a ipad! ummmmm

  9. I’m pretty sure they already announced some of these games to be on most android phones… perhaps timed exclusive or exclusive versions?

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