Droid X Users – Be Careful When Updating To Gingerbread


UPDATE: Our Editor, Rob Jackson, has the Droid X and wanted to chime in. If you’re updating your Droid X to 2.3.3 PLEASE be patient. It’ll take a LONG time and your phone will sit on the Red Droid screen for 5-10+ minutes. It isn’t frozen. Don’t pull the battery. Problems are likely originating from antsy users who think their phone froze and do a battery pull. Patience is a virtue!

Although I have yet to see any Phantips from our readers on the subject, Mobile Crunch is reporting that more than a few Motorola Droid X users have come into some difficulty when updating their phones with the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA that’s being pushed out. Apparently, Droid X’ers from multiple websites and forums, are reporting their devices freezing after updating, requiring a battery pull. Even then, some people are having issues even getting the phone to boot after that.

This really comes as no surprise to me. Android updates are anything but 100% bug free and are not unique to a specific manufacturer. I’ve seen it time and time again, where people have completely different experiences even when updating the exact same device. Actually happened to me when updating my trusty HTC Evo 4G to 2.2 back in the day. Lucky for me, a good ‘ol fashioned factory reset fixed my problem right up.

In any case, I’ve always known Verizon to be very helpful during potentially stressful times like OTA updates and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help you out. So tell me Droid X users, have you guys experienced any hiccups while updating to Gingerbread? Any tips you can provide for updaters?

[Via MobileCrunch]

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  1. You bought a motorola what do you expect. 

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    2. Yes, Shut up.  Your stupid.

  2. Mine required battery pull, froze up a couple of times and then finally started working after a while, with updating my dad’s I just waited for a bit. My friend’s got completely bricked and they sent him a new one.

      1. Running rooted 596 no problems for days, this morning it reset when I ran tunein (radio )!

  3. That picture makes me want to cry

  4. The picture is from a movie called the Gingerdead Man.  Go see it.  It is truly aweful.

    1. Best. Movie. Evar.

      1. Disagree. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0356706/ <— best move ever. It is the best worst movie I've ever enjoyed. I watched it twice! Netflix it, you won't regret it. 

        1. Awesome, I’m going to watch both of these stinkburgers.

        2. The House That Screamed isn’t available on Netflix and Gingerdead Man is DVD only. That sucks!

  5. @twitter-17772523:disqus well there is your phan tip I guess ;) 

  6. would not fully boot up, kept on force closing. so i powered down for the last time, help power and home and did a full wipe. Works Great Now!

  7. My mom and myself didn’t have this problem. My girlfriend (who manually installed it) and my brother (who did the official update via the phone) did. Motorola fucks up far too much.

  8. No problem. Seemless update for me.

  9. I’m lovin the upgrade. No issues for me and I have about 80+ apps and 900+ photos and 350 songs

  10. Well at least now I know what will be haunting my dreams for the foreseeable future. thanks for the image @Gamercore:disqus .

    1. The only way to make it right is to watch Gingerdeadman. Thank me later.

      1. The search begins.

  11. BS started by Android and Moto haters.  I was on custom Roms and rooted, re-flashed the stock Rom, still rooted… accepted the OTA and it went smooth as silk.  Chances are, the ones that are having problems, where most likely having problems before the update.  

    1. I never had the slightest problem before the update.  My phone got extremely laggy, froze on numerous occasions, and many of the apps stopped working.  After about 24 hours of hoping it would fix itself, I finally did a factory reset.  After that, everything worked fine.

  12. Everything is alright for me other than that when I try to access the preferences in weatherbug elite the app force closes… I told the developer… we will see what happens

  13. I know 7 people that upgraded along with me and we haven’t come across any issues. =) It seemed to have fixed some of their issues they had with Froyo prior to the update.

  14. I ran update and my phone slowed down to a ridiculous crawl. I had to run PSD lite and sbf it back to and then I was back to normal. Then ran one of the rooted versions of Gingerbread and its working fine now… Go figure…  

  15. I can’t get the 4g working …wtf!

    1. Did you toggle the 4g antenna under the battery to the ON position?

      1. 4g???  DroidX can’t do 4g can it?  I don’t seen an option. Hmmmmm

        1. In a moment of pure evil… I was compelled to post that while wondering how man people would pull out their battery frantically searching for a toggle switch….

  16. Omg update completely fried my dx ! Lost access to thousands of pix, videos, and songs on my 32gb memory card. Every other app including music player and gallery apps just forced closed!….after a coupla calls to verizon had to do a factory reset and wipeevery thing off my phone….now I’m trying to reinstall some of the 100+ apps….finding some of them no longer in the market

    1. Sorry to hear it, but I can’t understand how any of that could possible happen — OTA updates don’t touch files on your SD card. Period.

      The only way it makes sense is if your phone had previously been rooted or otherwise heavily modded. And you can’t blame GB for that.

  17. Rooted droid x stock 2.2.1 did the settings.system.update it downloads fine but when I install it the damn update fails.

    1. can load it manually pretty easy if you want

      1. How?

        1. if you’re rooted (and want to keep current root by manually installing over froyo (keeping apps in tact). install droid2bootstrapper & dl the method 2 files (part 1 & 2) & follow instructions given here: http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-x-discussion/7651-official-dx-gingerbread-2-3-3-4-5-596-release-thread-something-everyone.html

  18. The only issue I experienced after the GB OTA was no data over WIFI. My X showed a connection to my home network, but I had no data until I toggled WIFI off. I even removed the access point and added it back, but that didn’t help.
    A quick reboot of the X restored WIFI connectivity to normal. Everything else has been smooth and the phone seems to be running faster.

  19. 0 issues here. Downloaded the update. Saw that beautiful red Moto logo come up. It was at the Droid eye for a while and I thought maybe something was messed up, just waited it out though and everything was fine.

  20. Happened to me, very frustrating.

    System reset fixed everything.

    1. Lucky you. I have had 2 Xs die because of the update. Waiting on another replacement phone.

  21. Flawless update here but one thing I’ve been noticing is that it’s taking a hell of alot longer to charge my battery. then when it says it’s fully charged I unplug it and it will jump down to 90%. Other than that everything us working fine

  22. the picture looks like something you get when gingerbreadman has a sexcapade with E.T…..

  23. Bluetooth stopped working for the phone, but works for media.  Go figure

  24. One of the leaks killed my screen. The bottom half of it wouldn’t display anything but would accept touch input. So far the gingerbread update just has been buggy. I have to reboot the phone twice a day or I can’t make or take calls. The Bluetooth functionality is worse than froyo and I have weird bugs like my wallpaper not resizing after I pull the phone off of its dock. All in all I’m not pleased with how buggy it is.

  25. I updated my friend’s DX and it was slow and unresponsive after the first boot.  After a battery pull or two, I was eventually able to get TOP running and looked at what was going on.  Turns out there was a background Android service that was running and using a lot of the cpu.  I figured it was probably doing some voodoo so I let it sit and finish whatever it was and after about 30 minutes when I checked again, everything was just peachy and ran as smooth as… apple pie.

  26. Pulled the update Wednesday morning.  Installed, and all it gave me was the motorola logo.  Spent hours trying to fix.  Finally went to Verizon store and got a new phone overnighted.  It has the update preinstalled.  

  27. Updating my Droid X was easy my brother also did his with no problem the phone is much faster colors jump out at you.the black background on the pages are replaced with nice colors now.I use the OTA from my phone, went very smooth.Thanks Tony Wright.

  28. This was happening to me and was about to chuck the phone. Eventually I tried reformatting the sd card and that seemed to take care of it. It was kind of a pain in the butt to put everything back on but things are working now

  29. So far the update has been good the only thing is randomly while streaming Pandora or music from my internal storage the phone will either shut itself off or restart randomly. It did restart randomly once last night when I wasn’t even using it. It’s now been 48 hours and I sure as hell hope nothing else pops up.

  30. So far, the only problem I have is that when I turn my phone off, it will turn itself back on in about 15-20 seconds.

  31. Well here is my experience with the droid x update to gingerbread. Had some of the same issues after the update after loading i would get a black screen. So i did a battery pull numerous times took the sd card out finally i called Verizon. Told them what i did and they had me do it all over again tech came on said i would have to do a factory reset. I said ok… He was guiding me through the factory reset instructions now this is his instructions. He said “power it down then when powering on hold down the power button and home screen you should then see a !.” Which i did however the next step he told me was to press the search button. I told him it isn’t doing anything. Told me to do it again same thing. So his answer is my phone was dead and they would overnight another one to me. Anyways after getting an old blackberry up an running i continued to research online, issues with droid x update and i came across something i didn’t see before. It said for a factory reset hold down the power and home key bringing you to the ! screen after then press the up and down key on the right side of the phone at the same time and this will bring you into factory reset mode. What do you know that worked and you just press the up and down arrow key to what you want to select and press the power key to select it. Selected factory reset and what do you know it reset it back to gingerbread. Verizon could’ve avoided  sending out a lot of phones yesterday had they had the right instructions in front of them!!! No search key! up and down arrow keys. On the other hand my manager updated his phone but he cant delete the corporate account and the calendar isnt working from exchange. So he is going to have to do a factory reset as well. However gingerbread still did not fix the one issue it said it was going to fix and that was when you add something on the droid in calendar i can delete it in outlook but  cant edit it in outlook. They said they fixed that with the new version same thing is still happening. The battery life seems lower as well. It drains very quickly.

  32. froze up after I updated, had to do a battery pull 13 times before I could click anything.

  33. The actual OTA update went fine for me, but now it can’t seem to keep a 3G connection — keeps dropping back to 1X.  My battery life also seems much worse, but that may be a result of having to use the slower connection.

  34. We have three X’s (mine, husband’s and son’s) and all updated with no problems at all.  I am knocking on wood as we speak.

  35. Ow Moto, not having the best of luck lately aren’t they? Maybe if they scrap Motoblur and go vanilla then they wouldn’t have so many issues.

  36. SBF’d back to completely stock 2.2.340, turned on WiFi and updated to the GB OTA. Reinstalled apps. Smooth as silk, and loving my GB. Battery life is great if you use the Battery Manager tools included in Blur. Now just waiting on the amazing Android community to gain root…

  37. Yeah it bricked my phone.  Tried to boot in recovery and it still didn’t work.  Verizon had to send out a new phone.  1 day without my X was painful.  I didn’t even have the urge to activate my old BB Curve.

  38. I got a replacement phone on Wednesday, it came with the update on it. Activated just fine, and went about my business. Woke on Thursday morning to the moto logo stuck on my screen. Tried to pull the battery with no luck, couldn’t get it into recovery mode. called VZW, after talking to them they are sending me another replacement. Decided to try to get it into bootloader mode and SBF the thing. Reloaded 2.2 and all seemed good. Let the update come down to the phone and everything seemed fine until I rebooted it. Yep stuck on the logo screen again… Glad I have a replacement coming today… What the heck is up with these issues.

  39. Went off without a hitch and is working great.

  40. Gingerbread for my EVO is available now – I just checked – but I’ll wait for the OTA to be pushed to my phone first.  I have crazy superstitions about manual updates and bricks.

  41. Gingerdead man is awesome!!

  42. I updated a corporate DX yesterday and it froze after completing the upgrade and loaded the desktop.  I did a battery pull and all was well.  My own DX almost always hangs on boot after updates and a battery pull is required.  It seems to be prevalent to me in the DX line, but at least they eventually come back up. 

  43. My phone bricked. It looks like its going to boot up and then it freezes. If you try and touch the screen or one of the physical buttons the screen goes black.

    How do I do a reset if I can’t do ANYTHING with it?


    1. Jon take to Verizon they have ogive u a new phone its not your fault it Verizon problem.

      1. What happens to all of the apps and data if they hard reset or give you a new phone?????

        1. The apps should be available to you through the market since they are linked to your account and NOT your phone.  When I got a new X and opened the market the apps started downloading to the phone.  Most of your data should be on your micro SD card, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem either.

    2. Exact Same problem!!! WTF???

  44. I have had issues with phone running slower.  Unable to make phone call last night without powering off/on.  Today I’ve had multiple RESETS.  None of these issues before upgrading to GB.
    I don’t think Gingerbread is ready for prime time.

  45. Hi its a problem with gb from the ota from Verizon go on google and search for SBF DROID x look for down to froyo and and wait to those problems with gb gets solved. Or go on youtube and fine the gb prerooteb like I did it works for me and my DROIDX it running like a charm.

  46. My ringtones were all reset to the roaming notification but other than that annoyance the phone works perfectly.  I loved it before and with the exception of some more un-removable Verizon apps, its a huge step up.

  47. Like many peple that are afraid to.do the ota cause the don’t have insurance to they’re phone will not do it until gb gets free of bugs. There’s lot of videos on youtube about changing the software on DROIDX it trust me I’m a newbie on this and I learned how to do it.

  48. Installed OTA on stock unrooted DX. Nothing but problems the first day: battery would last 60s to complete . Multiple power off/battery pulls didn’t seem to help. 

    Next day, things seem to be back to normal except that occasionally the home page icons take 10-15 sec to come up and the home page thumbnails don’t always paint. I like the new changes although they’re mostly (all?) cosmetic. No problems with outlook sync, pandora, local music/pix, gmail sync. 3G speed fine.

  49. Like many peple that are afraid to.do the ota cause the don’t have insurance to they’re phone will not do it until gb gets free of bugs. There’s lot of videos on youtube about changing the software on DROIDX it trust me I’m a newbie on this and I learned how to do it. Also NETFLIX RUNS GREAT …….

  50. Haven’t updated yet. Waiting for root on this OTA. My girlfriend got it though. Like someone else said above, she was on the red eye for awhile, but that’s to be expected right after installation. So far, she hasn’t had any problems after the first hiccup with Launcher Pro. For 5 minutes after it finally booted up, Launcher Pro would hang any time you touched the screen. Waiting did nothing and force closing just left her with a blank screen and required a battery pull. After awhile, it stopped screwing up and she could do things without it trying to close. I think it occasionally gives her problems, but nothing as serious as before.

  51. I was running a leaked version of GB so I installed the update through clockwork rather than pulling it down OTA. I didn’t have to pull my battery, but I came close. It spent a good 3-5 minutes on the droid eye animation before it finally booted. Since that initial boot though the boot time has returned to normal. 

  52. awesome pic

  53. Semi brick on buddies phone, had to sbf

  54. No big issues.. Once update was complete, some apps that were stored in sd card did not display in home screen. Removed battery. Reboot phone. Working great now. Same issue occurred with my wifes droid X

  55. I honestly have had no issue with updateing to gingerbread OTA with my droid x.  I have noticed small hiccups with some of my apps but not enough to really complain.  It appears to be hit and miss with most people.

  56. No issues. Love the look and feel. Updated a stock X.

    1. +1 on all counts!

  57. Except for the excessive brightness of the hard keys, no issues.
    It didn’t take long at all – stock ota
    plays very nice with widgetlocker and adw ex

  58. Did the update night before last. Nice changes. I really like it. However, some apps open slower and my wifi connection is super fragile while it was really strong with froyo. Wonder if VZW weakened it on purpose so newer phones on GB will use more data.

  59. The only word of caution I would give is to remove any “Corporate Sync” accounts before you do the update.

    I updated fine, but my Corporate Calendar was missing. I was getting emails and I could browse contacts. I figured it was just a fluke, so I went to “My Accounts” to remove the account and re-add it, but it wasn’t there. I could see the account in the “Messaging” folder, but it didn’t show up in “My Accounts”. When I tried to add it again, it just told me that the account had already been added.

    So I couldn’t get my calendar, I couldn’t add the account, I couldn’t remove the account. After a ton of searching online, I finally came across someone whose problem was similar and offered a solution: Change the password for that account.

    I changed my corporate password and as the account tried to sync, it failed and prompted me to “Retry” or “Settings”. Going to the “Settings” screen brought up the “Remove Account” button at the bottom. It was a lifesaver. I re-added the account and everything is working great.

    I hate to have anything good to say about Blur, but if you’re stuck with Blur, the new one is a definite visual improvement.

  60. update bricked my phone also… rebooted then the screen went black … wouldn’t do anything! VZW is sending out a new phone and gave me a “loaner” to hold me over so it’s all good…

  61. Had more problems before update, works so much better. Always with any update restart ur phone about three times.:)

  62. The Gingerbread update bricked my phone. It would boot up, but then be totally unresponsive, even in safe mode. I think it may have been related to Shazam or to the fact that I had both Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher installed. You may want to consider uninstalling those before upgrading.

    After a couple of hours on the phone with Verizon we were able to reset it, but the search button wasn’t working. Once you get it to the boot window (i.e. the screen with the ! triangle) hold down both the up and down volume buttons to get to the reset menu.

  63. I updated my buddy’s Droid X yesterday and everything went fine until it actually installed.  Once the update installed and the phone rebooted, the phone came up normal and then after about 5-10 seconds rebooted again.  This kept happening over and over again, I could not stop it unless there was no battery in the phone.  I attempted to go into “safe mode” and it rebooted there as well.  I was not able to finish working on his phone, because he had to leave, but he went into the Verizon store the next day and they did a “hard reset” and wiped the phone, then put the new update back on the phone.  He lost everything, as you do when you “hard reset”, but his phone was working with the new update when he left the store.  Good luck to everyone with the update.

  64. I updated last night and it froze. Only showed the upper task bar. Had to factory reset. Bummer!

  65. Just downloaded sweet gingerbread. That took about 10 minutes. Updated my dx. That took about 10 minutes. Everything is sweeeeet and righteous. Gingerbread aroma is filling the house….A great improvement for sure.

  66. My sister updated her Verizon Motorola Droid X before I had a chance to warn her about this. She had no issues though.

    I messed with her phone today and it seemed snappy. She’s pleased with it.

  67. Zero problems and all-round improved performance on my stock, never rooted DX. In fact, I think Gingerbread has helped to solve several nagging system issues I experienced under Froyo. Every application seems to work with greater speed and I’ve seen no odd behavior that can’t be (reasonably) blamed on a specific app. Only two FCs, both of which occurred while  using BeyondPod and both of which happened exactly the same way…ie: it’s the app, not the OS.

    Two notes: (1) Before applying the OTA, I uninstalled Launcher Pro — I heard it can mess with updates. Also, LP was randomly hanging the OS when I switched apps or screens (“Force Close or Wait?”); I’m probably better off without it. (2) Right after the update, I was stuck in bootloop purgatory. Seems Doggcatcher caused this by trying to grab the radio antenna for feed updates. Had to sbf, so I figured I might as well shitcan Doggcatcher, at the same time. Glad I did. DC’s dev should man up and just rename it as the “SystemFC” app. LOL

  68. it locked my phone up stuck on the red m and it was stuck there for 12 hours

  69. Had to do a hard reset on the X to fix the freezing issues, worked perfectly

  70. -_-
    This makes me not want to update my phone to Gingerbread. Gingerdead Man. Unh unh. What’s next? Die-scream Sandwich? 

  71. Took a while to download/install. Biggest problem is new stock Contact app. Existing birthdays still appear, but there is no way to add birthdays to existing contacts or to insert a birthday on a new contact.

  72. I was one of the ones who always talked about how buggy the X is…This update washed away all my bad comments about the X. Love the upgrade-took a min to get it to work-as it did for many but now that it works it works very well. By the way MR. Chris any idea why some of my comments do not show up on phandroid? Maybe Phandroid Mobile needs a big upgrade???

  73. I don’t know why people are complaining about the new update for the droid x, I just bought my phone and have it flashed it or did any rooting to it at all.
    The update made my phone runs really smooth and braun almost just like my brothers htc inspire. All the comments they’re saying that people have problems in the phone is extremely laggy or that’s why you be on motorola are just probably hatwrs. Runs great on my phone.

  74. Updating now, I just hope the random reboots are fixed finally.

  75. No issues here at all.  I LOVE IT!

  76. James

    now that i have the gingerbread on my droid x i am having problems trying to clear the cache. can someone help me.

  77. After the update my phone reboot at least once a day and drain the battery much faster

  78. Direct update from Verizon, no problems but the battery life is 1/3rd what it was in Froyo…. what gives? Why oh why can’t we the users choose simple background themes for the basic functions? (white text over black background, or vise versa) This is the basic floor of programming, and seems like we should have these functions in our hands. Suppose there should be a working OS first eh? 

    Sorry for everyone’s issues, I may not turn off my Droid X until the next update/fix.

  79. Zero problems for me when I updated to Gingerbread in Chicago… received the OTA update around 11pm Central time on May 31st. Total dl time was 27 minutes. Booted up just fine the only minor bug that I did find was when I am on my message screen and scroll up or down I see a very faint ghost like characteristics of the blue notification screen like the home screen so far that’s been it… battery life has been very kind on this OS.. Google maps has more accuracy and overall my X’s performance has been great… my wife on the other hand is pissed because her DROID 2 hasn’t received an update. LOL.

  80. I am still waiting for update. 

  81. Updated over the air….bricked my Droid X…they sent me a refurb….Glitchy….locks up several times during typing a txt….it’s frustrating but Verizon is being helpful. 

  82. The only issues I have is that my notification light doesn’t work anymore and when I over scroll on websites or in some menus the screen turns blue. I had no issues downloading the update.

  83. Yeah since I heard about the gingerbread update I waited and was super excited. Then monday morning, June 1st the unthinkable happened, my Droid X update failed and it bricked.  Verizon Wireless is sent me a replacement Droid X friday June 4th and it came with Gingerbread preinstalled on my Droid.  It seems so unreal.  I have to download all of my favorite apps, but the interface of 2.3 is so awesome. This feels like a brand new phone all over again  lol

    1. I just experienced the exact same problem. And, no, I wasn’t having any problems before the update. Phone was replaced and mine also had gingerbread already loaded. Re-installing all my appetite sucked, and now I am looking for a place / how to back them up. The Verizon tech suggested that my husband not try to update his X. I do like the new look though. P. S. LOVE this site!!!

  84. Did the upgrade it killed my phone.  It would come back up but then go blank.  Took it to a Verizon stare and they wiped my phone and reloaded.  Works fine now but I had to reinstall most apps and reset ringtones and such.  It runs very hot and battery life is about a half a day.  Hope they come out with a fix soon. 

  85. I had issues from the beginning. It would just force shutdown after 30 seconds and require me to pull the battery and sdcard in combo to get it to boot again. I finally got it to work by hitting close everything a few times before it did another force shutdown. That seemed to allow it to reboot into update. Another pull of the battery after it completed to get it to boot and it booted gingerbread. Blue notification bar is ugly.. wish it was black with white icons.

  86. No problems here with the install, other than it took about 20-30 minutes total.

    – Sherwinator

  87. Updated today, after reboot I needed to do a battery pull to get any response but smoorh sailing from there. Definitely like some of the updates.

    1. Same here.

  88. Better than a samsung update. Do those exist?

  89. well, the update seemed to work fine, although, i noticed that some of my multimedia text messages changed format. things that were larger before are now much smaller.

  90. The only issue I have is the battery dies so very fast.

  91. Now that we can use Netflix, does anyone know how to get it to work with the Multimedia station?

  92. Still having problems with the update.  It constantly freezes and locks up.  Phone won’t work sometimes and I have to force gmail and yahoo mail updates.  I have to constantly pull the battery and reboot the phone.  Any suggestions?

  93. my phone lags on multi-touch keyboard. restarts at random times, too. li in the middle of a call.

  94. Had serious issue with battery drain after GB update.  Solution was to disable/uninstall then reinstall any applications that repeatedly updated themselves.  I really think it was a couple of homescreen widgets that were continuously updating, but I hear that email programs are giving some trouble too.  Definitely not requiring the factory reset many recommend. Patience kids, patience.

  95. Seems if I leave my phone hooked up to with the 3g shuts down and I have to reboot to use phone or text

  96. No problem. Like the new profile switcher… Did not freeze. Too early for me to say great improvement. Hopefully performance will not decrease as in the days of windows mobile (slobile).

  97. Sync gmail account (mail, music, calendars, etc.), sync backup assistant, then shutoff, remove sd card, then do a factory reset either through recovery mode or from the privacy option under settings, and do the update.  I helped about 3 friends with the update, but I’m a lowly droid 2 global user still drooling over the cookie goodness of gingerbread

    1. just best practices that are common sense to putting a new rom(os) on any device (including computers)

  98. well. I waited for about 20 minutes, and then did a battery pull. It loads, then I can see my apps, I slide left and then I get a black screen.

    I remember this but it used to be a blue screen on my pc,

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