T-mobile Gives Off-Contract Price For HTC Sensation 4G


I know more than a few people who are currently taking advantage of T-Mobile’s off-contract Everything Plus plan and have been drooling over the HTC Sensation for quite sometime. With a June 15th launch date announced only yesterday, some T-Mobile customers were left wondering how much they would need to start saving up if they were planning on paying full retail for the device in 2 weeks.

Well, T-Mobile has given us the answer a few moments ago in the form of a tweet announcing that they will be selling the phone for $550 off-contract for HTC’s latest superphone. This price, of course, is sure to vary depending on which retailer you visit. So make sure to use the power of Google and shop around come June 15th or as early as June 12th at some Wal-Mart locations.

[Via Twitter]

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  1. Still don’t know the bootloader situation though. I’m holding out for the galaxy s2, but if that doesn’t come soon enough, I might cave into the sensation!

    1. The Galaxy S2 will be released on AT&T as the ‘Attain’. T-Mobile will be getting the ‘Hercules’ much later in the year, if you really wanna play the never-ending waiting game. By that time, there will be an even ‘better’ phone coming out in ‘just a few months’.

  2. Ouch, but predictable…lol

  3. wow for that i will get a tablet…this costs more than the nexus s and its not even pure android they should lower the price to like 399 this is just insane for a non pure android phone wth!

    1. @ James Ortiz, every high level phone that comes out is between 499 and 599 depending on the Carrier. Samsung Vibrant, $499. Vibrant 4g, $499, G2X, $499. This is the pattern for high end devices on Tmobile. Hell Some of Verizon’s high end phones cost $599, like the HTC Thunderbolt.

      1. Thunderbolt is 569

    2. It is what my Nexus One cost in December of 2009. I’m pretty sure all the high end phones cost around that amount.

  4. That’s not terrible. I know everything is more expensive in Europe, and that price is without applicable taxes, but – for example – the Galaxy S II in the UK is about £500, which right now is approx $820. Again, I know it’s not that simple, but $550 sounds pretty good really. 

  5. LOL cheaper than in Taiwan?!
    saw it in a couple of shops today and it goes for 20900NTD.
    played with it a bit and it feels snappy, camera didn’t impress me much though.
    Going to Computex tomorrow, anything special i should look out for ?
    oh … just saw the tax thing… maybe the about the same price then…

  6. I jumped on T-mobile as soon as the G1 came out…. and then bought a Nexus One as soon as possible…..

    My contract has since expired, and I don’t know which road to travel.

    The possible AT&T-Mobile merger has me dancing in my seat!! I really enjoy T-Mobile’s customer service…. and I will never give AT&T my hard earned dollars…. fucking Nazis….

    The real question is…. When will the next Nexus series phone come out? I have heard before the end of the year…. but god damn….

    I want a 4g phone on T-Mobile so I can continue to use Groove IP (an app that can be downloaded from the android market, that allows you to make and receive VOIP calls on 3g/4g and WiFi using your google voice number!!!) and not have to buy extra minutes… and I have heard/witnessed how much better T-Mobile hspda+ spectrum is than AT&T’s…. (Much better latency and upload/download speeds) it also has better building penetration! So I could use Groove IP more efficiently.

    With all that being said…. and us not knowing when the next Nexus will grace us with its presents…. What would you guys do? Buy the Sensation…. or wait for the next Nexus phone?

    I have a feeling the next Nexus will not only have Ice Cream Sandwich…. but the new Qualcomm Quad Core… ( I Think that they are trying to compete with Nvidia so hard… that it might be released/announced way before anyone expects) as well as… what ever VOIP service they are making up with that Gizmo5 service they acquired way back whenever….

    I know that I could always sell the Sensation later… and buy the Nexus… but people already think I am buying phones way too fast… But hell… The people that say that are the same Zombies that get excited about the 2year contract $49 Iphone 3Gs….. Who cares what they think?

  7. this is good news for me i am looking forward to it :D

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