Jun 1st, 2011

If you thought Google Wallet was a great idea but were maybe a little sad that you weren’t one of the four people that actually own an NFC equipped device like the Nexus S, you may be in luck! A company by the name of Netcom is showing off micro sd cards they’ve managed to equip with tiny little NFC transmitters no doubt manufactured using tiny little hands.

So how does it work? Simply insert the micro sd cards into your non-NFC device and presto! Using an app already installed on your phone to communicate with the sd cards, you will be able to make wireless transactions in no time. The catch? Well, the NFC micro sd cards wont function properly in any kind of metallic sd slot (like those found on the Samsung Vibrant) but if you own a solid plastic device like the Evo, you just might be in luck! Here’s a video showing off the whole painless process.

Because the transmitters are so tiny, finding the sweet spot to transmit can be a little tricky. But you know what can be a real hassle? Attempting to take my phone out from inside my skinny jeans. Which brings me to my next question. When can we start seeing these chips installed into our foreheads and/or wrists?

[Via Engadget]

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