Apps of the Day: Red Cross, Beat Slider & More


Games always seem to dominate this list but today we have a healthy balance of both games and apps. Save a life, take a note, save some rain and follow along to the beat. These are just a few of the more interesting applications we’ve come across today. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t worth taking a look at, so… yeah, take a look at them.

S.O.S by American Red Cross – Accidents happen, folks. We all know that. But those accidents are often extremely unpredictable which makes preparing for one extremely hard. If you have American Red Cross’s new app, though, you can rest easy knowing that you have the information to handle any tragedy right at your fingertips. And if the situation is far too grand for you to handle, a handy 911 feature will get you connected to some help without much of an effort. [Market]

RainDrop – Yep, RainDrop. You’re a rain drop, taking a journey from the clouds to the ground and looking to get there safely. Obstacles will be put in your path, but you’ll also come across powerups that’ll help you get rid of them. It’s like a reverse Papi Jump with soothing music and with graphics just as crisp. I still don’t understand why the rain drop has to make it to the ground safely if he’s just going to explode when he gets there. All logic aside, this one’s free so try it out now. [Market]

Events Recorder – This application isn’t the most exciting in the world, but if you’ve ever needed a voice recording application that allows you to set markers (bookmark) throughout a recording, this is for you. Students who take audio notes can peg when a topic of lecture begins and ends, and many other folks who take notes on a daily basis will be able to use it for much of the same. It’s worth a shot so go ahead and grab the freebie in the Android market. [Market]

Beat Slider – It’s like Simon, but better. And groovier. Do people still use the word “groovier” these days? Anyway, Beat Slider is a memory game with a twist – you have to slide a pattern to match the computer in two ways – the path they took and the rhythm. It’s a music-heavy game so you’ll probably get the hang of it if you follow songs in your head every day. It’s $2.05 but you can grab a lite version if you don’t want to jump in without trying it first. [Market – Lite | Full]

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